The Aries Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Aries woman as revealed by sexual astrology

Sensual, passionate and independent, the Aries woman is also enthusiastic and fun. She looks good and she is very sexy. And she knows all this. A natural born leader, the Aries woman will always be in control in bed.

She has a high libido, so if you are shy and you don’t have enough sexual energy, you’d better stay away from this lady.

Experienced too, the Aries woman is never reluctant to trying new things in between the sheets. It is a pleasure to leave the woman in this sign lead in bed.

She will always offer satisfaction and she will ask you to do it everywhere as her sexual drive is strong. When they are involved in a serious relationship, Aries women grow to be very attached to the partner, and they become possessive.

She needs to take the lead in bed

With a sexuality that is expressed through every pore in her body, the Aries woman knows all the seduction techniques and wants sex at any time of the day. She controls her partner with sex and she demands a lot of attention.

Because she can be so seductive and erotically charged, the Aries woman will be very good at bringing her partner to climax. Many astrological studies and materials call this lady a sex goddess and a master of seduction.

Enthusiastic and boasting energy, she will do anything for her partner to say he is very happy with his sex life near her.

She will buy all kind of toys and sexy lingerie to arouse and make life in the bedroom more interesting and fun. She knows how to make men get excited about sex with her.

She has the words, the touch, and the magnetism. When in a room full of people, she will have all the opposite sex’s eyes on her. And all this comes to her naturally. She doesn’t need to learn some special techniques or to change her ways in order to be like this.

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So don’t hesitate to tell her she’s beautiful and that she always knows how to make you feel good. You must be one lucky guy if you get to enjoy her, anyway. No one would be able to offer you more sensual pleasures and fun.

Let your Aries lady decide what you should do next between the sheets. She has an amazing drive for doing new things and she is full of ideas. She won’t shy away from telling you what she desires and she won’t rest until she gets things done her way.

You’ll also have to be a little bit dominating yourself. She likes powerful males, not afraid of her. She will work to make you the perfect lover for her and you’ll need to grant her wishes if you want to keep her forever.

The sexual energy of an Aries woman can’t be compared to the one of another sign. Refrain yourself from having an orgasm until she gets to hers and you will be sure to last as a couple for a long time. She is a little bit egoistic, but she doesn’t like it when her partner is like this.

Be ready to give her all of your attention. She expects you to belong to her and no one else, and she will tell you when she feels like she’s not being appreciated anymore.

Don’t be on the phone when with her, don’t go out with the guys until she has approved it, and don’t text your best buddy while she’s talking. She simply won’t accept you not treating her like she is the center of the universe.

Her no go’s

As said before, possessiveness is not something new to her. She also gets jealous often, so don’t pay attention to other ladies when you are somewhere with her.

Be focused on her and her only. If not, she will say something rude and maybe or maybe not, you’ll get some make-up sex.

You decide how much you want to risk with her. The way she is in life is also the way she is enamored. She doesn’t change her behavior for no one. Therefore, don’t try and impede her from being independent and free.

She is loyal and trustworthy and she expects the partner to be the same. Don’t leave her thinking that you may like someone else. She will get nasty and aggressive.

She shows she is jealous and will ask the partner for a discussion if she feels like he is flirting with someone else.

But she will make the partner’s life very hard if she’ll get jealous, so you’d better avoid all this and be a good boy. She will not accept unfaithfulness and she would be extremely hurt.

The opinions of an Aries woman have to be respected when in a relationship with her. She is strong and she will have a lot of things to say.

If her partner is more vulnerable, she’ll end up controlling him. But she will be unhappy as she wants to be with someone who is as strong as her.

She demands physicality and passion from the person she’s with, so be ready for one of the most intense relationships in your life if you are in love with her.

This woman likes to be imposing and in the meantime, she expects her partner to be the same. You’ll always have to be mannered when around her as she doesn’t like people who are rude and not polite. She sees rudeness as a weakness.

When making love, she expects you to be wild and powerful. The Aries lady likes it when the man next to her is intelligent and has a good position at work. She wouldn’t want to be wooed for too long as she finds it boring.

If you take too much time to ask her out on a first date, she may end up going with someone else. Arians are all action people, so don’t keep the woman in this sign waiting. She will not be with someone who doesn’t know how to satisfy her.

She will try to teach the partner all that he needs to know by taking the lead, but she won’t stay for too long next to someone who doesn’t get it. As long as you don’t humiliate and cause her pain, she will go with any new experience in the bedroom.

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