The Mars in Virgo Man: Get to Know Him Better

He likes to have his goals well established before he commits to a course of action, and he doesn’t brag at all about his success.

Mars in Virgo man

The Mars in Virgo native is also known as the perfectionist, the sophisticated Romeo who’s only looking for the most refined and flawless woman in his life.

He’s especially attentive to the details. His noble and otherworldly demeanor delivers a strong punch to anyone who thinks themselves slick.

The Mars in Virgo man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Practical and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Criticising and rushed;
  • Soulmate: Someone who only pays attention to him;
  • Life lesson: Sometimes, peace can’t be found in material things.

This man despises insults, dirty talking, impoliteness, and when he has reasons to stay sad, he will remain as such indefinitely, until either he gets bored of it, finds a solution, or someone takes him out of the swamp.

His goals are well established

He takes everything very slowly in a meticulous and attentive manner, observing every single detail, putting force behind his beliefs with each passing day. He’s quiet, cool, doesn’t want any attention and likes to do his thing without anyone interfering.

When the show is finally starting, he wants everything to be perfect and flawless, just as he had planned from the very beginning.

He likes to have his goals well established before he commits to a course of action, and he doesn’t brag at all about his success. Even more, he likes taking care of his own body, doing sport, jogging, living a healthy lifestyle.

He might seem like a snob at times because he carefully chooses his diet plans. It’s not only a feeling of fulfillment that he lives healthy but also pride in looking good, that drives him to commit to such strict routines.

However, even though they may like getting into the thick of things doing sports, they aren’t very keen on competing with others, going for a triathlon or any other competition.

They like to get in touch with Mother Nature, as a way to find their peace and quiet, but this attempt does end up in failure a lot of times, mainly because it gets too stressing and tense.

Of course, they aren’t happy with this result, but there’s nothing they can do except try and try again, failure through failure until they eventually succeed. It becomes a sort of routine.

If you’re looking for a handy-man, someone to come and fix your sink, or better yet, solve your internet problems, then the man born with Mars in Virgo is definitely where you need to go.

He pays attention to all the details and he has the good habit of finding the key aspect of a situation in a matter of seconds.

What’s even more shocking is that you won’t ever see them in a rush, agitated or angry, even when it would be normal to act in such a way.

However, try to disturb his focus and you’ll get the cold treatment, in the best of cases. Worst of all, he’ll berate you harshly. Evidently, he wants to appear as efficient and preoccupied as possible for his partner.

He wants to be acknowledged and appreciated for their ambition and serious attitude. Perfection is hard to attain, but they aspire to reach it.

As always, this perfectionism leads to unwanted results like disappointments, disillusions, an exaggerated focus on the details, the emphasis put on outer elements rather than on themselves, and so on.

Another bad situation that may appear as a result of perfectionism is the state of complete uncertainty and agitation when something happens that they haven’t planned for.

A very calm lover

The Mars in Virgo man is a very dignified and principled, with a strong determination to do what’s right, to uphold justice, to help those in need, and to gain knowledge as a means toward self-development.

He does all of these things because he believes in his potential to be superior to the man he once was and because he stands firm in the face of adversity.

Every decision that he makes is done with a solid amount of research behind it, and it is thus the best possible choice in that particular situation.

Moreover, he is very devoted to the one he loves, so much so that he would do anything to make her even a little bit happier.

They are very restrained and low-key individuals who don’t like evident romanticism and outgoing gestures of affection. They will try to take care of your needs and do nice things for you, and just for you.

Of course, they will also pay attention to all the small details, to every single possibility and potential implication, while also putting their creative mind to work, coming up with inventive ideas to surprise you with.

And even when something goes wrong, they won’t despair or become agitated on the outside.

This is a good thing since most people do stupid things after having a failure, out of impulsivity. He likes to be in control of the situation, to know exactly what could happen in advance.

His personal preference is towards indecisive women, those that are shy and embarrasses, emotionally sensitive and with an innocent look about them.

If he wants to know whether his partner is worth all the effort he’s putting in, he just stands to observe how she reacts to his problems, how caring and loving she is. Ideally, she should be just as interested as he is.

When the whole affair started, it had just developed from a beautiful friendship, from where he successfully escaped, surprisingly.

When it comes to his sexual life, it’s something he takes as a form of routine, as something that he plans for, that he has complete control over.

In conclusion

The Mars in Virgo man finds it exceedingly pleasing and satisfying to set his own routine at work, to have his working space well-organized, in perfect order.

He becomes more efficient, productive, and significantly more satisfied when he sees his work taking on the shape he first devised.

He might get in trouble with his teammates because he criticizes them a lot, either because they don’t work enough, or they’re doing something wrong, and since he puts in so much effort, he expects everyone else to do the same.

Besides this tendency to see the flaws first and put them forward for everyone to look at, the Mars in Virgo man should learn to control his perfectionist drive.

It not only creates exceedingly hard to achieve goals, impossibly high expectations, but it also makes him concentrate too much on the details, forgetting about the big picture.

Where there are logic and reason, there is also agitation, confusion, uncertainty, and where there are emotion and affection, there is also procrastination, lack of inspiration, indecision, and so on.

All in all, you should take great joy in the Mars in Virgo man, because you won’t find a more patient and tender individual who takes so great care of you.

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Written by Denise

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