Taurus Tiger: The Lovable Conversationalist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Tiger year

Taurus Tiger
  • Anyone born between April 20 and May 20 is a Taurus.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people don’t want to complicate their lives too much.
  • The Taurus Tiger woman is fierce and loves to move against the current.
  • Although moody, the Taurus Tiger man knows how to express his emotions.

The Taurus influence makes for some cool and collected Taurus Tiger people but the vivaciousness of the Tiger surfaces every time there is something exciting happening.

With an endearing personality, these natives are often surrounded by likeminded people. They are persevering and make great work companions.

The Charming Taurus Tiger Personality

The personality of people born in Taurus the year of the Tiger is dominated by sensitivity and sometimes silliness.

With a good sense of humor, these individuals are lovable and enjoyable, and they can get along very well with others. The Taurus Tigers are understanding and not at all aggressive.

They’d rather sit and observe a conversation, and not participate. Pragmatic, cautious and patient, they have manners and common sense. You will never see a Taurus Tiger to complicate his or her life too much.

They like to listen carefully to what instructions are being given to them, and after that act. And they are good at acting on things as they come up with solutions pretty fast.

These natives could do any kind of job and they would still be happy. Their open, relaxed attitude will make them be liked by colleagues.

Good friends, they are always there to help with whatever they can. You will always be warmly welcomed in their house, and they will offer you any kind of advice or consolation no matter the time.

Top Characteristics: Realistic, Kind, Materialistic and Competitive.

Practical and down-to-earth, you’ll never see Taurus Tigers exaggerating or not being realistic. When they are making a decision, they take their time to analyze the situation and the consequences.

It’s easy for them to deal with what life throws at them as they are always alert. Often attracted by luxurious things, the Taurus Tigers have great taste.

They are true art seekers and you can see how this is reflected in the way they dress and they are decorating their home.

Also, it is often that you will see a person in Taurus Tiger presenting a daring clothing piece in his or her outfit. They believe in style and they think dressing up is a unique way of expressing who you really are.

When it comes to negotiating businesses, these people have the Tiger’s intelligence and the Taurus’s flair. This makes them great at achieving what they have put their mind to achieve.

They also have the necessary energy for attaining their ambitions and goals. It’s better that they are in a management position.

Taurus Tigers are good at dealing with people, rather than doing something that involves physical work or sitting at a computer and performing tasks.

They become worried when people around them are better than they are. This is how they establish who’s their rival and make imaginary enemies.

They will do everything in their power to surpass those who managed to make them feel inferior. They usually make good plans that succeed.

Perfect careers for Taurus Tiger: Business, Hospitality, Nutrition, Science and Accountancy.

Not the most important aspect to them, the Taurus Tigers have the Tiger’s luck with money and finances. They are never out of money for long periods of time and they can simply stumble upon great opportunities when they least expect it.

They could also win at different games and contests. When they need to feel relaxed, it is essential they go out in nature and connect with every tree and every small insect.

That’s why the perfect holiday destination for a Taurus Tiger is the countryside. No one can appreciate wildlife and awesome scenery better than people born in these signs.

Not quite the center of attention, the Taurus Tigers are still popular people. They are also a little bit egoistic because they want things to go only their way.

Their main weakness is a lack of enthusiasm and being predictable. Not too problematic, but annoying to other people.

Not liking change too much, the Taurus Tigers may be considered dull and boring because they lack spontaneity. But they have a sweet side that makes up for everything. At the same time, they are methodical people and enjoy having both an initial plan and a back-up one.

Love – Revealed

If they’re appreciated and loved enough by their partner, the Tiger Taurus people can show a great deal of affection.

The only condition is for them to feel respected. They are relaxed and easygoing as lovers, making the relationship an enjoyable ride and not a duty.

Connoisseurs of people and life in general, people in Tiger Taurus are cautious with those they choose to love. But they are the same with their business partners, so this is just the way they are.

As soon as they have fallen in love, these individuals will become completely devoted and caring.

Most compatible with: Cancer Dragon, Gemini Dog, Scorpio Dog, Virgo Horse and Virgo Capricorn.

They like to chase the person they love and they are never afraid of losing him or her. It’s not their way to ever feel insecure or to ask too much from the partner.

Their emotions are balanced and their attitude with the other half is warm, open and caring.

When they love, they tend to no longer care about themselves, and they would give their entire life to the partner. When they’re no longer in love, they feel like they have lost everything.

It’s difficult for them to build a new relationship as well. If you are with a Taurus Tiger, be careful with him or her. They can become very vindictive if they’re disappointed.

Taurus Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Taurus Tiger woman likes to be in the center of attention. That’s why she never misses an opportunity to talk about herself. Like her male counterpart, she also attracts problems and difficulties.

She tends to move against the currents, and it’s difficult for her to find solutions fast. Because she can’t change the way she sees life, she’s the conservative type. What this lady needs to do is to realize she’s just like the others.

She could also explore the humorous side of her personality in order to make life easier. Everything this woman does is to impress others. She calculates every move she makes just to look good and she can usually count on her friends to get her out of trouble.

Romantic, the Taurus Tiger woman will surround herself in mystery, and the partner or other men will be completely fascinated.

Often, she is the one to end a relationship as men will want to stay next to her for a lifetime. She will meet someone she will want to spend the rest of her life with later in life. When young, she will not pay too much attention to romantic feelings.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Tiger: Amber Heard, Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Emilio Estevez, Jay Leno, Marcheline Bertrand.

Taurus Tiger Man Characteristics

Unconventional at times, the Taurus Tiger man is usually at the opposites. For example, he can be calm and with a bad temper, or very serious and also a prankster.

But all these qualities are balanced in him. He is a pleasure to talk with and that’s why many people love him. Whatever he may be doing, he finds himself in the middle of problems.

Sometimes he is the provocateur by expressing a nasty opinion, and sometimes he just has the “luck” of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Taurus Tiger man likes his relationships with the ladies to develop slowly and steadily. He wants long-term commitments and he gives love a special place in his life. He chooses his partner with care and he can often be jealous, but he’s reliable and always happy to help.

He can be violent and moody. There are many Taurus Tiger men who don’t know how to communicate and have changeable moods. However, the man in these signs is looking to develop spiritually, thing that makes him special.

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