The Goat Chinese Zodiac Child: Charming and Intelligent

This child is highly intelligent and use his or her charm to draw people in.

Chinese Goat Child

Goat children can charm anyone and are the favorites of adults. At the same time, they tend to be fearful and to worry too much.

When angered, they become aggressive and very cruel, not to mention they’d resort to anything to achieve the results they’re aiming for.

The Goat Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Goat children are naturally intuitive and let this guide them, whether it is with their own path or when helping others.
  • The boy: Devoted and loving, this boy can fall short when it comes to drive, so he may be a late bloomer in life.
  • The girl: Without the correct guidance, she can become self-indulgent, but she will always be loving towards her parents.
  • Advice for Parents: Goat children are fearful of failure, and need reassurance from their parents throughout their young journeys.

They’re also sober and have a very clever mind, but when it comes to avoiding difficulties, they let only their intuition guide them. Having very refined tastes, they like reading good books and helping their parents decorate. When involved in a conversation, they’re able to immediately guess the mood of their converser.

Enthusiastic to give a helping hand, they can be counted in with anything. Their advice is valuable and they’re very clear when giving instructions. They prefer being close to strong people because this makes them feel safe and protected.

Goat Baby Girl

Very sweet and innocent, the Goat baby girl likes being pampered and doesn’t mind when others patronize her. Their parents should buy her everything she wants because when she’s being offered gifts, she feels the most loved.

If she’s allowed to indulge in her weaknesses, she’ll grow to be a selfish and indifferent adult. This is why she should be educated the best way, being told what to do, all without adoring her blindly. Since she loves her parents very much, she tends to spend a lot of time with them and to be loving.

Goat Baby Boy

The Goat little boy is devoted and cares a lot about his loved ones. He’s also empathetic and always ready to give a hand when others need him. It’s rare to find a more intelligent and ambitious boy than him, but he has a problem making decisions, which means he goes with the crowds most of the time.

Not at all liking noise, he engages in quiet activities and likes games that don’t require him to be very active. Solving puzzles and having interesting discussions are his favorite activities.

Because his will is not strong, he doesn’t usually achieve a high position in society as an adult, no to mention it takes him a while to become successful in his career.

Goat Child Personality

Goat children are quiet and reserved. They prefer their life to be simple and don’t make all kinds of bold plans. Their environment and the element of their birth year influence them greatly.

If they have loving parents who love to educate them, they’re the most fertile material anyone could ever come across. This is because they’re open to the new and don’t mind having to face any challenge when supported by the adults in their life.

They’re sociable and love spending time with their friends. However, they’re also unforgiving with rude and nasty people. When confronting mean kids, they cry a little and after they’re ready again for a new adventure.

It’s unlikely for them to be the leaders in their group of friends. When it comes to the money they’re receiving, they don’t know to manage it at all. For this reason, they may never have a job in the commercial sector as adults.

On the other hand, they’re the best artists. Efficient when working in teams and with people, they can become great lawyers, doctors and psychologists. They’re very attached to their home and usually invite their friends over.

While they don’t get bored when having to spend time alone, they still prefer the company of others. What they want the most is to feel comfortable and cozy, also to own expensive toys and things.

In case they feel that they would benefit from a change in their beliefs, they don’t hesitate to implement it. Kind and responsive, they’re also very secretive.

Some of them are so attached to their family that they take a lot of time until getting married and having children of their own. Goat children would do anything to keep their closest ones happy.

There’s no one more generous and caring than them, especially if they happen to be asked for help. Because they’re very sensitive to beauty in all its forms, they’re the most creative artists out there.

Goat Baby Health

In spite of seeming fragile on the outside, Goat children are very healthy. Because they want to be in the center of attention, it’s not unlikely for them to fake illness. They cry and complain, so it can be difficult to determine when their problems are serious or real.

It’s not necessary to take them to a doctor all the time. They just need to be taught how to have a healthy lifestyle and be told that this will keep them as strong as a mule.

Their parents shouldn’t feel sorry for them when they’re making physical efforts because they need to challenge their body and to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Because they have the tendency to get sad and just meditate when this happens, they’re prone to gastrointestinal problems. Also, since they like to read and to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, they may develop eyesight issues.

Hobbies of Goat Children

It’s unlikely for Goat children to ever complicate their life and to be noisy. Instead, they prefer doing something creative like drawing and writing.

Not having enough patience, their projects usually remain unfinished. Little Goat girls love to knit and boys to make things out of wood or cardboard. Regardless if boys or girls, they love to help their parents decorate and to be surrounded by the most beautiful things.

When it comes to sports, they don’t often achieve the best results. As a matter of fact, they have a tendency to avoid physical activities altogether, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken to tennis, riding or karate clubs.

At the same time, they’re suited for football, volleyball and basketball because they love being in a team. While training can make them feel very good, they would never participate to competitions in sports.

Making Friends

Both Goat boys and girls ae mothering and tend to smother their loved ones with their emotions. For as long as they feel adored and appreciated by their parents, they’re the most nurturing creatures on Earth.

They want to be next to the strongest people they know, so Horses, Pigs and Tigers may be the heroes they so much need. At the same time, the expressive and artistic Rabbits give them more self-confidence.

Goat children can’t be best friends with Rats because the latter will think they’re too self-indulgent, whereas the generous Dogs would grow to be tired with their indecisiveness. Goat children can also never understand their overly disciplined Ox friends.


Very intelligent and creative, Goat children still have a problem functioning at their best when under pressure. In case they happen to be in a competitive learning environment and others have too high expectations for them, they become too sensitive to criticism and jokes made at their expense, not to mention they want to escape the situation no matter what.

They should be provided a calm and soothing environment because this is the only way for them to excel. If they don’t feel good at school, they may start lying and pretend being sick just to not go there.

How to Raise Your Goat Kid

Goat children need to be controlled by their parents from a very young age. They don’t mind being patronizing and overly affectionate gestures of love to be given to them by adults.

When older, they may not want advice as much, but their constant need for money would not stop. In case the adults in their life are indifferent to their problems, they can become lost and confused.

It’s very important for them to have emotional balance, so they will look for it wherever they can. Their room has to be uncluttered and spacious, also decorated with high-quality things.

They shouldn’t be forced to follow a routine. When criticized, they feel very hurt. At the same time, their parents shouldn’t try to make them tougher because they would only waste their time.

When it comes to punctuality, they’re always late. In case there’s an emergency in their life as children, like for example they don’t know how to do their homework, they need their parents more than anything else.

Because they daydream a lot, they obviously don’t pay too much attention in class. It would be a good idea for them to be matched with more responsible children.

Not at all self-confident and internally tense, Goat children always worry that they may fail, so their parents should calm and cheer them up. However, this doesn’t mean they should stop encouraging them to be more decisive because if this would happen, they would no longer be able to stand for themselves and have fears every step of the way.

Goat children need to be advised and reassured they’re good. It wouldn’t be a good idea to let them stand for themselves because they very much need their parents’ support.

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