The Ambitious Leo-Virgo Cusp Man: His Characteristics Revealed

The Leo-Virgo cusp man is not one to show off and his subtlety is beyond charming, although his ambitious nature does become obvious.

Leo-Virgo Cusp Man

The Leo-Virgo cusp man has a lot of qualities, most of them having to do with his responsibility and ambitious nature, one fit for a leading position. His logical and rational outlook on life make it so that he’s always optimistic about his chances of achieving his goals.

Self-esteem and personal certainty are assured. However, due to the Virgo’s perfectionism, he can also be stubborn and conflicting, tending to criticize people.

The Leo-Virgo cusp man in a nutshell:

  • Born between: 19th and 25th of August;
  • Strengths: Ambitious, resolute and friendly;
  • Weaknesses: Aloof and harsh;
  • Life lesson: To surround oneself by confidantes with whom to be able to speak freely.

A man between extremes

These men can be very popular with their friends and acquaintances because of the diplomatic yet firm manner of speaking, just like a rhetor or an orator. It’s good to be generous and kind, but they sometimes forget about taking care of themselves.

It can be said that the Leo-Virgo cusp men have a choice not many of us do, that of going all out and being an extrovert who revels in the social games, the debauchery of all the new faces.

They can be very ambitious and resolute when taking professional decisions, and they keep their natural optimism shining bright.

This raises their productivity and efficiency a lot, switching between sociable, communicative, and analytically observant.

Introversion versus extroversion, each with its pros and cons. There’s no need for them to show off or even try to act with subtlety because their abilities are going to become evident when they start moving toward success, steady but surely.

That’s just the thing, that they take a lot of time before they realize just what kind of potential they have. The first step is always the hardest, but once that’s achieved, the rest is simpler, much simpler.

They can choose to meditate, to live for themselves, in solitude, as an introvert. This aptitude is very useful in their social interactions because nothing can really touch or hurt them.

However, they should let other people in their private space from time to time, otherwise it’s really going to play out quite expectedly, as an exiled solitary wanderer.

The astrological diagram is rather flexible and dynamic in his case, taking things to the extreme, going from full Leo influence to the other side, with the Virgo ruling the show.

It depends on many factors, planets moving and such things, but they can become too introverted at times, stay cooped in in their homes, overthinking and worrying pointlessly.

This is a time when the Leo’s excited and super enthusiastic personality needs to come through to shatter all the tension and depressive mood.

Fortunately, the Leo-Virgo cusp man knows too well that he can exaggerate at times, so he keeps a level of awareness just in case, to regain his composure when going too far.

It would be a good idea to exert some patience and thoughtfulness, just to pay attention to the feelings and emotions of other people. These things matter quite a lot, being a good listener and someone, you can rely on.

Also, just so you know, these men are extremely concerned with what they eat, keeping themselves fit and healthy. They discipline themselves both physically through exercise, but also intellectually through reading, simple mental exercises.

In relationships, they can be very caring and thoughtful, giving gifts to their loved ones, but also being possessive and jealous. It really depends on their mood, but they are generally quite special.

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