The Aquarius Child: What You Must Know About This Little Trendsetter

These kids tend to be highly intelligent from an early age, with an above average comprehension of their surroundings and abundant rationality.

Aquarius child

Aquarius kids belong to the curious and broad-minded bunch and they’re bound to be little trouble makers for any parent. Aquarius is the sign for those born between the 20th of January and the 19th of February.

A child bearing this sign comes with a loaded package. They’re the embodiment of stubbornness, stamina, imagination, spontaneity and are also easily hurt from an emotional perspective. Due to their extreme and ever-changing traits, it’s rather hard to label them as either a hyper active kid or an ingenious virtuoso.

Aquarius children in a nutshell:

  • They are amazing at coming up with original ideas;
  • The challenging times will come from their sensitive and easily irritable natures;
  • The Aquarius girl has a lot of friends and is very sociable;
  • The Aquarius boy is the embodiment of stamina and energy.

The possibilities for this child’s future are limitless. It all depends on the way you raise your kid and the foundation of their character. Giving orders to an Aquarius child is a no go due to their stubbornness. You’ll get nowhere by trying to force them into anything.

The little trendsetter

Unpredictable mood swings can be somewhat of constant with children of the Aquarius sign. In order to get to a common understanding with these kids, you have to make sure you give them space and time after you explain your point.

That’s the only way they can eventually learn and understand that what they like isn’t always for the best. This child is made out of opposing extremes.

One second everything is peaceful and quiet, the next one, all hell breaks loose. They tend to be highly intelligent children with an above average comprehension of their surroundings and abundant rationality.

Aquarian children are visionaries and idealists that always try to reach the fantastic goals they set for themselves. Their compassion and empathy know no bounds and they always jump to the aid of their friends.

Due to their innate originality and desire for everything unique, they tend to separate themselves from the norm with their goals and their personality. This will also have an impact on their future career.

While Aquarians may pick the more practical approach, they will never forget their initial dream and might even turn it into reality eventually.

Kids with this sign are usually caught daydreaming rather often, which in turn will lead to unwanted situations. For example, at school, parents might get called due to the lack of attention they show in class, but such complaints are inconsequential in the face of their good grades.

Aquarius children also have a knack for what can be compared to clairvoyance. They will often reach a conclusion before an issue or situation is even fully presented to them.

While their usual thought process is rather interesting and more than ingenious, the order in which they have these thoughts is rather hectic and ends up being unhealthy for them.

So a parent’s duty is to help them organize their mind in order to enable them to make better use of their genius. Their intellect will shine among their peers, but in exchange they might not excel at anything involving physical activity.

In fact, they will shy away from it. But they do tend to be highly attuned with their surroundings, especially nature.

Aquarian kids are a rather sensitive bunch, both intellectually and emotionally. They easily get affected by external factors, especially those of a negative nature, which greatly affects their inner equilibrium.

Parents ought to carefully weigh their words, especially when trying to help their Aquarius child. It’s more than unwise to make them feel obligated in any way, especially in following your advice, even if it’s for their own good. Forcing them to do anything may have long term negative effects on their upbringing.

While they tend to be socially active and efficient, what they don’t really get are relationships and love, but with time, they’ll get the hang of that as well, so there’s no need to panic about it.

Something else that might be worrisome are their seemingly unrealistic goals and visions of the future. Little do their parents know that these dreams may in fact catch shape in reality one day.

The baby

Parents might notice early on how mind boggling their Aquarius child’s intellect actually is. A big downside to this is their short temper.

They can go from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds and throw a tantrum. Such impulses will be difficult to adapt to and control, but it is paramount that they do so.

Their strong point is their keen and intelligent mind that will not only leave their parents in awe, but everybody else as well. This enables them to get the hang of pretty much anything they attempt to learn rather quickly and they might even excel at said subject. Because of these traits, Aquarians are highly adaptable and insightful children that will leave anybody surprised.

Most of the time, an Aquarius kid’s best ally will be their mother. Why? Because it’s a mother that will nourish this child’s ever changing and adapting intellect by challenging the social norms for education and teaching.

Their minds will be constantly engaged and challenged in order to reach their full potential.

The girl

The Aquarian girl tends to be the center of gravity for socializing. She’ll always be surrounded by friends and they just won’t stop coming over, so make sure your door hinges are well tended to.

While she has a great array of friends, not all of them will stay in her life. They come and go rather often so you ought to be careful about who she engages with.

These little gals put a great price on the repeating daily cycle they engage in. Their day to day schedule seems to always stay the same, mainly due to the sense of control and stability it offers. Is an unfortunate fate that befalls the parent that disturbs her routine.

Curiosity is a dominant trait of an Aquarius girl that will follow her even into maturity, so once she starts tip toeing around the house, you better watch out for the havoc she might leave in her wake.

This girl is filled with the breath of the wild, the thirst for freedom and adventure. So it’s not uncommon for them to develop a taste for anything that enables them to broaden the horizons, even scientifically domains if need be.

The worst punishment you can give your Aquarius daughter is depriving her of the freedom to explore.

The boy

An Aquarius boy will be the embodiment of stamina and energy. Hyper-activity might be the norm for him and he might even use that boundless energy to conquer his goals and make his dreams reality.

Because of this he can also become a rather chaotic and hectic individual. The best method to quell his fiery passion is to create a daily schedule for him to follow in order to learn patience and perseverance.

One of the most difficult tasks for a parent of an Aquarian boy is keeping up with their unpredictability and energy as well as the speed at which their intellect develops. This has them become more than curious in their daily life.

They might even embark on a surprise adventure. The surprise being that they won’t be telling you anything about it, so you have to keep an open eye on anything your Aquarius son does in order to prevent accidents.

To the outside world, their overall personality will make them seem alien and unique. More often than not, they’ll act before they think, due to their ever changing and adventure seeking nature.

Because of this, they might ignore the curfew you’ve set countless times. Try not to get upset! It’s not that they want to, they just can’t keep track of time while they’re out having a good time.

Keeping them busy at playtime

Children of the Aquarius are top notch when it comes to team play! They’re also rather fierce competitors, so you might want to sign them up for some sports involving teamwork.

Nonetheless they’re bound to flourish in pretty much any activity you sign them up for.

There’s nothing else they love more than the thrills of life and adventure. More often than not, they’ll find an interest in the supernatural and the worlds of fantasy found in books and animated television series.

You might want to try teaching them how to do some illusion tricks or even some basic science. They’re bound to pick up on it instantly and surprise both you and those around them with their talents.

But because their passion knows no bounds, they might not notice the bruises they get in the meantime so you’ll have to be the one paying attention.

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