The Dog Chinese Zodiac Child: Sensible and Loyal

This child is very dependable and values honesty to the highest degree.

Chinese Dog Child

Children born in the year of the Dog are wise leaders and very trustworthy, not to mention always ready to give a hand to those who need them. Their ideas about the world are very clear, so they see everything in black and white.

They’re always ready to stand by their own opinions, even if this has them making sacrifices. Their parents should be honest with them because they can accept anything and can’t stand being lied to.

The Dog Baby in a Nutshell

  • Personality: Sensible and loyal, these kids can be depended on, all they ask in return is to be loved.
  • The Boy: Possessing maturity beyond his years, he doesn’t always gel well with others in his age range.
  • The Girl: This girl is so honest, she can find herself being taken advantage of by others.
  • Advice for Parents: Dog children are amongst the easiest to raise, all parents need to do it befriend them and acknowledge their achievements.

When doing something stupid, these kids immediately confess and don’t try to make excuses. All this means they’re very serious and can make their parents proud of them.

Sometimes more responsible than adults, they can be trusted to take good care of their siblings. Besides, they love giving their mother a hand with the household tasks, just because they enjoy it, not because they want to be praised.

Dog children are modest and never pretentious. They don’t ask to be treated differently or to be bought expensive toys. What they want the most is to be sincerely loved.

Dog Baby Girl

The Dog little girl is serious and very smart. She doesn’t like talking too much, neither spending too much time choosing her outfits. She rarely feels deprived of what she wants because she doesn’t need much, not even to be complimented.

Kind and docile, she can be trusted by her mother to be a helping hand. With her friends, she’s the one who always listens first. At the same time, she doesn’t mind making concessions, which means she’s very unselfish. However, she may be taken for granted by meaner kids, which is not at all a good thing for her.

Dog Baby Boy

The Dog boy is mature beyond his years, so much so that you could see him as a small man even at a very young age. He’s calm, honest and reliable, making friends that are truthful and reliable and maintaining his relationship with them for a lifetime.

He knows how to keep a secret and doesn’t hesitate to give a hand when asked to. His father is very proud of him because he copies him in everything.

The little Dog boy loves fixing his own toys, so it would be a good idea to get him tools for his birthday. When it comes to how he’s seen by others, this is as obstinate and stiff. If having to defend his rights, he’s a fighter.

Dog Child Personality

Dog children have a very noble soul and are always worried about the wellbeing of their loved ones. They’re also tactful and don’t want to hurt anyone with their words.

However, their personality can also be contradictory because on one hand, they’re calm and friendly, and on the other, quick tempered and selfish. However, what predominates in their personality depends a lot on the element of their birth year.

Even from birth, they’re receptive to the emotions of others. The more they age, the more restrained they become. It’s unlikely for them to express how they’re really feeling.

While they deserve to be leaders because they’re responsible and trustworthy, they also don’t mind working from the shadows.

Modest and not at all talented at public speaking, they prefer to let others do the talking for them when it comes to matters that aren’t of high importance. This is why they’re the best assistants, engineers and doctors when adults.

They don’t have a problem facing difficulties. Their parents should appreciate them for never wanting the most expensive toys and clothes.

Tolerant and mature, they understand if the financial situation at home is difficult. As a matter of fact, they may decide to find a job as soon as legally allowed to. Dog children will always help their parents, keep family secrets protected and be honest.

They can’t stand lies and people who deceive because they’re very noble and sincere creatures. A little bit introverted, they never look to be counselled or guided through life. And they don’t need all this, seeing they’re emotionally intelligent, stable, moderate and dutiful.

Dog Baby Health

Dog children’s health depends a lot on how the people in their surroundings are feeling and their mood. This is because they’re very sensitive to negative feelings, almost to the point of becoming very sick.

Therefore, they shouldn’t be surrounded by pessimism and sadness. At the same time, they should be talked to and influenced to remain positive no matter what.

They’re sensitive to colds and at the same time, they can’t stand high temperatures. At the first sign of an illness, they should be taken to doctor, even if they’re absolutely terrified of hospitals and people dressed in white coats. The more they feel protected next to their parents, the better their health is.

Hobbies of Dog Children

Realistic and down-to-earth, Dog children don’t have the tendency to daydream. They prefer to just do the work, so they’re talented at many things, from embroidery to gardening and even carpentry.

The girls like to make clothes for their dolls, so it’s not unlikely for them to become great designers when adults. Because they love spending time next to plants and in Nature, some Dog children become the best gardeners.

All of them are very intelligent and possess an excellent memory, yet they don’t seem to have too much imagination, this being the reason why they don’t like coloring books or reading. As said before, they hate public speaking too.

Loving sports that challenge their strength, they should be taken to wrestling, gymnastics and even weightlifting. If their training is intense and they love it, they may even win big prizes at competitions.

Making Friends

Friends of Dog children should consider themselves lucky for having around such loyal and sweet individuals. Youngsters born in the year of the Dog take friendship very seriously and are the most supportive kids ever.

However, those who want to be friends with Dog children should be patient because they are known for not trusting others too easily. Children belonging to the Dog sign are very compatible with adventurous Horses and enthusiastic Tigers.

Dogs and Rabbits can keep them balanced because they’re very peaceful creatures too. Simple and unpretentious, they don’t understand the overly self-confident Dragons and their expensive tastes, whereas the lazy and unproductive Goats make them wonder how anyone could be like that.


Receptive, talented and consistent, Dog children feel at their best when in school. They love to share their knowledge and to prove, mostly to themselves, that they’re capable of achieving great results.

They do their homework on time and make sure everything is correct. For these reasons, teachers adore them, not to mention they’re very clever and ethical too.

How to Raise Your Dog Kid

It can be said the simplest children to raise are the ones born in the year of the Dog, all because they’re simple, docile and reliable. Their parents never have to take them to psychologists or to consult books in order to learn how they should be managed.

Besides, Dog youngsters have the tendency to educate themselves and to be very good at it. They’re discrete and down-to-earth, also excellent problem solvers.

What they can’t tolerate is being lied to. The adults who dare to deceive them will lose their trust and respect. Therefore, parents of Dogs should be very honest with their children. They should talk about the problems at home and rely on their little ones to be responsible in dealing with these problems.

If lied to and deceived, Dog children may want to cut off the person who did all this to them, so their tolerance to deceit shouldn’t be tested.

These youngsters will always strive to become better, especially if encouraged to be themselves. When appreciation isn’t shown for their efforts, they can become insensitive and no longer care about the advice they’re receiving from those who can’t see how wonderful they actually are.

If challenged, they have a tendency to become obstinate. If pushed too far, they may internalize their feelings and start doubting everyone they love.

Their parents should treat them as their friends. At the same time, they should trust them with everything. It’s not necessarily to praise them, more inspired to be decisive.

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