The Mars in Sagittarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She cannot be pinned down by anything for she is independent and free-spirited.

Mars in Sagittarius woman

The main thing that can be said about the Mars in Sagittarius woman is that she loves to adventure, to explore the world and see what life keeps in hiding.

Risky endeavors, challenging situations, she will look for them intentionally, but not without formulating a plan of attack first, sort of.

The Mars in Sagittarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Elegant and daring;
  • Negatives: Impulsive and reckless;
  • Soulmate: Someone who knows no bounds;
  • Life lesson: Some risks are not worth taking.

Her observational and meticulous nature keeps her from harm’s way, most of the time, and even though she can be very impulsive and thoughtless in some cases, these instincts give her room to breathe and avoid danger.

An unconventional woman

You just can’t pin down this native no matter what you do. She’s independent and free-spirited, unwilling to let herself be subdued by others and societal regulations.

Her dreams and ambitions are too big and too vivid to be destroyed by the status-quo and irrational “ought nots” that people believe.

Her eclectic interests and diverse range of passions get dumbed down to one thing – endless curiosity and the love for knowledge.

She wants to learn something new every day and further hone her aptitudes with each experience. This native doesn’t feel satisfied until she has exhausted a topic or wholly analyzed a given subject.

She wants to know everything, to see beyond the norm, to get to the edge of human possibility, all the while running joyfully through society.

Her confidence and daring personality know no bounds as she goes against any and all constraint and obstacles. Even when the whole world stands against her, she will never give up on her dreams and plans.

Personally, she might be an unorthodox and unconventional woman who wants to free herself from this bubble we all live in, to reach the edge of the abyss, but romantically, she’s way different.

The woman born with Mars in Sagittarius does have some traditional principles set in place, certain expectations from a relationship. Of course, her partner should be like-minded, a free-spirited and flexible man.

She will offer a lot of freedom and independence to her partner, but this doesn’t mean that he can just cheat and work against her back. That will make her Mars in Sagittarius energy to explode and ravage everything.

She’s witty and spicy in her approach and personality, with a certain feminine allure that says “unapproachable” right from the get-go.

This attracts a lot of competitors vying for her heart, and she may use this opportunity to experiment, to make use of these lab rats with her testing ideas.

She has a certain charming aura about her, a communicative and enthusiastic personality that makes everyone drop their guard.

For her, going on a tour of the world sounds like the best idea for a honeymoon, and a two-week affair is also on her top list.

This woman just has to keep herself on the move, putting her body to work, feeling the adrenaline rushing through her veins, the blood coursing faster and faster. For this reason, doing sports seems the only logical solution.

Don’t be surprised if you’ll see them waking up at 5 AM every morning to go for a jogging session or if they go traveling every two weeks. That’s how they’re built, dynamic and incapable of staying in one place for too long.

Her curiosity and learning abilities will be quite handy for her in the future, and even now, when she can learn countless new skills like skiing, rollerblading, parachuting, and so on.

An intense lover

One thing that the Mars in Sagittarius woman is very afraid of is commitment. She doesn’t like taking on responsibilities, having deadlines to restrict her movements, or committing to something.

That would infringe on her freedom and free-will. She would no longer be independent.

Relationship-wise, this fear effectively translates to a total transformation the moment her partner even mentions this prospect.

She will become distant, cold, annoyed, and even aggressive. However, if you’re also the free-flowing and flexible individual, just enjoy those few moments with her, even if it’s just an adventure.

Her intense and passionate personality will make the experiences unforgettable. Who knows? Maybe something will come to fruition after all.

Now you might think that she is promiscuous, with the possibility of nymphomania, or that she has no problems cheating, engaging in casual sex and all sorts of sexual encounters.

Well, while she is independent, unconventional and experimental, she does, however, keep her feet on the ground and stops just in the nick of time so that she won’t break the rules of common decency.

Having her life getting shredded to pieces by her fellow people’s criticism is not something she wants to bother with. She will want to try a lot of things and feel pleasure in many different ways, but she keeps it all private.

The Mars in Sagittarius female can be very sensitive and aware of her surroundings, as well as very touchy.

Say the wrong thing or look in a wrong place and she will immediately become annoyed, distance herself, and raise one hell of a ruckus.

Chill, woman, over-reacting, are we? Pretty much anything can ruin her fun and mood, so there’s really no way you can prepare yourself for this.

Sex is something they do for fun, but if it’s not engaging and innovative, she can easily live without it. Her perspective is very childish and playful, almost naïve and laughable.

She’s curious about every little thing and she wants to try everything, just like a little girl who doesn’t know how the world works. Being overly serious and unwilling to have fun will quickly drive her away.

Attracted by …

She’s especially attracted to warm and cool men who can have fun even when the world if frowning, and even when the atmosphere is gloomy.

An entertaining and funny guy who stands proud to protect his principles never lies and has a higher IQ than most.

She will want to spend a lot of time with him, get to know who he really is, have long discussions about the most interesting of things, down to the weirdest ones.

Physically, a lot of ornamentation and an exaggerated sense of grooming pretty much keeps them away most of the times. A natural look will do just fine.

He can be self-centered at times when he is sure about his ideas and plans, but he should also know when to admit his mistakes. Most importantly, he should learn from his mistakes and lift himself up after each and every defeat.

All her relationships start out as friendships and may end up in the same place if her man restricts her movements.

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Written by Denise

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