The Moon in Gemini Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She will likely choose an eccentric activity, either as profession or hobby, and will love to surprise others with it.

Moon in Gemini woman

The Moon in Gemini woman is one of the jolliest and most enthusiastic natives of the zodiac. She is always in search of opportunities to have some fun, to refill her batteries, and to regain the youth and springy attitude of the childhood years.

She doesn’t do well with rules and regulations that inhibit her freedom to act because she no longer has as many choices to do as she sees fit.

The Moon in Gemini woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Multitasking and optimistic;
  • Negatives: Impulsive and possessive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will always act in the couple’s best interest;
  • Life lesson: Being less judgmental towards people who are different.

Experimentation is the key to a happy life, and she knows that too well. In general, she doesn’t get too involved in one single interest, and would rather test the field with many others, to see which is the best for her.

A spontaneous woman

These women are excessively rational and logical, often in the detriment to emotional awareness. Sometimes, they don’t even know how they should react in certain situations even though they are the liveliest and chattiest persons alive.

Speaking with great flair and charisma does help in many situations, but when they start getting irritated and agitated, it has no more an impact than empathy does.

They are multifunctional workers who like doing many things at the same time, simply because it’s fun.

In spite of the natural curiosity of the Gemini sign, this Moon in Gemini woman does not extract the most important knowledge out of the typical sources of information like school.

She lacks in social conformity, but makes up for it with a crazy vitality for living. She loves to explore the world, to search every nook and cranny of the most mysterious and fascinating places, in order to find the secrets lying within.

Even day-to-day life is much more fun and entertaining than sitting all cramped up for hours on end in a desk, listening to someone’s yammering about who knows what war that took place 3 decades ago. Also, she will probably not be very feminine and sensual.

The world may be very interesting, and the lifestyle that this woman chooses for herself may be very fun and entertaining, but the truth is she can get very bored very quickly.

She is too impulsive and spontaneous, with high expectations, and an endless thirst for entertainment and fun. In those periods of time when she literally has nothing exciting to do, the world seems to stand still, dullness invades everything.

She can either resort to intellectual pursuits like reading a book, writing a review or finish the project they’ve long since had to do, or fill their time with mischievous activities, bending the rules of society and making fun of all the regulations.

The woman born with the Moon in Gemini is aware and her intuition is very strong, so strong in fact, that she’s like a fool proof radar, a detector for cheaters and deceivers.

No one can ever hope to con her into doing something that’s not in her best interest. From this point of view, this native is one of the most suspicious and less trusting individuals of the whole zodiac.

One of the best things about the Moon in Gemini woman is that she never stops thinking about the craziest of things. Her mind is on the loose for the plan to top all other plans, for the greatest adventure of all.

She’s a very active individual, with a huge vitality and inner drive that just keeps on going regardless of the obstacles ahead.

Optimistic, with a bright outlook on life, and a visionary perspective, she feels the urge to have a contribution, to make some changes, to add something to the mix. This is why she’s a great talker and conversationalist, always coming up with a new idea to spice things up.

Even though she makes for a great friend to have close by when you’re out of ideas of having fun, these natives are not the most empathetic and sensitive people out there.

Sometimes, you may not even feel you’re dealing with a person at all, but an emotionless cyborg who reacts based on pre-created stipulations in its program.

In the same sense, she prefers others not knowing about her romantic relationship, or how she feels in general.

Besides the fact that she considers showing off useless and superficial, she has other more important things on her mind than flaunting her relationship status to others. Her natural grace makes this seem like the normal thing to do.

Boundless energy

Bonding with a Moon in Gemini woman requires one to understand her free-flowing nature, the essence of her inner self.

She’s a freedom-seeker, an action-oriented individual who doesn’t do well with obstacles inhibiting her choices.

If society’s rules act against her own interests, she will find a way to avoid them, to slip under the radar, and give them the middle finger, with a charming subtlety. In extreme cases, she’s known to have chosen even self-harm or stupid stubbornness, but she still didn’t subdue her free will.

All her boundless energy and the ability to dodge any obstacle on her path make it quite impossible to win an argument against her. She will divert the subject when it becomes uncomfortable, bringing the heat on you, making you feel guilty for some reason, or start questioning your logic if you think you’ve won.

She can’t be pinned down by anything, and she doesn’t seem like she has any weaknesses, or she knows how to hide them really good.

If you want a Moon in Gemini woman in your life, you should know that it’s really hard to convince her that you are the perfect man for her. Why?

Because even if she is open in a relationship, she keeps asking herself if she is or not with the right person.

Don’t lose your patience with her, she is still a woman, and if you will be insistent enough you have all the chances to gain her heart.

Even if she has a realist and logical approach, she is kind and loves with her soul, so she will definitely be faithful forever. Once she climbs in the boat, she never goes off.

This woman may appear complicated, but if you will observe her a little bit, you will start to understand why she acts like that.

She doesn’t have a complete visual direction of her life, and that’s why she will need a partner which has a consistent dose of diplomacy and tolerance and more than that, she needs a partner who can make her dream of the stars and give her the feeling of stability.

Most importantly, she wants a partner who can have an open discussion with her and who can tell her right to her face exactly what he thinks, no matter what.

One more thing that you should know about this beautiful woman is that she can be defined by one word, literally and that is, curiosity. This woman is curious as hell and she will try to discover everything and anything.

For her it is really important to know what she feels, and what her partner feels too. Instead of that, you should expect her to not be a perfect romantic partner, cause for her it is going to be easier to ask her about actions or things, than it is about emotional stuff. It is quiet hard for her to explain what she feels.

Watch out

The Moon in Gemini has certainly a big influence on this woman, because due to it, she has a big inclination for intellectual stuff. For her it is easier to study and learn about how the real word functions, more than to use her intuition.

Because she doesn’t show a significant interest in her emotional life, it can be quite difficult at some point for her to understand how this works.

She needs a partner who can satisfy her physically and also intellectually, because if they will not have smart topics of discussion, she may get bored easily and tired to stay with that person.

She can become quite worried, and this can affect her nerves which can cause health problems, that’s why you should take care of her.

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Written by Denise

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