The Monkey Chinese Zodiac Child: Energetic and Fun

This child possesses enthusiasm in abundance, though their energy may prove to be too much for more reserved people.

Chinese Monkey Child

The greatest talent of Monkey children is knowing how to enjoy life. They never lose their spirits and prefer taking action instead of complaining.

Their mind comes up with the boldest and most original ideas because they can’t stand getting bored. This also means they love spending time with their friends and are capable of making shy children open up. However, many adults see them as superficial because they talk too much and are all over the place.

The Monkey Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Bold, courageous and enthusiastic, you can always count on a Monkey child to be on the boisterous side.
  • The Boy: This little man is inventive and creative, but needs validity from others to feel good about his ideas.
  • The Girl: Born for the limelight, this girl will always feel at home performing or entertaining others.
  • Advice for Parents: With so much energy, it is vital that parents of Monkey children help them to channel their enthusiasm into something productive.

Charming and capable of any trick, all these kids want is to achieve the results they’re looking for. It’s unlikely for them to every work hard, not to mention they’re very confused when having to overcome obstacles. For this reason, their parents need to make their life as pleasant as possible.

Monkey Baby Girl

The Monkey little girl is very fancy and manipulative. Even from a young age, she’s admired by many boys, just because she’s active and cheerful all the time.

She likes to be dressed in the most beautiful clothes and to perform on stage or for her parents. Dancing and singing make her really happy. She shouldn’t be expected to think of others or to be predictable.

At the same time, she’s not attracted by cooking, cleaning or being a hostess. The more comfortable her life is, the more she gets bored. What she needs is to go on new adventures and to do what it takes in order to get what she wants.

Monkey Baby Boy

The Monkey little boy can’t sit still for one minute because if he does, he gets extremely bored. Wanting to take part in adventures too much, he may play the most questionable games.

He doesn’t have enough patience to finish his projects and to face the difficulties in his path. At least his mind comes up with the most inventive ideas. When it comes to getting things done, he’s not embarrassed to ask for help, even if he’s talented and good enough to do it on his own.

He’s ambitious and thinks the best things are meant to come his way. When his efforts are not being recognized, he’s disappointed and sad.

Monkey Child Personality

Having many talents and being intelligent, Monkey children are easy to educate, so their parents don’t need to do too much when it comes to this.

They’re independent and very energetic, not to mention that when having a goal in mind, they don’t stop until they achieve it. The element of their birth year influences their personality too, but all Monkey children are known for being smart, sociable, tempered and dexterous.

Because they’re also very ambitious and never doubt their talents, success comes their way in adult life without any problem. What they could learn more is how to be patient.

They want to have fun as much as possible because monotony makes them sad.

When older, they really know how to handle money and make new friends, but their relationships may suffer because they like to lie and to gossip. The best careers for them are in finances, journalism, entertainment and financing.

Their friends love them because they’re funny and a pleasure to be around. Besides, when going through difficulties, they don’t hesitate to laugh at themselves and can see the half of the glass that’s full.

They like arguing and defending their opinions. Sometimes, they can be vengeful and cruel. However, this doesn’t mean they’re fanatics about their ideas and beliefs.

They think the impossible is possible and can’t imagine themselves anything but the best. While this can drive at other people mad, they can’t have people being upset with them for too long. This is because they’re very likable.

Monkey Baby Health

The lives of Monkey children are very full. These little ones are also very lucky when it comes to health. Their appetite is tremendous and they like the most delicious foods, even the process of cooking them.

For this reason though, they may end up being overweight, which means their parents need to watch out for their diet. Having a lot of energy, they’re very active and need to consume as many hearty foods as possible.

It’s easy for them to end up suffering from colds and respiratory diseases, even allergies when older. In spite of being cheerful and energetic, they also have the tendency to reflect in pain, especially after failing, so having problems with their nervous system is not unlikely for them. Luckily, they don’t stay depressed for too long.

Hobbies of Monkey Children

Monkey children can’t be quite and just sitting in the corner because they need to be doing something all the time.

They like noise, and if they don’t possess a musical instrument, they will improvise and use objects from around the house to make music. It’s a good idea to sign them up for music and dance classes.

They love being in the center of attention, so they’re the best stage performers and love being applauded. Their mind is very sharp and needs to be stimulated, so they spend a lot of time solving puzzles and even playing chess.

If told they need to go to an optional class, they don’t mind it at all because they know how many new friends they’re going to make. When it comes to the sports they like, these are tennis, running and volleyball. Many Monkey children are also great intellectuals capable of writing poetry and stories.

Making Friends

Monkey youngsters are very popular, and everyone loves them because they always have a good joke to tell or a new idea to share. However, they have a problem trusting people, not to mention they may want to compete too much.

They don’t usually have too many close friends, but those that they have are sure to remain by their side for a lifetime. It’s their pleasure to be needed and to entertain.

Rats like them for being enchanting and engaging, while Dragons admire them for their superior hits. They don’t get along very well with other Monkey and Snakes because there’s mutual mistrust between them. With Tigers, they may be good friends until the tempers of both would start to surface.


The geniuses of the Chinese Zodiac, Money children can solve any problem. Besides, they’re able to learn very fast and can adapt to any new person or situation.

It doesn’t matter what subject they’re supposed to master, they can become very good at it in only a few weeks or months. It goes the same way with learning foreign languages and about different cultures.

How to Raise Your Monkey Kid

Monkey children are very good at starting projects, but because they get bored easily, they may not always finish what they have started. Besides, if an obstacle happens to come their way, they prefer to choose the easy way out. When this is not possible, they just give up and start something new.

They need to be taught what discipline and patience mean because they can be very superficial with the most important life matters. Sociable and talkative, they get along well with just about anyone. At the same time, they can be intrusive, especially when making the nastiest jokes that hit people where they hurt the most.

Their parents should pay great attention to their education because if not, these Monkey small people can grow to be very impolite, and it would be a shame for this to happen since they have the ability to be mannered and tactful if they know how to.

They’re clever and don’t hesitate to manipulate when they truly want something. Another important thing to be said about them is that they have the tendency to feel superior, so they need to be told that everyone has been born equal and that humility is a matter of self-respect.

When their parents are trying to discipline them, they don’t pay attention to what they’re being told, which can drive any adult mad. However, they can be relied upon to succeed because they have many talents and are very intelligent, not to mention they have the tendency to focus on what’s important only.

They should be taught how to be more serious and to understand that things are not always meant to go their way.

Being persevering, it’s true they can achieve almost anything they set their mind to, but there are times when this doesn’t work, especially because they’re rather lazy and prefer to cheat or to lie instead of persevering.

They can play any role with self-confidence, especially if having to fight for some of the stranger cases they believe in. What they want is to succeed without making any effort. Their parents need to cut a bit from their sense of adventure and to show them that being superficial doesn’t bring anything good.

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