The Mars in Leo Man: Get to Know Him Better

He wants others to see him as dominant and confident and it is known he avoid doing things half-way.

Mars in Leo man

The Mars in Leo man would like for everyone to praise him constantly, to perform in front of large groups of people, to showcase his skills and talent to the world. He’s got the charm to conquer the world, and his aptitudes go beyond what mere individuals can achieve.

Unfortunately, in his search for attention and praise, he forgets to pay attention to the needs and wants of his close ones, particularly those of his partner. He may be incredibly sexy and devilishly attractive, but this doesn’t mean he can just do what he pleases.

The Mars in Leo man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Creative and ingenious;
  • Negatives: Obstinate and boastful;
  • Soulmate: Someone who has a kind and spirited personality;
  • Life lesson: Don’t forget to praise others’ efforts too.

He wants to be noticed by everyone

This man is very confident in his own abilities and his behavior reflects this most thoroughly. It’s like nothing can stand in his way, not even the sturdiest of obstacles and the mightiest of enemies.

Like the world was his playground, he takes what he wants, when he wants it, without asking for anyone’s permission. This is what it means to be a Mars in Leo man.

He can be very egocentric and narcissistic, and they will never openly admit to a mistake, even if it’s clear one was made.

Generally kind and generous, he still wants to be admired for his humanitarian tendencies, so he helps out anyone when he gets the chance.

Because he wants to be noticed by everyone else, he also dresses the part, with bright colors and as outgoing as possible.

If you want to have a happy relationship with such a man, you’d better make sure that you have all your attention focused on him.

Never forget to praise his efforts, to show your maximum appreciation for all that he’s doing, and most importantly, don’t issue a challenge that you can’t take to an end.

He is a very prideful and self-centered person, so he won’t back off from a conflict that involves his own principles.

The man born with Mars in Leo wants you to see him as the dominant and confident man that he is, the husband that you always wanted but never found, the perfect partner that will fulfill all your dreams.

Romantically, they will want to attract the attention of their prey as soon as possible, and in the most obvious of ways.

So, expect someone coming to your window tonight, singing at the top of his longs, confessing his love, or sending you a love poem with a fragrance of your favorite perfume.

He is creative, inventive, and he wants you to know that he doesn’t do things half-way, only the most eccentric and evident shows of love. You’ve got to remember them for a lifetime, and this is exactly what they want, to be unique amongst crowds of copy-cats.

However, things don’t always go as planned, and they sometimes get rejected right in the middle of things, when they were preparing to start their confession.

This hurts them deeply because they’ve spent so much time and put in so much heart, that it’s hard to just give up.

Even worse, they’ve been embarrassed and made fun off in the harshest of ways. In order to avoid this, they should try to change their perspective, think about what the other would actually like, instead of trying to put their ego forward.

His aims in love are pretty high up

From a very young age, people will take notice of his impulsive and stubborn attitude, of the dominative and egocentric demeanor.

Many will find him annoying and a pain in the rear, especially his parents, but he’s going to grow up eventually, a man of his own caliber.

Also, he might be perceived as the stereotypical Don Juan, the individual who is always surrounded by many women, the one in charge, the leader.

He should start even from the beginning to think about his potential, his abilities, his proclivities, in order to have a heads-up later in life.

His aims are pretty high up, and he doesn’t seem to need anyone’s help, which is always a good sign of independence.

Socially, he’s the very definition of enthusiasm and agitation. He’s moving from group to group, talking about what he can do, about his success, bragging that he’s just completed a triathlon and many other things that attract attention.

He can really talk, that much is obvious. He can’t refrain from telling the truth and getting angry about things that annoy him. Moreover, from a sexual point of view, he can be different from situation to situation, depending on the partner.

However, in general, he wants to have fun, to feel life is worth living just by having sex, to rejoice in the symphony of the flesh, donning the dominator’s mask, of course. He wants to know that his partner is satisfied though, and this is always a good thing.

He finds it quite difficult and confusing to find the right woman because it seems that no one can resist in front of his raw energy and dominative personality.

It’s not a problem of attractiveness or sexual appeal, as there are a lot of women crowding to have a piece of him, but none are compatible with him.

His ideal partner should be very good-looking, sexy, lascivious, with a foxy and spirited personality, someone who would listen to him and never disobey.

Unfortunately, those who would accept to have a life with him are the stubborn type who have a good idea about who they are.

In conclusion

Basically, the Mars in Leo man is a terrifying combination of cheerfulness, independence, dominative drive, utmost confidence, freedom-lover, action-oriented tendencies, and one hell of a creative personality.

What comes out is the true king of the jungle, a ferocious individual whom no one can resist. He’s independent and has great plans for the future, most of them being so big that he won’t let anyone get a glimpse of them or even participate in their materialization.

Once he realizes that he’s deep in love, he’ll become a very devoted partner, a problem-solver, and a very affectionate lover who takes care to pamper his soul mate just like she deserves. One thing to remember – don’t ever lie to him. That is the first and final straw for him.

Sexually, he will want to take you through a series of feelings the likes of which no one has ever experienced thus far.

Bliss, sublime fulfillment, ultimate happiness, he wants his partner to feel all of these, but he also expects the same in return. Moreover, he’s one of the most serious and stubborn individuals out there.

If he’s sure about something, if he has an idea that he knows it’s true, you won’t ever manage to make him retreat, even with threats and violence.

He defends his claims with stoicism, masculinity, a firmness of being that he also shows in day-to-day life, as an unconscious impression that he makes on all others.

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Written by Denise

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