The Leo-Virgo Cusp: Key Personality Traits

People born on the Leo-Virgo cusp, between the 19th and 25th of August, are able to handle graciously all sort of situations and their close ones can rely on their advice.

Leo-Virgo Cusp

The Leo-Virgo cusp is one of the most ambitious and relentless astrological combinations out there. In fact, these natives are extremely determined to achieve their goals, so much in fact that they won’t stop until they have a safe foothold until there is 100% certainty of success.

Hardworking and persevering, these people are passionate about their interests and confident in their abilities. The unfortunate thing is that both the Leo and the Virgo are innate perfectionists who want to reach the best result with minimum effort, with everything in perfect order.

The Leo-Virgo cusp in summary:

  • Strengths: Persevering, versatile and loyal;
  • Weaknesses: Aloof and uncooperative;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is respectful of one’s sensitivities;
  • Life lesson: To stop being afraid to open up about emotions.

All their goals and plans will be detailed minutely

People born during the period between the 19th and 25th of August and placed on the Leo-Virgo cusp, are individuals of rare visionary perspective and commanding ability. Theirs is the whole world for the taking.

The main influencers here are the Sun and Mercury, both pushing these natives to overcome their boundaries, to think harder than ever before, and to process the tiniest details.

Both passionate and systematic when the moment calls for action, the Leo-Virgo cusp people are really versatile and aim toward the greatest success, putting in every effort.

Just think about the mythological implications here. Mercury used to be known as the rightful messenger of the gods, swift and precise, analytic and responsible for communicating any important news.

The Sun, on the other hand, was the quintessence of the whole world, the point of beginning and end, thus these natives’ need to be in the spotlight and to have fun all day long.

Not only are they imaginative and creative, but also generous, altruistic and thoughtful of others as well.

No one can beat them at the social games where they dance all night long, revelling in the debauchery, daringly putting themselves out there.

This is one of the reasons people will try to charm and make a good impression on them because they are so attractive.

There’s a fine line between attractive intelligence, of the kind that you admire and look up to, and the irritating, snobbish air of superiority that some people have.

They have to be careful not get there or otherwise all their painstaking efforts will go to vain, losing all the friends and relationships they’ve built thus far.

All their goals and plans will be detailed minutely, systematically arranged, and even when problems appear, the Leo-Virgo cusp natives will resolve everything with calm and focus.

More importantly, these people need to learn the true meaning of humbleness, generosity, and understanding.

All their friends know that they can rely on their advice and boundless sets of skills to overcome certain issues and problems.

It’s their wits and ability to handle all manner of situations that put them in the center of their social circle. Also, they can keep a secret so people trust them even more.

Personally, these people are visionary, dreamy, filled with great ambitions and a self-perfecting personality that will take them to the peaks of success.

The only problem is that they have high expectations from those around them, and the tendency to criticize when things aren’t done their way. Patience, tolerance and a teamwork spirit are needed in order to put things in perfect order.

If they could only open up a little more to others, to reveal their feelings and avoid closing up their emotions away from prying eyes. This is killing them slowly, all the secrets and hidden thoughts, taking away from the joy and enthusiasm, and instead of lifting up a wall of fakery and pretense.

Besides being overly rational and logical, they also tend to over-react to a lot of situations, see the dark side of things. However, this cusp can prosper greatly if only these natives would combine Leo’s outbursts of energy with the Virgo’s thoughtful and perfectionist nature.

Quite indecisive romantically

The Leo-Virgo cusp lovers are extremely good at acting, at putting together a show or a performance for the public, flaunting their abilities with a charm unseen before.

No one can overcome their sheer capacity for analysis and observations, and the thing is, they are constantly getting better and better, polishing their skills through introspection.

The other part of the coin is the outgoing and sociable one, where these natives enjoy meeting new people, forming connections, having fun and engaging in interesting activities.

Romantically, they are uncertain and unsure of their own desires because of this duality, but when love hits, it clears all the fog away.

Their partners will never know what hit them, what sort of luck or heavenly force is shining down upon them. Why is that? Simple, because the Leo-Virgo cusp natives are one of the most affectionate and thoughtful lovers out there.

They will surprise and make their partners feel like the most special individuals in the whole world, nothing less. When they commit, these people take it as a personal vow, a chance at a new life that they must work hard to nourish.

Once they trust someone, these natives will be loyal to the end. The Leo-Virgo cusp people will know how to show their love and affection to those they love, without going in the opposite direction with coldness, indifference, or the other way with possessiveness and jealousy.

They will prefer to show their feelings through actions rather than words, and this is how all their partners become deeply embroiled in their profound emotions.

Be subtle and act undercover though because they don’t like being controlled and told what to do.

Those who are most in-synch with them belong to Fire signs and Earth signs. The former will learn to love and live for the energy and impetuousness of these lovers, how determined and dynamic they are.

The Earth signs, on the other hand, will appreciate and respect their ambitious and visionary personality, that drive to achieve success no matter what stands in the way.

Being a provider will certainly turn out to be one of the most respected and admired qualities that they have. It’s not easy to love such a complex and profound character, but where there are problems and difficulties, there are double the advantages and rewards waiting to be discovered.

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