The Mars in Libra Man: Get to Know Him Better

He has quite some eccentric tastes and loves to surprise others with his choices, revelling even in the criticism he attracts.

Mars in Libra man

The Mars in Libra man is someone who impresses everyone he meets. With what, you’re asking? That’s just the thing, not even he knows that. His entire person is attractive, charming, interesting, and a lot of women swarm in on him as a result.

He just walks by you, and you find yourself filled with the desire to talk to him, to be near him. It’s quite a magnetic aura, nothing else. Of course, his attitude and personality match his elusive charm flawlessly.

The Mars in Libra man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Knowledgeable and caring;
  • Negatives: Possessive and impetuous;
  • Soulmate: Someone who can keep his attention for long;
  • Life lesson: To fight more to preserve his principles.

This man is also a perfectionist with exceedingly high standards and expectations. If people around fail to meet even one of his conditions, he’s quickly out.

A talented individual

This man is cool, chic, and he likes to stay in touch with the new fashion. He is actually very interested in fashion, in how he dresses, and how he keeps on top of the game.

If you’re asking yourself who actually wears the weird costumes that a lot of fashion designers think of, you have your answer.

The man born with Mars in Libra will, and he will be quite proud of his unorthodox tastes. He gets his confidence from looking good, from the admiration and gasps that most people nurture when passing by.

Moreover, he’s very adept at talking to people and getting what he wants. Either through persuasion, manipulation or just a wink, he manages to coerce anyone into doing his will.

He might just make it on the front pages of the Times for a new technique in a musical orchestra or a fresh method of applying paint on canvas. The thing is, he can be extremely imaginative and creative.

Considering that he is greatly endowed, artistically speaking, as well as having a tendency to harmonize his ideas, it’s not a surprise that he has a splendid future.

He can also take on the mantle of a professional writer, with the pen being his sole weapon, the creator of worlds and lives.

Public speaking is also good for him. Even weirder is the fact that he despises competition and conflict. Why can’t everyone just get along and do their thing in perfect harmony?

If need be, he will try to outwit his adversary with cunning words or an ingenious strategy, but direct confrontation is out of the questions.

The Mars in Libra man wants to instill the sense of justice in the people’s mind, for everything to be fair and square, no trickeries or injustices allowed.

He struggles hard for this goal, and he uses every bit of knowledge and method at his disposal to make his peers see the right path ahead.

He can easily substitute himself for someone else and see the world from another perspective. This is why he deeply understands the problem of injustice so well.

A higher cause is all they need to get to work. The emissary of peace and prosperity, equality and mutual understanding, this is what the Mars in Libra man is.

This astrological combination is quite ambiguous and hard to understand, and one could wonder how in the hell can this man lead a good life.

The problem is that Mars, being the planet of war, combat, and fiery energy, will drive him to take on the sword and shield, get out into the world and make a name of himself.

His upbringing taught him that patience and meticulousness are capital, that he should first take a good look at the situation, plan ahead, and only then descend on the battlefield.

He gets his way most of the time, but Mars in Libra constantly nudges him forward, toward aggressiveness, impetuousness, bravery. Also, he’s a ladies man, always flirting with a lot of women.

Full of compassion

The Mars in Libra man feels the need to show his appreciation to others, and no one can object. After all, who doesn’t like to be praised? Now, to get to the surprise, find out now that this man can also be very affectionate and loving to his partner.

Guess why? Well, because his natural astrological planet is Venus, the planet we all know is connected to the power of love, belonging and harmony.

He’ll be a very devoted and compassionate lover, willing to do anything to make the other happy. He might exaggerate and try to force his partner to see him as romantic and attractive by making use of his verbal manipulative skills.

He is polite and he knows how to take care of his woman, to fulfill her every desire, to make her feel protected, safe, happy, and most of all, satisfied with her lifestyle.

She’ll take her from work, cook her dinner, serve her a morning breakfast, and generally wear a bright smile whenever she’s around.

He’s very intelligent and curious, so it would be incredibly satisfying to see his partner come up with an interesting subject, one that many others have debated.

He likes to brag about his culture and accumulated knowledge a lot because he wants his partner to know what kind of man he’s with. He does tend to let her take the initiative and decide whatever they’re going to do, and this is a big downside.

It becomes difficult and uncertain to pinpoint his romantic potential because he cares about social acceptance quite a lot.

He wants his woman to be attractive, to know her way around social events, to be communicative, extroverted, and diplomatic, friendly and outgoing.

He is willing to let go of all other traits, positive characteristics, and even flaws if his woman will deliver him a good social standing. She should be dominative, reliable, confident, and bold. The Mars in Libra man prefers to be the sensitive and passionate one.

In conclusion

He’s basically a people-pleaser who does everything with the express thought of satisfying the social expectation and staying in line with the societal regulations.

If people appreciate and praise his efforts, he’s fulfilled and doesn’t need anything else. If the world doesn’t agree with any of his endeavors or interests, then he might as well give it up.

He’s very creative and intuitive, often coming up with great ideas, each more innovative and interesting than the last.

One of the few instances when he’s willing to go against his better thought and confront the world is when he sees an injustice committed.

That’s when all his instincts start crawling back out, and his perfectionism takes the reins. As long as his partner is affectionate, attentive, and devoted, he will sacrifice everything to make her happy, to bring a smile to her lips each and every day.

If his partner is disinterested and cold, he’ll follow the code of equality and detach himself emotionally as well.

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Written by Denise

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