The Rooster Chinese Zodiac Child: Honest and Self-Assured

This child always says it as it is, with little regard to how this is perceived by others.

Chinese Rooster Child

Rooster children usually attract the attention of other people because they express themselves freely and are good communicators.

Not at all tactful, they speak their mind without caring whom they may hurt, not to mention they believe no one but them is right. However, if they want something from their parents, they don’t use compliments or manipulation. They just say what their heart desires and become resentful in if they don’t get what they’re after.

The Rooster Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Assured and confident, they rarely lead people on and never fear letting others know exactly how they feel.
  • The Boy: Independent and secretive, he trusts himself and uses it to navigate his way through life.
  • The Girl: Naturally on the mischievous side, she can charm and flirt on her journey to what she wants.
  • Advice for Parents: The parents of Rooster children should never condescend their kids, instead treating them as equals, which helps validate their ideas.

These kids are drawn to beauty and glamour, not caring about what others may see about their taste. The way they dress shocks other people. These youngsters of the Rooster sign love to boast and to exaggerate. This is because they want to seem more intelligent and better than they actually are.

Taking part in all kind of strange adventures most of the time, they stand out from the crowd. What they like the most is being leaders and giving orders.

Very honest, they don’t lie or deceive. At the same time, they’re very courageous and very good at overcoming obstacles. However, they may never acknowledge their own defects or admit that they can be sometimes wrong.

Their talents are many and they trust themselves, which means others love to be around them when needing to feel motivated. They’re very expressive and want the spotlight to always be on them.

Because of this, they may want later in life to pursue a career that puts them in front of the public. Mannered and charming, they see themselves as noble knights with a higher purpose in life.

Their energy is tremendous and optimism unstoppable, so no one and nothing can stop them from achieving success. One example of a former Rooster child and now Rooster adult is astronaut John Glenn, who also had a seat in the US senate.

Rooster Baby Girl

The Rooster little girl likes being in the center of attention and to be told that she’s the greatest. Because she wants very much to please others, she can get into trouble.

When it comes to the way she dresses, this is in bright colors and clothes with strange designs. Being flirtatious with boys, she can be the target of jealousy and resent from other girls. However, she doesn’t fear conflict and can be very feisty in a fight.

Her pocket money usually goes on things she doesn’t actually need. Her parents may not want to refuse her anything when they see she’s so good at achieving her goals, even if she’s naughty and disobedient.

Rooster Baby Boy

The Rooster boy is a fighter who doesn’t hesitate to stand by his own opinions. He wants to protect his independence and hates it when adults make commentaries about him.

Being sociable and intelligent, he has many friends whom he protects when he needs to. He doesn’t tell them his secrets because he’s not the type to conceal what’s buried deep inside his heart in order to not feel weak.

Others see him as self-confident and determined. Fate seems to be giving him success the hard way, but he will always fight for it.

Rooster Child Personality

Eccentric and funny, Rooster children always fascinate and make themselves liked. Their goal is to be admired by as many people as possible. They want to seem self-confident and the smartest, also modest and clear headed.

Their fate depends a lot on the element of their birth year because their character is very much influenced by this variable. Most of them are industrious and can’t say they have too much good luck.

While others may see them as fate’s favorites, they’re rarely getting anything the easy way. Being a little bit unlucky doesn’t mean they’re miserable, yet as adults, they may indeed struggle with financial problems.

They will do everything in their power to have a good position in society. They want to be leaders, so it would be a good idea for them to pursue a career in the military, teaching or politics.

As said before, they also have a lot of energy and great enthusiasm for what life has to offer them. They can be relied upon by their parents to always keep their room clean and to not make a mess around the house.

With their siblings, they’re entertaining and warm. It’s very likely to find them at home giving a speech to their friends or their brothers and sisters because they love being in the public eye, not to mention they can’t be stopped when it comes to expressing their opinion.

Because they’re the center of attention all the time, they never get bored. At the same time, they’re hard workers and give everything they have to their projects. Ambitious and ethical, they may grow up to be very successful adults.

Rooster Baby Health

Rooster children are known to be strong and healthy most of the time. After having a cold, they immediately bounce back on their feet. Only the fact that they’re very active can cause them trouble because they usually end up injuring themselves.

Because they speak a lot, they may also develop some issues with their throat, so they should be taken to the audiologist from time to time. Having a quick temper and a lot of energy to stand by their own beliefs, they can’t accept defeat when facing it.

The more they learn to control their own emotions, the more they avoid suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Their energy should be spent on physical activities.

Hobbies of Rooster Children

Rooster younglings hate being alone, so they need to have as many as friends as possible, even from a very young age. They like to perform for others and to have their talents admired.

They’re good at modelling, reciting poetry and singing. Their mind is very sharp and they can coordinate their movements very well, so they could also play the most complicated sports in which they need to be fast and smart.

They like choosing their own clothes and doing their hair. It’s true their tastes may be eccentric, but this all helps them stand out from the crowd. Many of the world’s greatest stylists and designers are Roosters.

It would be a good idea to enroll them in art school because they have a great eye for colors. At the same time, they should also do a sport.

Making Friends

The personality of Rooster children attracts Oxen and Snakes. With the Dragons, they can make great plans for the future and be their grandiose selves.

Rats would argue with them too much, trying their patience. Peaceful Rabbits wouldn’t like them for always arguing and trying to be in the center of attention.

Study for Rooster-Child

In school, Rooster children can focus and learn very fast, so they have all the chances to become respected academics when adults. They enjoy being taught and their homework is always done zealously.

Rooster boys are very good with numbers and can solve physics or math problems without even making an effort. While having a quick temper and no patience whatsoever, they’re also easy to calm down. The girls are attracted to languages and literature, history and stories about other people.

How to Raise Your Rooster Kid

The parents of Rooster children should be friends with their little ones. They should educate them by example because they’re dealing with somewhat difficult personalities.

Rooster youngsters never show their weaknesses and aren’t aggressive. They’re rather calm and docile if they feel like treated like equals. Their indecisiveness is hidden under a mask of bravado and courage.

On the inside, they’re irresponsible, rely a lot on others and can’t deal with failure. Their parents should tell them life comes with problems they need to accept. After all, their children have enough intelligence, determination and diligence to overcome any obstacle.

Knowledgeable and good public speakers, they love being in the center of attention and to know that they’re the only ones who are right.

In debates, they never admit that they may have said something wrong. For this reason, they should be taught that making mistakes is only human. At the same time, they should learn self-control and to understand that they need to be corrected from time to time, especially when they’re fiercely fighting to achieve what they want.

They never seem to have any patience and their temper can sometimes be a problem. While hardworking, they always seem to have money problems when adults. It’s important for them to focus on what they truly need and not try so much to make an impression.

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