The Aries Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with an Aries man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

An impulsive character, the Aries man uses this trait in bed too. He doesn’t quite understand that sex is all about giving and taking, not only about taking. If someone can’t satisfy his sexual fantasies, he’ll be reticent.

If you have made him a promise to do something for him in bed, do it or he will no longer respect you. Also, if you are not in the mood to have sex with him, you’d better not go out instead.

Routine is not something the Aries native, in general, is good at. That’s why you need to keep this guy sexually entertained and have no restrictions in bed. He’s very stubborn when he likes a woman and he won’t take no for an answer.

Being a natural born leader, the Aries man will lead in bed too. You can make him suggestions, of course. But he will put them into practice only if he likes them.

He will surprise you with new ideas as he has a tendency to shock and not obey the rules. The man in Aries is an adventurer who likes to be in control.

The perfect partner will accept him taking the lead in bed. All he needs is to have you on board in this adventure. Biggest mistake is to refuse playing by the rules he proposes or to display too much shyness.

His tendencies are an acquired taste

Forever young in his heart, this man will have you in any position as long as he’s the dominant. Having a tendency to be a little bit disrespectful in bed, your Aries man may be into sadism.

If you are into pain too, then you are definitely the lady for him. He will simply adore you for liking the same things as him.

He likes taking the partner from behind. Of course, you can always try a chair or a table for this position. In the missionary he likes to kneel between your legs and lift your buttocks.

Older Aries men may be a little bit hurt they can no longer perform in bed like they used to. If you are not careful about hurting him more with your words, he may become temporarily impotent.

He could also become aggressive and go after other women. If he fails at getting these women, he will definitely have a mental breakdown.

While he’s in his prime, he has the tendency to be aggressive. He likes taking a woman before she’s ready for her to feel the mild pain. Not too delicate indeed. He also likes to bite and suck when performing oral sex.

If you want to knock him out, get some belts to allow the sadism in him to take over. He would love to spank. There are many sex toys for spanking, so get creative. He can spank pretty strong if the woman he’s with agrees with this.

Being an extremist too, the Aries man can “borrow” from other signs in the zodiac, taking what he has borrowed to the extreme. Be careful.

You should know how to be with an Aries man. In case he’s too much in bed, just pack your bags as it is not likely he’ll change.

If you like it his way, then have a good life together. You can keep him settled in 69. This is a position in which no pain can be inflicted.

Some Aries are into group sex, others are swingers. It would be normal for you to be a little bit shocked by a type of Aries, but you must understand what people do in bed is their business and their business only.

Whatever you do, don’t even suggest trying something with his behind. He would feel like his masculinity is being threatened.

He is not everyone’s match

The Aries man is explosive and dynamic in every aspect of life. He is passionate and sometimes illogical. People adore him for his energy and imagination.

You would never know where you’re going to end up when with an Aries man and it wouldn’t even matter as it will be surely exciting. He can get his partner crazy but he’s lovable and a walking aphrodisiac.

He doesn’t care about rules and he doesn’t have any kind of patience. He’s bored by the classic missionary position and he will most likely ask you to have sex in the oddest places.

If you are with a man in this sign, you’re probably already enjoying his vibrant personality and the sexual pleasures he knows to offer.

It is a well-known fact: Aries men are jealous. Your Aries guy would probably keep you locked if he could. He may be a little bit crazy in bed, but he’s loyal and he expects the same thing from his partner.

He’s jealous at anyone and he will end the relationship if cheated on. When with him, you need to be fast at taking decisions. And he usually doesn’t like to be refused or contradicted.

Not at all boring, this man will rip your clothes off and take you in the kitchen. You are sure to never forget the sexual experiences you’re having with him.

You can complement him on his lovemaking. He likes to be flattered. But be sincere as he doesn’t want to be lied to. He’s not stupid and he understands when he’s doing something wrong.

If you are a woman who would like to live a quiet, settled life, don’t even try something with the man in Aries. You two wouldn’t be a match.

But if you are someone who enjoys adventure and is full of energy, go ahead and take this man to your bed. It’s sure bigger things will happen.

The Aries man may seem arrogant and powerful on the outside, but on the inside, he’s just a child who needs someone to take care of him. If you are able to see this in him, you have all the chances at winning his heart.

As soon as you will get him, he will become a loyal, sincere and imaginative partner. His humor will conquer any woman’s heart.

He’s looking for his lover to be sexy and intelligent. You wouldn’t have to worry about too much when in a relationship with this man. He’s a good leader and provider.

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