The Mars in Aquarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

He can quickly master any activity he gets involved in because he has a knack for organizing and coordinating.

Mars in Aquarius man

The Mars in Aquarius man is cool, with a calm attitude, and a seemingly disinterested personality. He does things on his own account in a restrained and step-by-step manner.

He’s a people person, but he doesn’t get all cozy with just about anyone, and only his most trusted friends actually know something more about him.

The Mars in Aquarius man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Wise and intellectual;
  • Negatives: Moody and ineficient;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is simply like-minded;
  • Life lesson: Acknowledging that support must also be earned.

This man can detach himself emotionally from any situation, and this is both a good thing and a bad thing in his case.

A man with a witty approach

These natives are unorthodox, unpredictable, and they prefer doing things their own way. Who cares if their way is weird or quirky? They don’t!

Their personal rhythm is anything but ordinary and traditional. Instead, they draw their inspiration from the weirdest of places, taking what’s new, interesting, and intriguing, and turning them into a personal style.

They are very confusing because they should look manly, serious, aggressive even, but they are often weirdly dressed.

However, their actions say otherwise. Determined and firm, with an intelligent and witty approach, the Mars in Aquarius men are game-changers through the new methods they bring in.

He can quickly become the mastermind of a group project, either coordinating whole teams of people toward a singular goal or bringing in fresh ideas to increase efficiency and productivity.

There is a catch, though, in that they can’t stand any opposition. For example, let’s say that there is a task that the majority of people have trouble dealing with and he comes up with an idea to use a shortcut.

He’s quite sure that no one else could have thought of that, and he won’t take no for an answer. A good cause deserves someone with the ability to follow it, and the man born with Mars in Aquarius is one such individual.

He’s a sportsman, a real competitive bloke who takes these events or friendly competitions very personally and he often gets angry when the referee is unjust, favors one side, or if he loses.

Moreover, he may get the idea that some rules or basic principles of a game are stupid, inefficient, and they need replacing. Who better to do that than little old him?

If changing them is not an option, no problem, he’ll just try to avoid them, in the meantime getting into a conflict with those that oversee the game.

The thing is, he believes nothing can hold him against his will, and that he has the right to go against anything, to change the world as he sees fit without anyone interfering.

In his personal life, the Mars in Aquarius man acts with the best of intentions, only that he has the same expectations as his partner.

If he puts in a lot of effort and spends his whole day trying to solve her problem, he expects the same commitment from her.

Also, it’s not that he does it with that express purpose, but rather that he is devoted and passionate himself. He doesn’t do anything just for conquering someone. That would be dull and uncharacteristic of him.

He can get very annoyed and irritated with how the world seems to deliberately work backward, in an illogical and inefficient way, so unlike himself.

He can even get violent, verbally though, when he’s confronted with idiotic ideas and rules that they don’t understand. Society is filled with all these cliques and groups of people that work against it, and they need to be eliminated, is what he thinks.

His fool-proof plans

He has trouble getting along with people who don’t share his views, and especially those of an opposite mentality.

This is basically about what you think the world should be like, and what it is actually. If you have a biased and ignorant viewpoint, the Mars in Aquarius man will avoid you.

Like-minded people gather together, and this is how all his friends are trustworthy and very close to each other.

In spite of being emotionally unavailable and quite cold on some occasions where empathy would have been the right way to go, he is also very creative and inventive.

At work, there is nothing that he cannot solve through a witty idea or a fool-proof plan that involves some unorthodox principles.

However, he prefers working in a team, rather than as a leader, and this means that he will often become disinterested and leave the work unfinished.

Even though they may want to create the impression that they are fun and entertaining, more often than not, this is only a façade, a poorly devised mask that eventually falls of.

What comes out is a detached, cold, and restrained individual who prefers doing his own thing and not get involved in the business of others.

He doesn’t like to get out of his way in trying to impress a woman, and if she is controlling on top of it, besides being sassy, he will get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

Freedom is the name of the game here, both in his personal and intimate life. He likes a woman who’s knowledgeable and cultivated, open-minded and tolerant.

In conclusion

The Mars in Aquarius man is an entrepreneur, one that uses fast-paced and action-oriented techniques to achieve his goals.

With his intelligent and unemotional approach, he can patiently for the right opportunities and attack them as they come. No obstacle is sturdy enough to stand in his way, nor is any enemy dangerous enough to make him fall back.

Consequently, he detests having to listen to someone’s orders. Most of the time, the commands are pure idiocy, ramblings of a madman, and they don’t see the reason that they should listen to it.

Moreover, his innovative and revolutionary ideas might even have an effect on a global scale, bringing on a new age of technological or scientific breakthroughs.

He will follow his own principles and go along with his plans in spite of everyone’s disapproval. Impulsivity and spontaneity might create some problems, but there is enough ambition there to last for ages.

Also, romantically, he values freedom, equality, mutual respect, and the constant development of man and woman in a relationship. He will try to destroy old and antiquated beliefs, replace them with modern ones. Intimately, he likes to experiment and discover the true meaning of pleasure.

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Written by Denise

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