Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon: A Perceptive Personality

Spiritual, the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personality has some immense inner resource and healing ability that helps mellow any challenge.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon

In the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon people’s charts, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition. This means they are extremists who fall in love deeply. However, they can swing to the calm of the Taurus when others least expect it.

The older they grow, the steadier and wiser that they become. But they will always have a need to get to the root of any problem. When they’ll be in difficult situations, they will see everything as a test designed to make them adapt and overcome anything.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Profound, original and gallant;
  • Negatives: Devious, stubborn and demanding;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who doesn’t mind them being in control.
  • Advice: They should question their decisions more.

Personality traits

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon people are determined and often stubborn. It’s impossible to ever make them change their minds about something.

Passionate and sensual, these natives like power but not greed. The want to be in control, this being one of their main struggles.

Competitive and real forces of nature, they know what they want and how to obtain it, not to mention they will always be patient in reaching their goals.

The rewards will come because they are hard workers. While emotional inside, they will manage to keep their cool in the most complicated situations. But the intensity at which they are living, and their sensitivity will never be noticed by others.

Spiritual people, each time they are in distress, they simply appeal to their inner healing ability and manage to rise from their own ashes stronger than before.

Because they have a temper, no one will cross their way and get away with it. It’s important for them to be financially stable so their ambitions will include getting rich. And the more satisfied they will be about their material life, the more fun they are going to have with friends and family.

At the time of their birth, the Moon was in Scorpio, this means they are highly instinctive, aggressive and impulsive. But this would only be a side of their personality.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are receptive and able to see what’s really at stake when it comes to serious situations. Realistic and composed, these natives don’t like change and people who don’t respect the law.

Stubborn, these people will never trust someone until they have thought things through. Taurus natives are resilient, stable and hard working. Many will want them to moderate their excesses.

If you combine the Bull with the Moon in Scorpio, you get people capable of holding on to long term projects, not to mention they will be protective of anything that brings stability.

It’s impossible to convince these people to believe in novelties. They are skeptical and always need strong arguments to trust something.

It’s suggested they only take action based on what they’ve experienced in the past. Also that they should question themselves and should be more open to any new opportunity.

They have a talent for psychology from the Scorpio’s side. You won’t see them being the slaves of trends. Their friends are carefully picked to naturally integrate with their special thinking ways.

The fact that Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon people love only beauty and know how to use their senses makes them artistic and creative. Comfort is essential for them, but they need to be careful not to become stagnant.

When it comes to dealing with themselves, they have this strange way of harnessing inner peace in the most difficult situations like when fighting their own monsters.

Scorpios are also known as The Sorcerers, so the mystical world will always make these natives curious. When applying the occult knowledge and psychology, they will get to know people as they actually are.

Love characteristics

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon lovers want nothing more than security when it comes to long term relationships. They will always make enough money to support themselves and perhaps a small family.

This sign is known for wanting comfort and to appeal to all the 5 senses. All the physical pleasures are something Sun Taurus natives seek, but only after a long day of hard work.

When these people commit, they are not only faithful, they are also making sure their partner’s needs are all fulfilled.

Moon Scorpios are deep. They want an intense relationship with their lover, not to mention how eager they are to know everything about him or her because they never want to be surprised.

Moon Scorpios want others to be emotionally naked for they are very cautious and can’t trust people. Their other half needs to be ready for some moodiness and even aggressiveness.

The more Moon Scorpios explore their inner world, the stronger they become, not to mention it prepares them to be successful from an emotional, spiritual and even economical or intellectual point of view.

In their search to identify what makes others react, these natives can gain a lot of knowledge that they can use in their revenge plots.

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon man

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon man can be self-destructive and a little bit unlucky. But no one will know about his struggles because he’ll continue to be charming no matter what.

This is the type of guy who’ll get anyone’s attention in a second. Until his laziness surfaces, he can be the most irresistible person in the zodiac.

Fun and passionate, he’s the ideal partner for short-term relationships. But he finds it hard to move on after he breaks up from someone.

Possessive, the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon man will want to know where his partner is all the time. Expect him to say he has never been in love before, and that he only wants to be free, even if involved. And he will speak the truth.

But things can’t always be the way they were planned. Women will always want him in their bed for he’s attractive and has a rare magnetism.

He will think it’s sweet a woman wants to work, but after being involved with her for some time, he will try to talk her out of it. It’s his possessiveness that will emerge. Not to mention how jealous he can be. At least he’s sure to be devoted for a lifetime. This native wouldn’t even think about looking at another one. And that says a lot about what head of the family he will make.

If he can be convinced to no longer have jealousy crises, his relationship can be a very successful one. In case he will be stuck in a too conventional job, he will become useless and unreliable.

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon woman is rather defensive and too sensitive to what others are saying about her. Even when she won’t be in discussion, she will still imagine that everyone was talking about her.

But at the same time, she’s passionate and playful. It can be difficult to be with her for the long term because she wants something intense and also spiritual. It won’t matter how mad she is at you today, tomorrow you’ll find her affectionate and caring.

And she will act the same with her children. It’s a good thing to have her as both business and lifelong partner. The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon woman wants physicality and puts desire above many other things when looking for a man.

She doesn’t look for fun, intelligence and money. All that she wants is a high sexual energy. The resources she will bring to table are more than enough.

All a guy has to do is to capture her attention. Someone attractive will surely get it. Because she can read minds, it’s very likely she will hook up with a guy who sends her many sexual messages.

Don’t worry. If you have many other things you could boast with, she will immediately find out for she’s the best detective in the zodiac.

Because she likes the outdoors, this woman should be taken in nature as often as possible.

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