The Charming Libra-Scorpio Cusp Woman: Her Personality Uncovered

The Libra-Scorpio cusp woman has an undisputable charm and is a natural flirt but her passions in life go beyond the realm of love and into life changing endeavours.

Libra-Scorpio Cusp Woman

This Libra-Scorpio cusp woman has a very peculiar characteristic that is both a blessing and a curse. She is very critical and cuts right down to the bone with her words.

With a straightforward and blunt attitude in the face of the whole world, she will never refrain from telling you that you screwed things up big way. You can learn from constructive criticism though.

The Libra-Scorpio cusp woman in a nutshell:

  • Born between: 19th and 26th of October;
  • Strengths: Attractive, communicative and ambitious;
  • Weaknesses: Revengeful and distracted;
  • Life lesson: To show kindness through small actions.

Her mindset is that of a winner

One just needs to get over the fact that the Libra-Scorpio cusp woman is very acidic and wild. Moreover, this woman lives a double contradiction between her intellectual fervor and emotional depth, which keeps her on the edge of tension all the time, looking toward the past melancholically, but also looking forward toward the future.

Physically, she is pretty attractive and charming in her own way. Flirting comes as the only natural thing to do, and she is very good at it. It’s about her passion and intense personality that attracts everyone to her.

It’s really electrifying and magnetic. What they lack in emotional balance, the Libra-Scorpio women make up for in analytic and observant skills, which they complement with good communication skills.

Being good talkers also means that they are in the position to persuade and manipulate people very easily. Revenge is also one of the paths that she can take.

Success is only achieved through hard work, effort, ambitions, and perseverance. No amount of secrets and shortcuts can get you to the top, unless you have a ton of luck, have connections or outside help.

Personally, the Libra-Scorpio cusp natives have to take control of their lives and release all the pent-up energy, focus it on the things that matter.

Their mindset is the most important, it must be that of a winner, a warrior stepping on the field of battle with the express purpose of clearing a path toward this goal.

Moreover, they have a hard time opening up and letting other people in their lives. When they do, that tendency to criticize and be negative ruins the whole mood.

Romantically, they involve themselves emotionally, maybe a little too much at times because they have great expectations and demands that few can fulfill.

Moreover, they tend to have bad habits or to develop them over time, which they should naturally avoid. However, they are incredibly relentless and determined to get over any obstacles on the path, anything that would hurt their relationship. They can be devoted but also lazy and comfortable.

When things turn problematic, a Libra-Scorpio woman is unwilling to abandon the boat and she will fight with all her being until she either can’t do it anymore or she solves the problem.

Either it’s perfect or she won’t put in the effort. Everything has to fall in its rightful place in her perspective. She is known for her ambition and perseverance to ascend continuously, to try harder and harder until she reaches her goals.

Many things can be said about her, that she’s impulsive, bull-headed, manipulative or procrastinating, but not that she doesn’t have ambition and determination. She thrives in competitive environments more than anywhere else.

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