The Mars in Aquarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She loves to intitiate some kind of change in many social and personal contexts and has to often battle opposition.

Mars in Aquarius woman

The Mars in Aquarius woman is an unconventional and standoffish individual no matter where she goes. Her unorthodox tastes and preferences are based on her rejection of traditions, of societally imposed regulations.

She just can’t understand the expression “it is how it is”. No, it’s not. That’s irrational and lacking in any substance and personality. She doesn’t want to subdue yourself to these commands when she can think for yourself and make her own choices.

The Mars in Aquarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Principled and caring;
  • Negatives: Despodent and indecisive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who gives her the chance to build a home life;
  • Life lesson: To become better by taking on board feedback.

Freedom and independence are her main principles

She manages just fine to detach herself from what others believe it’s normal and imperious.

No matter the situation, she tries to analyze her surroundings with an objective mindset, and look at it from all directions, with no bias or presuppositions.

She knows exactly who she is and what she wants from life. This is not only an attractive trait for a man, but she ultimately succeeds in building up her confidence and personality.

With time, she will only get better and better, only to leave the competition far behind her.

Even more, she makes no difference between men and women as far as societal expectations go. She will not only believe that equality is much more important in any case, but she will act in such a way to promote this mindset.

She has no problems playing the housewife or going to work and building something if she has the know-how and time. She doesn’t want someone to find her and lead her through life by the hand. She can do that by herself just fine.

Freedom and independence are her main principles that she wants to uphold, and her ideal partner would not only understand that, but he would also encourage her to be that way.

She is basically the one who initiates the change in any social context, the spark that brings about the revolution.

The way she brings everyone up to speed with her innovative ideas and actually gets them to support it, it’s mind-numbing. Her relationships are all based on a simple concept – mutual interests and similar principles.

Her partner should have the same virtues and values, look at the world in a similar way. Otherwise, she’s not asking for much, just stability, security, love and affection, and her intimate expectations are rather low.

She prefers a good discussion about the problems the world currently faces instead.

Whenever they find it impossible to avoid entering a conflict with someone, they will go ahead and protect their arguments with the ferocity of a cornered wolf.

Physical violence is not their cup of tea, but verbal takedowns are, and the women born with Mars in Aquarius are extremely precise and acidic with their words.

Moreover, she’s very arrogant in general, considering that she’s right even when it’s obviously not true. Usually, they see themselves as the smartest person in the room, even with their partner.

As such, prepare yourself for some long instructions and tutorials about how to tie your shoelaces and wash the carpet, and these are just the basic topics.

The Mars in Aquarius woman was born to lead humanity to usher in a new age, to achieve great things, get through revolutions and capitalize on some ground-breaking ideas.

She would rather just offer those successful clues and pathways to success, rather than put in the effort to get there in the first place. She is an intellectual, the puppeteer behind the curtain, the brain behind all the brawns.

This is also why her biggest fear and the one thing she hates the most is having to work alongside lazy and incapable people. She wants to achieve the best results, but she can’t do that by herself. She needs work-force.

In opposition, she’s surrounded by like-minded people, the creative type who don’t frown upon unusual and unorthodox ideas, she will bloom and achieve her greatest potential.

Just like Icarus, she will fly high above the rest of the rabble, toward her final objectives, a path of self-development and intellectual ascension.

Given her dual nature, one of order and one of disorder or chaos, she will try to balance things out, keep it all neat and tight. She might also be quite stubborn and fixated on her end-goal, which is always an advantage.

Not very emotional

Regarding her love life, the Mars in Aquarius woman wants to be free to choose how she wants to proceed and to stop whenever she wants to.

Independence, free-will, experimentation and an open-minded approach toward sex, this is what she’s looking for in a partner.

Moreover, she’s bound to create rational and logical rules in this case, and for her, sex is not just a biological process, rather than a piece of a grander puzzle.

This woman believes it’s all done to mean something, a part of a system, entertaining hopes, expectations, certain ideas.

She prefers not to involve any exaggerated emotions and feelings into sex, and would rather do it casually, with a newcomer or even with a friend, rather than out of passion and intensity, only to risk her partner to become jealous and possessive.

She can be very affectionate and loving in a relationship, so don’t even think otherwise, but they wary of going too deep into the emotional frenzy.

Attracted by …

The unconventional and the rebellious are what the Mars in Aquarius woman is looking for. Only men with a bright and expansive mind, those who don’t look on the world from a biased perspective, will attract her attention.

She wants her man to have his own plans and goals, ones that don’t automatically involve her as well or are based on her perspective. Independence and a free-flowing mind are the top two characteristics of her ideal partner.

She wants him to be observant, analytic, but also cool and steady, firm in the face of danger and challenge.

If he loves setting his own routine and never getting out of his comfort zone, then that’s pretty much a passion-killer for her. Nothing is more boring and tedious than a man who never does anything new with his life.

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Written by Denise

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