The Mars in Libra Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is usually very resourceful and composed in most situations, seeming to know exactly what to do.

Mars in Libra woman

The Mars in Libra woman tends to be pretty balanced between the combative warrior princess that Mars wants her to be, and her natural astrological make-up that promotes patience, calm, a relaxed and composed personality.

She can do both just as well, but sometimes, a few bouts of anger will slip in unnoticed, especially when she’s trying to fix a problem. This is really not a very compatible combination.

The Mars in Libra woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Generous and flexible;
  • Negatives: Too idealistic and callous;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is spontaneous and attractive;
  • Life lesson: To connect more spiritually and less materially.

A principled woman

She is a very attractive and intriguing woman when you first see her. The charms and feminine attitude will drive you crazy with anticipation and lust. The Mars in Libra woman is very sociable, communicative and very outgoing.

Her friends and close acquaintances can confirm that she can’t live without going out, without a social life. Her interests are artistic and cultural in nature, so she makes friends with the same like-minded approach.

Her approach is very calm and restrained, relaxed in a manner that offers great comfort and assurance. She takes care of herself to look as good as possible for those social events, and if she captures the heart of a potential suitor, all the better.

She can’t stay idle when the world of art and culture is slandered, or even worse when certain moral standards are broken.

She upholds justice and defends her principles of a balanced society anywhere she goes, with fearsome determination.

However, she feels lost and powerless without her friends nearby to support and bounce her ideas off of. Without validation and appreciation, she can be very strained by those she fights against.

Her inner balance is a result of her desire to transform discord and disorder into a prime example of beauty, to transform them all together, bringing a sense of harmony to the world.

Many think that this woman wants a sensitive and shy partner who can offer her a lot of affection and compassion, but the truth is, while she does want to be loved, she also wants a strong and masculine man.

Someone who can support her in protecting the values and principles of justice and equity. How else to promote the progressive ideas of a better society than by being strong in the face of adversity?

Balance and peace are only attained through hard effort and courage, while also knowing how to solve things calmly. Her partner should exhibit these traits primarily.

She can be very resourceful and handy with her occupation. Even when she has a lot of work to do, with a lot of overtime, she doesn’t forget to be elegant, polite, and keep her cool when in society.

You won’t ever meet a more generous and flexible native. She never loses her touch with reality or her nerve.

Romantically, she’s still an idealist, hoping for her special someone to someday arrive at her door, flowers in hand, a bright smile on his lips, take her by the waist and give her an all-consuming kiss.

If he’s also a humanist with progressive ideas, even better, that’s exactly what she was looking for.

The reason why they prefer making plans and organizing a systematic plan of attack, in place of an all-out brawling, is because violence is chaotic. It doesn’t have a discernable pattern, it often brings out the worst in humans, and it doesn’t lead to a good result, most of the times.

She would first try to talk her way out of trouble or convince her adversaries of her position. If that doesn’t work, then she drops all pretenses and goes for an attack, but not before that.

In a relationship, she can be very spontaneous and outgoing thanks to the energy that Mars in Libra gives her, replenishing her reserves every time, but she’s also aware of her desires to be with someone kind, thoughtful, and not as handy as her, if possible.

Love should be all consuming

Intimately, the woman born with Mars in Libra seeks for the same sense of accomplishment and perfection that she would find professionally.

She wants everything to be done with a standard of beauty and aestheticism in mind, an equality of forms and measures so that nothing is off even by an inch.

With elegance and grace, she gives her partner immense signs of love and affection, often in the form of gifts, a warm dinner after a long day of work, even a kiss when he’s sad.

Sex is done in the same manner, all-consuming and idealistic, something much more profound and spiritual than just physical contact.

You will count your lucky stars and thank the heavens for giving you the chance to meet a Mars in Libra woman. If you get along with her and end up dating, and then get into a relationship, you will see exactly why this is.

She tends to idealize a relationship, put her partner in the center of her attention, always. Her desired perfectionism says so.

You will be pleased by her in every way imaginable, spiritually and physically. Of course, her high standards are quite difficult to reach, so there’s that before letting yourself fall into this sweet dream.

They crave for sexual pleasure and they enjoy it wholeheartedly, although not in a strictly physical sense.

These women believe it to be somehow connected to our sense of belonging as humans, to reflect the comings and goings of a relationship, the true manifestation of love and potential.

It also emphasizes how humans interact with one another, a phenomenon most interesting to analyze. Even casual sex is not shunned by them, but they will also prefer to keep their affairs private and not brag about them.

Attracted by …

The Mars in Libra woman is kind of slow when taking decisions because she tends to take into consideration every single aspect, and even the smallest of details, before committing to a course of action.

Even more, her unwillingness to face difficult and problematic situations make it even more likely that she’s going to stay in the same place for some time.

She wants a modern man who knows how to take care of himself and put his best attributes in the spotlight.

Elegant, with a good taste in fashion, funny and charming, her man should also be able to present his arguments in a temperate and clear way. A rough appearance and aggressive, even violent behavior, is the killer of passion in her case.

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