The Mars in Virgo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She never going to be satisfied with herself because she keeps on expecting more and more, the better her results are.

Mars in Virgo woman

The Mars in Virgo woman wants to save the world. There is no other way to put it. She’s a super-hero or she wants to be one, to save everyone, to help as many people as possible, to pursue humanitarian causes.

It helps a lot that she is incredibly rational and logical. Any problem is simplified a lot when she puts her mind to work, and the solution comes naturally. Most admirably, she doesn’t expect anything in return for her actions.

The Mars in Virgo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Diligent and organized;
  • Negatives: Controlling and obstinate;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is just as methodical as she is;
  • Life lesson: To not let herself overwhelmed by responsibilities.

High standards throughout

She’s the perfectionist of the zodiac, always trying to make things better, to become the best version of herself, and most importantly, to keep her house sparkling clean.

This must her sole occupation when she comes home from work, taking care of her household affairs.

She’s never going to be satisfied with herself because she keeps on expecting more and more, the better her results are.

Socially, she analyzes everything in the people around her, from how they’re dressed to the way they speak, and she even puts some of them in certain categories. This is her way of simplifying social relationships.

Even when looking for a romantic partner, the same standards apply. He must groom himself accordingly, take care of his health and body, be organized, successful, and humble above all else.

She doesn’t like people who brag about their achievements. Sex is a very important element for her, and although she may have a few problems handling the more delicate parts, a long-standing relationship will give her the time to become comfortable.

She’s always in control of the situation because she organizes her time accordingly, always taking full responsibility for her tasks and decisions.

Fun and entertainment are also an important part of her life, and she manages to combine professional and personal life quite well. Emotionally, she tries to keep it under a lid, to take it slow and steady until she is sure of her commitment.

The woman born with Mars in Virgo is one of the most analytic and keen women out there. She will observe all the details, down to the smallest and most insignificant one, and she will make sure that she takes it all into consideration when making her decision.

Personally, if you even have the guts to anger or upset her, prepare for one hell of an annoying and nagging session. She will think about all the different mistakes you’ve made during all this time, throw it in your face, and keep on criticizing you for hours on end.

When she’s not waging war against her partner or against other people, her analytic and observant personality is extremely beneficial in her professional life.

She’s methodical and meticulous with her plans, meditating on all the possible pathways, thinking whether she should devise a backup plan, and so on. Intimately, she tries to keep a record of all her sexual encounters.

Moreover, she can be very naughty and lascivious when her interest is aroused. Her deepest desires might be very surprising actually.

Put that together with their tendency to seek for perfection, and you’ll get quite the obsessive partner who’s never content with her intimate life. She wants to keep on transforming every bit of her life in order to reach that sweet spot.

Her self-imposed mission of constructing a better life for her and all her close friends get annoying from a point onward because she seems to focus only on this aspect, forgetting about taking care of herself, about entertaining herself.

Moreover, she despises people who can’t keep themselves on a set path, who lack the determination and ambition to pursue their goals.

Carefully deliberated decisions

The Mars in Virgo woman may be very direct and assertive about her desires and wishes, but she usually keeps them to herself and never makes a ruckus about her wants. Private life is supposed to be private.

Sex, for example, she prefers it to be an affair between her and her partner, with no one else in-between.

Actually, she wouldn’t even have a reason to exaggerate the importance of her sexual adventures since she perceives sex to be just a biological need. It’s all about reason, carefully deliberated decisions, patience, and calm, with no emotions involved.

One would think that they will meet the love of their life from their first try, without having to go through any disappointments of failures. After all, being rational and meticulous, they should make a decision after some time of observation, right?

That’s not always the case, and they make mistakes just like anyone else, if not more often. They have high expectations because of their disinterest in regular rules and realistic regulations.

They must learn from their mistakes, from experience, a job that they accomplish splendidly. With their common sense and natural instincts, it’s a walk in the park.

As for their love life, the Mars in Virgo women will generally choose a mutually useful relationship, where they can also receive something in return, be it material stability, affection, and emotional depth or just a common goal to pursue.

Attracted by …

This woman is quite attracted to a man who exudes a quiet yet strong aura of strength, resourcefulness, confidence.

Pompous and showy guys are better left untouched because she hates having to resist their bragging sessions. Humility, sensitivity, kindness, a generous attitude, and a competent character are what she’s looking for in her ideal partner.

Unofficially, you should also be very calm and temperate because she’s very annoying when angered. With all the criticizing and nagging, most would go insane.

Sexually, he should be the uninitiated type, someone who’s either inexperienced or not really adept at having sex.

Most of all, she likes having intelligent conversations with her partner, of the type that raises questions and intrigues her curiosity even more.

Wit, sarcasm, politeness, these are also quite valuable in her perspective. As for physical aspects, she would like him to take care of himself, to be clean and have an organized style.

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