The Mars in Leo Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She usually likes to showcase her accomplishments and draw admiration upon herself but sometimes, she prefers to be behind the scenes.

Mars in Leo woman

The Mars in Leo woman is the proud native of the zodiac. She deserves and demands praise, recognition of her abilities, the fulfillment of all her desires, and admiration from everyone.

What’s good is that she doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort into achieving her goals. She’s very proficient at her job, always learning, always taking steps toward self-development.

The Mars in Leo woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Realistic and thoughtful;
  • Negatives: Quick-tempered and tactless;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will admire and accomplish all her wishes;
  • Life lesson: Appearing arrogant will do her more harm than good.

No problems achieving her goals

She’s the very epitome of feminine charms and fighting spirit. It literally cannot get more combative and dynamic than this.

Her charms, her beguiling attitude, her foxy and enthusiastic attitude that lets one imagine her in naughty positions in bed, even her dressing preferences, these all lead to her ascension up the social ladder.

She enthralls any man that falls in her net. Professionally, she has no match among her peers. Any challenge is nothing but mere dust in front of her.

If the future prospects are brilliant and the rewards are promising, she will struggle against anything and come out victorious.

She usually has no problems achieving her goals. With a strong resolute determination and great confidence, she goes along her way, from conflict to conflict, gathering experience and trophies.

She likes to showcase these trophies won through hard fighting, and the spotlight seems to be her birthright. Her ideal man is the adventurer type, a dynamic and flexible individual who will always come up with great ideas to have fun.

However, he should never try to steal her attention and admiration, never take the spotlight away from her. The woman born with Mars in Leo knows she deserves a queen’s treatment.

These women are known for their spontaneity and impulsive instincts. They seldom finish their projects, and they involve themselves in so many activities that even the sociable Gemini would frown.

Now, with Mars in Leo sending its fiery energy down on this woman, she has enough fuel to continue the journey until its end.

She’s creative and imaginative, and she will live to see the day her efforts are rewarded.

She’s bound to make quite the impression anywhere she goes because of her attractive and spicy charm, the confidence and reliability, and the good looks to complete the picture.

Her love for drama and showy situations is truly mind-blowing. This native is bound to change the world through her creativity and expressive gusto.

If there is no inspiration or interest in something, she immediately abandons it, only to focus on her true passions.

Only those grand causes excite you enough to even lift a finger. And when you do, it’s bound to result in a legendary adventure of epic proportions, filled with risky encounters, deadly challenges, and strong friendships made along the way.

She feels best when in a position of dominance

These women have a unique perspective on sex, and an even more splendid approach, one that will make your hairs stand on edge, even more so if you experience it.

They bring a lot of intensity and passion into the mix, turning it into an experience the bards will sing about, one that is going to last throughout the ages.

With such emotional power behind it, and such glorious and confident love-making, the Mars in Leo women touch upon their highest potential and achieve constant fulfillment in the arms of their loved one.

She feels best when in a position of dominance, when she can control the situation, so it goes by her wishes. Most partners might not even notice this tendency of hers because she acts in such an affectionate and charming way, but it’s definitely there.

Both physically and psychologically, she will try to subdue her lover, to make him obey her silent commands, to lead his life based on her guidelines.

Of course, she isn’t that possessive or exaggerated, in that she only has a few areas of life where she tries to assert her dominance. Sex, for example, is one of them.

If you’re wondering how anyone would willingly let themselves be controlled like a dummy, then you’re asking the wrong question.

The real question is how could anyone resist her charming and ravishingly beautiful approach? From a point onward, you don’t even notice that she’s been the one to dictate all your moves and decisions, even when it comes to sex, especially then.

However, she is realistic and thoughtful enough to change her tune in public, where she will let her partner go free, be independent, and even praise him constantly.

What happens when you no longer entertain their desire to be in charge and take the lead? Simple, they will go cold, try to distance themselves, and eventually lose all their affection and compassion for their partner.

Apparently, what kept them there was this feeling of being in control, a sense of emotional dominance, where the whole game rotated around their needs and wishes.

Moreover, she doesn’t like to hold any secrets whatsoever from her partner, and the opposite is also true. Her pride and self-respect command her to be honest, straightforward, and to take everything very realistically and at face value.

Attracted by …

Her feminine charms and fiery temper attract all sorts of men to her, but only those who can resist her volcanic and impetuous attitude can hope to last the night.

She wants to be admired, to be lifted up on a pedestal where everyone can watch them. Her partner should have the strength and mental prowess to allow her these moments of glory without trying to steal it from them or getting jealous because she can be one hell of a demon when she gets angry.

Moreover, her partner must know what he wants from life and he must be demanding with his desires, confident and aggressive at times, a leader and a dominant individual.

Good looks are also quite important, but not as important as his attitude or personality.

The Mars in Leo woman wants an entertaining man who can be playful when the situation asks for it and determined when there are problems to be solved.

He must change accordingly to the situation at hand, but he shouldn’t be overly serious all the time. That would kill all the fun.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.