The Aquarius Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with an Aquarius man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

The Aquarius man doesn’t see women as sexual objects unless the woman he’s with wants him to. He is curious about a lady’s personality and he likes wooing.

When he is interested in someone, he’s patient and considerate because he simply enjoys the chase. He isn’t that much interested to prolong the overture in other areas of his life, but when in love he acts a little bit differently.

People would say he’s being creative when approaching a new love, but he’s in fact analyzing the situation and determining how the future relationship would be.

There are times when the Aquarius man needs to be reminded that he has to take action with the person that he likes. In bed, he’s the same.

He prolongs the foreplay and he sometimes forgets about the climax, taking him a lot of time to make a decision about what to do next.

But if you managed to reach his most passionate side, he will be a creative and energetic lover. The Aquarius man always makes sure his partner has reached climax. If stimulated enough, he will definitely surprise you when you least expect it.

Let’s tell it as it is

Interested in women who know what they want, the Aquarius man usually remains speechless when seduced. If you add some loving and some respect to the seduction, you get an Aquarius man who’ll want to try anything in bed with you.

For the man in this sign, sex is an adventure, an opportunity to try new things. Don’t wonder what your Aquarius lover’s doing reading sex books. He likes to explore the subject and he’ll try everything in the Kama Sutra.

Don’t bore him with the same position. He likes to experiment and he’s able to make you happy with his ideas. When the sex life is boring, this guy becomes sad. He even suffers. Try and not discourage his affinity for practices that are not so “normal”.

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Being so interested in sexual experimentation, you will find many Aquarius men to be bisexual. Because he’s so erotic and so eager for long foreplays, it is possible for the man in Aquarius to suffer from impotence or delayed ejaculation.

Ready for experimentation, the Aquarius man would probably also try dangerous perversions too. Role play and dressing ups would be “normals” for him.

You’ll never see a man in this sign to be alone. Spirited and optimistic, he has many people around him. As a matter of fact, he is not at all pleased when he has no friends with whom he can spend some quality time.

If you have a problem, look for your Aquarius friend. He will surely help you resolve it as he is always in search of truth and solutions to many different issues. He will analyze the situation and try to resolve it as if it was his.

When in love, the Aquarius man becomes hesitant. If you want to date this guy you’ll have to be the one to hit on him first.

He isn’t indifferent to what you may be doing to attract him, he’s just not the one to make the first move. He strongly believes people should be friends before becoming lovers, so be his friend first. It’s not only power that drives this man, it’s also freedom and empowerment.

Professionally, he is creative and fun, but he doesn’t like to work hard. Many say the Aquarians are the rebels of the zodiac and they are right.

People in this sign don’t like being dominated and controlled. When things don’t work as they expect them to, they become emotional and retreat in their own inside world.

Everything that is sexual can be conquered with imagination

One thing’s for sure, the Aquarius man is a non-conformist. He doesn’t like traditions and he only believes in progress.

You won’t be able to keep him tied to you for too long as he can’t live without his independence and freedom. That’s why he has many friends that couldn’t actually be called best friends, but more acquaintances.

As a social being, this guy is good at making friends and he is always happy to meet other people. But the interactions will be superficial.

He gets bored of people fast, so he’ll run to the next social gathering to meet someone else. In order to capture this man’s heart, you’ll need to show him a lot of recognition and fondness. If you are true to him and you show him you are caring and loving, you’ll have some feedback.

No matter what he may be doing, the Aquarius man will always be up to new challenges. It can be said he likes competition as much as he likes wooing a lady.

Good orators, Aquarians can convince others to do almost anything they want them to do. There are many actors who are Aquarians and are known for their amazing ability to memorize their lines at unbelievable speeds.

Be happy if the Aquarius man is having an argument with you. With people he doesn’t care about, he wouldn’t even speak.

If you know someone who’s not that open to sex and sexual experiences, give her a few days in a relationship with the Aquarius man.

He will surely convince her this subject doesn’t have to be taboo and the erotic drive doesn’t need to be kept locked. However, this guy needs to be careful as well as he can waste all of his energy on masturbation and sexual fantasies.

The man in this sign believes in love and he will search for it. It’s easy for him to fall in love, but much more difficult to settle down.

People who married Aquarians probably know how lucky they are to be with someone so difficult to catch.

Logical, optimistic and nice, the Aquarius can read other people easily. He is popular and while he seems relaxed on the outside, he’s restless on the inside.

You may think that if he always wants new things and experiences, he must be unfaithful. Things aren’t at all like this. He is usually devoted and he flirts only when something intrigues him. He will always come back home, if he has the right partner to come back to.

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