The Kind Cancer-Leo Cusp Man: His Characteristics Revealed

The Cancer-Leo cusp man is not afraid to take matters into his hands and seems to be very generous with his time when it comes to helping others.

Cancer-Leo Cusp Man

The Cancer-Leo cusp natives are shapeshifters, really, in that they change their attitude from one situation to another. On the one hand, they can be patient and emotional, behaving in an understanding and sensitive way, courtesy of their Cancerian upbringing.

But they can also be prideful and self-centered due to their Leo legacy. The real challenge here is finding a way to combine these two opposite energies, creating a union between them so that they complement each other perfectly. Self-control and discipline are necessary.

The Cancer-Leo cusp man in a nutshell:

  • Born between: 19th and 25th of July;
  • Strengths: Versatile, efficient and intuitive;
  • Weaknesses: Controlling and vain;
  • Life lesson: Becoming more in tune with one’s emotions during changes in life.

He is an opportunity seeker

The Cancer-Leo cusp man is responsible and knows how to deal with most situations in a patient and collected way. He never loses his cool even when confronted with dangerous issues.

It can be said that he has his life worked out for some time now, looking at how efficient and versatile he is. Everyone is looking for a leader, a person that can dictate the state of things and watch over the comings and goings of things.

Most people are like this, unwilling to take matters into their own hands, and as embarrassing it is to admit, they need a person like him. However, it’s not like he’s a leader in the formal meaning. He can also be a trend-setter, a pioneer, the guy who initiates the rising of something new.

This cusp is one of many changes and transformations, and it correlates directly to one’s beginning, the start of a journey through life.

Usually, these men make their plans ever since they are young, preparing for the future, thinking ahead of time to take all the opportunities to the top of the social ladder.

In general, Cancer-Leo cusp men are pretty understanding and kind to other people, if you talk to them during one of their good moods. If not, then prepare to be annoyed and given a headache. Masculinity is innate to them, and thus they won’t back off no matter what.

The problem is they are rarely willing to take the time to observe and gather enough intelligence before taking a decision. They use their intuition and instincts most of the time, ignoring the facts or the most educated probabilities.

This is why a lot of their decisions end up being wrong, a total fiasco. They are in a hurry to complete their tasks and make a good impression on other people, but they forget what’s most important. At the very least, the Cancer-Leo cusp men have a firm determination that supports their goals.

Even more than that, they are certain that some things will just come to them, and they can visualize their goals with high efficiency.

This is what’s called a visionary perspective, the insight to make decisions based on probable outcomes and prospects.

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