The Moon in Capricorn Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is a willful and ambitious individual who knows how to control her enthusiasm.

Moon in Capricorn woman

The Moon in Capricorn woman can go both ways, from a responsible and ultimately very serious entrepreneur, to a free-spirited and playful little leprechaun who likes to play tricks on people.

She is quite binary in her personality, and it’s often confusing for most people to figure out which side of hers is going to come out and when.

The Moon in Capricorn woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Pragmatic and astute;
  • Negatives: Impulsive and aggressive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who seems detached but is very affectionate;
  • Life lesson: Trying activities that are in the realm of the spiritual.

This woman likes having things under control, and she does things in her own way, unrestrained and uninhibited by anything or anyone.

Often understated

The Moon in Capricorn woman is a very willful and ambitious individual. She will go forward with her plans, and her goals are anything but idealistic.

Pragmatism and realism come as a natural follow-up to her patient and cautious nature. She doesn’t allow herself any moment of weakness or vulnerability when it comes to putting her emotions at stake.

Stability and security are two of the things that really get this woman going, and once she knows that she can achieve these two, nothing can stop her from achieving her goal.

Moreover, she knows exactly how to approach most situations thanks to her serious nature and mature overview. She’s perseverant, straightforward, hard-working, and she knows how to take an opportunity once one appears.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t show any emotions at all, that she’s a workaholic who only thinks about getting rich and buying her dream house.

She’s also feminine, charming, sexy, seductive, and she drives a lot of men crazy with her elegant posture.

However, for the most time, she knows how to control this enthusiasm and inner happiness of hers. This is why most perceive her as uninteresting and boring.

She can also get mad, angered, and may even become aggressive once upset. Nothing stops her from voicing her thoughts and demands, and she will not stay for another moment in a place where she is not welcomed.

For all her realism though, she feels the need for emotional bonding, especially since the Moon’s influence puts even more expectations on her.

They are so determined and ambitious that they will try to forge their own path and achieve success even if they may have been born into a rich and influent family.

Nothing compared to the things you win out for yourself, and they understand this very well. In fact, their very nature calls them to action, regardless of their financial situation. They will always strive for more, even when they reach the top.

They are very competitive and ambitious when push comes to shove. No one should expect to beat these natives when it comes to determination and resistance.

From this point of view, they are like a tall mountain overlooking every blade of grass around them, standing firm against the pushes of the savage world, never to move unless they have a reason to.

It’s natural for the woman born with the Moon in Capricorn to be firm, resolute, and ultimately very determined. Having a greater cause to fight for is much more pleasing than simply striving to raise a small fortune, achieve a social status and just enjoy it blandly like that.

These women will compromise a lot in order to make some changes on a global level, to contribute to the development of society or the achievement of a grand project. They are even ready to give up on their love life for that reason alone.

These natives are so determined and loyal to their goals that it’s become second nature for them to put so much effort into achieving them.

Moreover, they expect the same from everyone else, and they can’t understand how most people can’t even pursue short-term goals, let alone long-term plans.

The Moon in Capricorn women are full of radiating energy, enthusiasm, intensity, and passion. It’s only normal that they appear so focused and ambitious.

Bringing people together

The Moon in Capricorn makes for a very stubborn native. She won’t give up on her ideas even when confronted with indomitable assaults and abyssal risks.

Going against her upfront would only incentivize her to try even harder to protect her dreams. As her partner, you have to be diplomatic, argumentative, appeal to reason and realism.

Don’t try to threaten or bully her because you don’t know how she reacts when faced with such dangers.

Just try to play it cool and unassuming, letting her believe that she’s still in control, that she doesn’t have to abandon everything. Also, be ready to give something in exchange for her approval.

One thing the Moon in Capricorn woman is not good at is expressing herself emotionally.

Bonding herself on a sentimental level with people comes very hard, just as letting others know just how much she loves them, talking about romantic relationships now.

In general, she finds it much easier to bring people together through her material situation, just to live a comfortable life, filled with nothing but the best luxuries.

Emotionally, she does try to repress her feelings and impulses, and this often leads to sadness, depression, regrets, and a sense of loneliness that can’t be fixed unless she opens up to someone.

The feeling that no one understands you can be quite problematic, especially for her. Romantically, she is affectionate and loving, but ultimately, she won’t continue with a relationship that’s most likely to lead nowhere. Reason and realism are still in the lead.

Once she meets that special someone and enters a relationship, she will take loyalty and devotion to a whole other level.

Mostly a cause of her firm principles and unwavering willpower, she will never cheat, whatever happens, because that would be a form of disrespect towards her and her partner.

Of course, she will have to carefully approach conflicts and arguments, but as long as she’s together with someone, cheating is a no-go.

From this point of view, you don’t need to look any further for a supportive and reliable partner who will always be there for you when you most need it.

Sociable, communicative, and very diplomatic, she’s known to have a large group of friends with the same mindset, the kind who knows how to appreciate and show kindness.

Moreover, she is very open-minded and works very hard to achieve her end-goals. There are a few flaws that could be attributed to the Moon in Capricorn woman.

Watch out

Primarily, these natives are very anxious and dangerous when their emotional stability is put in disarray. They don’t know how to approach such issues, nor do they give themselves leeway because of some mistakes made.

Sometimes, they feel like the other doesn’t appreciate them, that they receive less than they give, and sometimes, they can exaggerate in some regards and become overly-worried.

A lot of arguments are started because these women are apparently emotionless and disinterested in how their partners feel and what they want.

Moreover, they are very afraid that they may get rejected and dumped, while also being anxious when a situation is confusing.

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Written by Denise

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