Taurus Sun Taurus Moon: A Benevolent Personality

Determined, the Taurus Sun Taurus Moon personality will focus on obtaining everything in life but at the right times and whilst still having fun.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon people are stable and down-to-earth. If they would suddenly decide to do something they have never done before, you can be sure their training will be rigorous and complete.

It’s rare these Taurus natives change their mind about something. As friends, they are loyal and supportive, but don’t call too many people their close buddies.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Dedicated, eloquent and creative;
  • Negatives: Apathetic, blunt and cold;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will bring a spiritual side to the relationship;
  • Advice: They should talk more about their feelings.

Conventional and hardworking, they will probably get what they want in life. Not to mention they are self-confident and know their real value. The more these people are surrounded by beautiful things, the happier and serene they are feeling.

Personality traits

Patient, confident and determined, Taurus Sun Taurus Moon people will manage to reach their goals in life. For many they may seem slow, but you can be sure they will steadily work hard at getting what they want.

There aren’t too many who can match these natives’ ability to concentrate. One thing’s for sure, though, they will never be the life of the party because they like to observe rather than to enjoy.

People who are superficial make them want to run away. When they speak, everyone takes a break and listens as their words are well-thought and their ideas interesting, not to mention how accurate they can be.

The fact that they only want honesty and to speak the truth makes others appreciate them very much. These double Taurus natives will always have ambition and confidence that they can make it no matter the situation.

As soon as they will start something new, they won’t give up until they are true masters at that activity. Because they are calm and most of the time patient, no problem will seem unsolvable to them.

It’s true they will have a gradual and thus, slow rise, but they will manage to end up being their own bosses. As they love responsibility and get to be fulfilled from what they are doing at work, they will probably end up running their own business from a young age.

That is if they will know for sure it will bring them money. Instability terrifies Taurus natives. Either this, or they’ll continue to be appreciated for their determination and hard work by bosses.

The fact that both the Sun and the Moon were in Taurus at the moment of their birth makes these people even more determined. They will focus on obtaining everything they want to the point of stubbornness.

It doesn’t matter what they will study or work towards, there will be nothing to distract them from their purpose. But don’t think that when they’ll be concentrated on something they’ll forget about friends and family, because they won’t.

They are simply not the people to become workaholics. Also not the ones to hurry and reach a conclusion too quickly. But don’t expect them to ever change their minds after they have decided on something.

As Taurus is an Earth sign, they will feel great in nature. Not that they won’t be able to live in the city. It’s just that they will always have a rustic air. They would need to visit the countryside from time to time, to recharge their batteries.

Diplomatic and calm, Taurus Sun Taurus Moon individuals hide their feelings and anger a little bit too much. All of their frustrations will pile up until one day, they’ll explode.

Talking about their feelings would be the best solution because self-control can damage the way a person acts in the long term. Everyone will see them as having more common sense than others.

When facing difficulties, they will always find the most down-to-earth solution. It’s hard for them to understand how others can’t seem to get out of trouble as efficiently as them.

While patient, they can sometimes be very intolerant. Approaching people less rigidly and with less prejudice can only be helpful for them and their already developed relationships.

When it comes to work, they are not the best when dealing with money and high-risk financial situations. It’s essential they don’t become too obsessed with money because they want it too badly.

Love characteristics

Earthy and sensual, Taurus Sun Taurus Moon natives are also romantic. They can, however, be focused too much on themselves.

If they would try to be more kind and open, their partners would totally love them more. Too conventional, it’s essential these natives become more experimental and imaginative lovers.

Their partner will respect them because they respect themselves to begin with. They won’t talk too much. Their lover will get what they want with a simple look in the eyes.

Their strong and confident presence makes them trustworthy and reliable. Skeptical in nature, they won’t ever take things for granted.

It seems like the expression “down-to-earth” has been invented for them. Food, sex and a comfortable home will be everything they need in order to be happy. And it’s sure they will make an art out of all these.

None of their relationships will ever be complicated. If it will happen that their partner wants comfort and stability the same as them, they will be the happiest.

Moon Taurus natives especially need peace, and also a deep, spiritual serenity that can be brought on only by a strong relationship.

Reserved but not shy, people with this Moon are the most comfortable when with their partner. They will want to cuddle, to kiss and to touch.

Someone who’s distant or looks for conflict would never suit them. The fact that they keep anger and bad feelings inside will sometimes turn against them.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon man

Taurus natives are persistent, dedicated and firm people. The Moon in Taurus will only amplify a Sun Taurus’ traits. The man born under this conjunction is stable and very focused in his job.

Many will think of him as rigid, and they would most likely be right. His goals are the most important thing to this guy. When he’s focused on something, he sees nothing else.

That’s why colleagues and bosses will always appreciate him. Don’t think he won’t spend time with his family after starting a project at work. His personal relationships would remain intact for he equally appreciates family life as he appreciates his work one.

This is one of the few men who manage to balance professional and personal lives. It’s impossible to ever see him hurrying or changing his mind after he has decided on something.

Conservative and a traditionalist, the Taurus Sun Taurus Moon man won’t do things differently because the circumstances need him to. But he will definitely look to be in power for he wants success and to advance on the social ladder.

Not to mention that he values money and wants a stable financial future. Friends will trust the double Taurus man because he’s sincere and he keeps his word. He will do what he has put into his mind.

It’s surer this guy will achieve success when compared to other men in different other signs. Nice and mannered, he will have a good relation with his competitors and the people in charge of his career path.

Very conventional, this Taurus man prefers to do things the traditional way. He won’t change just because that’s the trend. That’s why he may be slower to adjust.

But others won’t mind for he’s too loyal and honest. He enjoys everything about the good life, from good food to good music. Hard working, he knows everyone has to start at the bottom.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon woman

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon woman needs consistency and steadiness in everything that she does. She knows value like she knows her own pocket. And she is good at filtering information, separating what she needs from what she doesn’t.

But she has to be careful not to get too comfortable and start doing things out of inertia. Or too tranquil and therefore, immobile. This lady would do great identifying what’s behind the things people are saying about themselves.

She could guide them find their way in life more easily. But all this while thinking of herself too. If she wouldn’t be careful to make adjustments in her life as things are happening, she would not be able to survive in this ever-changing society.

Another thing this girl needs to understand is that having to improve doesn’t mean she has been wrong about something.

She will be successful anyway, because her work will always be impeccably done. Her sense of humor can make others fall for her talks and go with what she’s saying. Aware she’ll one day have authority, she respects it very much.

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