The Capricorn Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with a Capricorn man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

Through sex, the Capricorn man reveals all that he has to offer his partner. He views lovemaking as something that makes a man understand love better.

He doesn’t just have sex, he plans everything with precision, just like he does with other things in his life. He likes a partner who knows how to make him feel good and he would never make the first move to get someone he likes.

He isn’t the most affectionate lover, but he doesn’t mind if the woman he loves is. If you just beginning a relationship with a Capricorn man, you need to learn what arouses him.

You also have to be available for sex whenever he wants you to. Surprising him would be an advantage for you. He is very energetic in bed and he is proud of his performances.

Don’t lure the Capricorn man and after that leave him wondering. He will not accept rejection and he will become angry about it.

For him, love is something as vital as breathing and eating. He wants the perfect woman for him and he won’t stop looking. This guy sees beyond a woman’s character and habits.

He sees the sexuality in her. He himself has an accentuated sexuality. He’s capricious and he often likes women who are younger.

Ready for a wild ride?

He is the kind of man who is capable of maintaining the pleasure of the partner for a long time. He will pull out just before you orgasm. He will perform oral and restrain himself from his own pleasure until you are completely satisfied.

He sees sex as something that releases the tension and he performs it like he performs a ritual. The Capricorn man won’t be upset with you if you need to get out of the bedroom for a moment when you’re having sex.

He’ll continue alone until you get back. He needs to make love in a comfortable bed. If you can create a romantic atmosphere for both of you, the better.

Don’t tell him what to do in bed. He’s more the relaxed type. His pride is in satisfying you first, and he won’t give up until he has managed to do it.

If you let him know how pleasurable it felt to be with him for a night, he will be encouraged and he’ll perform better. Your Capricorn lover will love dancing with you while taking your clothes off. If you are much shorter than him, catch on to his waist with your legs.

He also likes it when the partner plays with her nipple around his top of the penis. As said before, he has a sexual energy and endurance that no other signs have.

Another thing he may enjoy in bed is a penis ring for longer-lasting erections. Because he’s shy and prude as an adolescent, the Capricorn man may be prone to masturbation.

That’s why he isn’t that eager to share his life with someone just to have sex. He could also be into perversions as he tends to be violent when he faces resistance in life.

A passionate man, the Capricorn won’t put up with prudes and stiff ladies. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand if a woman doesn’t sleep with him from the first date.

But he needs solid reasons to understand why. If you are preparing to go out with a man in Capricorn, make sure you are not lying to him. He would immediately realize you are being dishonest and everything you already have with him would be over.

If you already have a Capricorn man in your bed, reassure him that you love him very much. He likes people who are attached to him.

If he trusts you are telling him the truth about all the love that you have for him, he will forever be devoted to you. And he’s one of the most faithful signs in the zodiac. He simply doesn’t understand why people are cheating on each other. What could sound better than that?

Sexual practicalities

The Capricorn man is not quite the party person. He prefers a night at home, with friends. Life with him is fun and enjoyable.

He likes to have sex often and the older he gets the more interesting lovemaking with him becomes. He will never be boring in bed.

No matter how old, he will still try to get ladies to have sex with him. After all, technique gets better with age. However, he won’t stay around a woman who satisfies him only sexually.

He needs a lady who is also social, a good housewife and a devoted companion. The Capricorn man is a good provider who will make money and spend them with prudence. He doesn’t usually compromise when he is contradicting with someone and he wants things to always be his way.

While he seems cool and distant on the outside, inside he’s a volcano ready to erupt. When he puts his mind to something, his determination to achieve that something is admirable. This is how he succeeds in life, with hard work and determination.

The man in Capricorn is a very good manager who’s ready for new beginnings when something knocks him out. He rewards people that help him and people consider him to be a very good friend.

More than any other sign in the zodiac, Capricorn is the most likely to marry for the money. The man in this sign is very pragmatic and doesn’t understand why love shouldn’t happen out of interest.

He will marry someone rich, or someone who has at least as much money as him. After all, love goes through the belly and everyone needs to be sure of a steady financial income.

On the other hand, his practicality is put aside by his senses. He is sure the most beautiful love can be attained only through physicality.

If he’s with someone emotional, he’ll be less of a giver and more of a taker. The Capricorn man won’t try to be charming. Or he won’t struggle for people to like him. What you see it’s what you get with this guy. He doesn’t believe in kindness in love.

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