The Mars in Sagittarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is impulsive and spontaneous, often changing his plans at the very last minute possible.

Mars in Sagittarius man

The Mars in Sagittarius man is one of the liveliest natives of the zodiac. You’ll always spot him in the middle of a social event, being in the center of attention, doing something crazy, worthy of his reputation.

He’s a great talker and he communicates very easily with people from all walks of life. If you’ve got the luck to find him alone, be prepared to be taken for a spin. He’s an intellectual and he’ll want to cause some mischief using witty sayings and confusing ideas.

The Mars in Sagittarius man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Communicative and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Sneaky and sef-indulgent;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is patient and understanding with him;
  • Life lesson: He should find his purpose to fight for.

A charming companion

He’s a shape-shifter, an emotional hurricane that runs amok across the world, putting everything he sees into mortal danger, either because he’s trying to pick it apart, to see how it works, or he’s going to wreak havoc anyway.

He will want to experiment and try everything at least once. On his path, he might appear as a fiendish brute who just wants to have fun at the expense of others, or as a cultivated and polite young man who’s looking to enlarge his perspective on the world.

Saying that his native likes to have fun is like saying the Earth spins around the Sun. It’s common knowledge, and what’s more, he takes it all to a whole new level every time he gets the chance to.

He’s the one who brings the joy and enthusiasm at a social event, and he’s also capable of anything in order to satisfy his desires.

Reason and logic will get covered up by these impulses and cravings, so he won’t realize what he’s doing during this time.

Moreover, he’s the type who has a greater cause to fight for, either personal or societal, and he pursues it with his own means, abiding by no rules.

First off, the man born with Mars in Sagittarius is brimming with energy and confidence that he just wants to release outwards.

He can’t wait any longer to have some fun. Usually, he’s the type who grows a beard, a manly and masculine one to reflect his strong principles and firm convictions.

Moreover, he can be a very good sportsman with all that drive pushing him forward, but he also takes care not to put himself in harm’s way too much.

Secondly, this guy’s decisions last as long for a few days, and then he comes to the conclusion that he wants an entirely different thing.

He’s impulsive, spontaneous, but also determined and ambitious to achieve his goals. The only problem remains the same though, that he can’t hold on to his ideas for too long.

In a few days, he’ll be up and running with a new plan, leaving the old one to fester and die.

He wants to make friends with those of the same disposition as him, the eternal adventurers who never refuse an opportunity to travel the world and have some fun.

He wants to fuel his own ambition and passion because he’s not a very patient man. What else to do other than pack his bags and for a trip on the other side of the world?

He loves having friendly competitions with his close ones, but he gets too involved most of the time, and he forgets that he might hurt somebody if he plays too rough.

Moreover, he expects everyone to follow his ideas to the letter because they would result in a lot of fun. When someone disagrees, he gets annoyed because he was naively sure that no one would object.

Not a big fan of commitment

He asks for a lot, expects a lot, and he is generally a very dynamic individual who can’t stay in one place for too long, even mentally if not physically.

Money is simply the means to an end, and he doesn’t hesitate for too long before spending it on something that really matters.

Romantically, he’s not as impulsive and spontaneous, surprisingly, in that he usually doesn’t fall in love at first sight.

He does fall in love with his ideal outgoing woman after a series of meetings where he gets the chance to know her intimately. Rejections don’t sadden him one bit, and he even befriends that person, only to try again a couple of years.

These men are usually quite frightened of committing to a relationship. They know their freedom will get hacked apart once that happens, even more so if the partner is possessive, dominative, and jealous.

With a carefree and free-flowing personality, they would rather have fun at a time, and only then think about taking things to the next level.

In this sense, nothing stops them from meeting a lot of women, in the search for the right one. Of course, this approach hurts a lot of people along the way, but they don’t seem to care.

He wants to appear as a funny and entertaining man who knows how to have fun. A straightforward, tolerant, and intelligent individual who loves adventures.

This is how he wants to be seen by his partner, and he will want to share his ideas with her, in an attempt to impress.

In a relationship, he is very devoted and loyal, but he also realizes that freedom is actually the most important, in both cases. He wants to respect her decisions and desires, but he expects the same in return.

In conclusion

Basically, the Mars in Sagittarius man is open-minded, honest, enthusiastic, and passionate about doing his thing.

He wants to have fun, and he can be very unexpected and irresponsible as a result of going overboard with this desire.

Because he tends to speak his mind without hesitating one bit, a lot of people will feel insulted by his opinions, but that’s their problem, right? Why would he be blamed for speaking the truth?

He has strong religious and political views that could turn into fanaticism in a split second if he doesn’t control his zeal and enthusiasm. Also, he tends to be a very introspective and meditative man.

He’s going to need a romantic and affectionate woman who knows how to please him and satisfy his sexual desires.

He prefers a sensitive and lascivious woman to a proud and confident one who makes a show every time you say something wrong.

He is also very tolerant and open-minded, accepting different opinions and ideas like they were his own, even though he tries to maintain a few traditional principles.

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Written by Denise

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