The Scorpio Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Scorpio woman as revealed by sexual astrology

There’s no other sign better at sex than the Scorpio. You can easily call the Scorpio woman a sex goddess. She has a high libido and she’s a very skilled lover.

Attractive, she can lure anyone into her arms with only one look. She’s both a giver and a receiver of pleasure in bed. If you are thinking of being with her, make sure you have a lot of sexual energy as she can’t be stopped once she has started.

Enigmatic and sexy, the Scorpio ladies are famous for their lovemaking. A woman of character and deepness, this girl will offer you an intense, passionate experience between the sheets. She believes in expressing the love through lovemaking.

Being with a Scorpio woman means you will be turned on just by seeing her. She has a stare that can make people go crazy about her.

She can make you feel nervous when she is talking to you, or when she pays you enough attention.

With a touch, she will make you feel helpless and wanting to give yourself to her completely. Some people are impressed to tears by this lady’s presence. And after all this, you will always be wanting more from her as she is addictive. In order to receive more you need to display passion too.

A complete lack of inhibitions

Sex with a woman in Scorpio is intense, lively and lustful. All this while she keeps herself together and cool about it. Scorpios are known for being secretive with their feelings and emotions.

The Scorpio woman will know what you want in bed just from looking at you once. And she will deliver as soon as she’ll find out what turns you on.

She could teach many people lessons about lovemaking and passion. There are no half measures with this lady. You will want her from the first second you have laid eyes on her, and she will keep you wanting her more.

The man of her dreams is both her equal and a person who is as intense as her. As soon as you discover the Scorpio woman’s unseen side, she will prove herself to be a loyal, caring partner. Sweet too, but not for too long.

The Scorpio woman is sure to get you addicted to her no matter how strong and opposing you may be. She’s terrified of losing control, and that’s why she always tries to figure people out.

She will always control her feelings towards a man, and she will be careful with how much she gives in bed.

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After all, with a personality like hers, no other type of man could be her partner. She needs someone with whom she can explore her sexuality every night, as her sex drive is strong. Please the Scorpio woman with long foreplays, neck kisses and oral sex.

They commit once they spend a night with someone, so expect to be involved in a relationship after you have been with her.

Once she is no longer inhibited by her partner, the Scorpio woman becomes a naughty girl who is wild and open to new experiences. Don’t hesitate to try new things.

She is open to suggestions, but you’ll have to be careful with her moods as she is not always prepared to have sex. Everything about you will remain forever in her mind: your smell, your touches, the way you moan and how you resonate with her body.

Knowing her partner gets addicted to her lovemaking, the Scorpio woman will use sex as a control instrument. Her libido coupled with some interesting techniques can keep a relationship alive for a lifetime.

Sometimes, it is difficult for a woman in Scorpio to control her sex drive around men that she likes. As said before, she likes both giving and receiving in bed. This is why she can make sexual encounters so pleasurable and unforgettable.

One to set the standard

If you want to be with a woman in this sign, get ready for some fiery passion and intense lovemaking. Those who are a little bit more sensitive should look for another partner and leave the Scorpio woman into more daring hands.

She doesn’t have sex just for the fun of it. For her, lovemaking is a way of communicating feelings and expressing affection. You would be lucky to be with a woman in this sign. She is capable of offering meaningful sexual experiences to the person whom she loves.

A bad boy with some amazing talents in bed would be the perfect partner for this girl. She would rather be the one who seduces and not the one who is seduced. It’s because she’s a manipulative and dominant character.

Also possessive, the Scorpio woman is a predator who stalks her prey sexually. The most bed-compatible signs with the Scorpio are Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius and Leo. If you want to turn the woman in Scorpio on, perform oral sex on her as she is the most sensitive in the genitals’ area.

Lovemaking with a Scorpio woman is something you will remember your entire life. She likes to be appreciated for her efforts, and she expects the partner to be as intense as her.

Her body speaks sensuality and sweetness, and she knows how to be seductive when she wants to. If you’re with her, you get to discover a whole new world of pleasures and satisfaction.

Not inhibited by her own sexuality, she needs to know the partner well before engaging into something completely gratifying.

She will treat all her relationships seriously and she will never agree to be involved in what they call a fling. It may seem difficult to conquer the heart of such a woman in the beginning, but things get to be easier once you get to know her better.

While she likes experimenting in bed, you need to always let her take the lead. Anything you will do to her between the sheets, she will love it. You may need to put up with her possessiveness, but it will all be worth it.

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