Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon: A Sociable Personality

Assertive and keen, the Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon personality will always wish to be in the middle of things although their opinions will be different from those of the crowd’s.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon people can easily be called the eccentric artists of the zodiac. They are paradoxical creatures, curious about people and very sociable. When it comes to their goals, they can reach them very easily. These people will always appreciate music, art and a fun conversation.

In their case, the Sun and the Moon are placed in a square, which means they both bring their stubbornness into the personality of their natives.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Providential, optimistic and efficient;
  • Negatives: Possessive, reactive and undisciplined;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can offer them all the comfort they need;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about how rebellious they behave.

In the case of these individuals, there will also be creativity and a powerful desire for stability. And these feelings will come in waves, confusing the people born under this strange combination. Not very expressive with their own feelings, these guys’ affection will be shown through a high respect for individuality.

Personality traits

Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aquarius is a combination that expresses uniqueness clearly and very realistically. People born in these signs will always stick to what they are saying and thinking.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon people usually have fixed purposes and work hard towards making their dreams come true. If they accept the fact that they have a very rebellious side, they will have a more stable future.

Their tremendous energy will be invested in humanitarian actions. But the relationship between the Taurus and Aquarius is tense, so people who have these signs in their chart will feel there is friction each time fate will bring some important decisions for them to make.

They won’t know if to continue rolling the dice or hedge their bets. These people’s emotional life is revolutionary because they are always looking to differentiate themselves from societal labels.

If they want to escape their aggressive way of expressing themselves, they need to be as productive as possible. Every argument Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon people bring into a debate is usually powerful and well-studied.

These people feel the most peaceful and happy when they don’t conform. They will always be curious about their purpose on this planet and how to organize their existence in the most effective ways.

But if they want real and efficient results from everything they set their mind to, they need to make some changes in their behavior.

What they will do is going to still carry their cosmic signature because they are capable of real reforms. It can be amazing to watch them adapt and apply their originality to everything.

But it’s very hard for these natives to have strong emotional connections with others. While impartial and objective, the fact that they differentiate themselves from groups will always be what impedes them from keeping up with others.

At least they don’t consider themselves better, kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness being their most noticeable traits.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon natives may feel like they have a special destiny because they are true visionaries and they have an open mind for what’s new and innovative.

All this is from the Aquarius’ side because the Taurus is the sensual, strong and determined type. These people are not only dreamers, they are also doers.

They know what they are capable of due to the fact that they contemplate about themselves and easily communicate with others.

Socrates’ “Know Thyself” theory applies very well to these people. And they don’t mind talking about their approach to life with friends and even strangers.

As a matter of fact, everything about philosophy, politics and social studies makes them want to be more knowledgeable on these subjects.

It’s not impossible you will discover they are important members of scientific communities because they want to work the system from inside.

They want to be in the middle of things even if they consider themselves too independent for others to understand their opinions.

Because they are still Taurus natives, they will think about the financial aspect before taking on any project. Security will still be important, no matter how much of the Aquarius will be in them.

Love characteristics

While possessive like all Taurus natives, Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon lovers will be flexible and accept most of their partner’s weird habits. In bed, they are imaginative and open to experiment.

The fact that both their signs are fixed makes these guys confident, determined and aware of their importance. If things don’t go as they have planned, they become moody and temperamental.

Anger outbursts are normal even if they are struggling to appear in control. Sun Taurus natives are always looking to be the providers in their relationships.

They have an Earthy way of showing their love. The fact that they want comfort and to be rich will always rule their existence. And they will remain the same even if their partner won’t agree with them. That’s why they are the best providers who expect to be loved and supported.

While they don’t mind being challenged from time to time, they still expect their partner to be committed and emotionally stable.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon individuals are the type of people who resent games and indecisiveness, not to mention they always know where they are standing.

Their ideals and need for independence are well established. It’s important for them to have their own space because that’s what their Moon dictates.

These Aquarius Moon people will always try to run away from a partner who makes them feel tied down. It’s not their way to snuggle with their loved one all the time. But if allowed to be themselves, they are the most loyal and dedicated lovers.

Stubborn and idealistic about their love life, they will work to keep their relationship fun and interesting.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon man

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon man is friendly with everybody. His personality is easygoing and interesting and this guy has his socializing instincts formed from a very young age.

What he believes in can’t be easily changed, charming and pleasant, he will attract people like a magnet, not to mention how diplomatic and convincing he can be when he wants something from someone.

Tolerant and interested in what others have to say, he sometimes trusts people too easily. But there won’t be many who will live up to his expectations.

While motivating and supporting, the Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon man will still have problems with his deepest feelings. Not that he doesn’t feel, but he’s overwhelmed by emotional pressure.

Others may think of him as impersonal but don’t believe he can’t work out relationships, because he can. Studious, artistic and curious, he is capable to innovate and surprise with his ideas.

Because he’s not very materialistic, it’s possible he won’t achieve too many things in this direction. Inertia is his biggest enemy.

He can procrastinate too much sometimes, but not all the time. And his self-esteem will help him achieve what he wants in life. Not the most talented at making money, he’s more suitable at dealing with people. So, a job in public relations or teaching will surely bring him success.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon woman

Sociable and easygoing, Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon woman easily forms relationships with others and those who get to know her for the first time will like that she’s warm and welcoming. Another side of her personality is being zealous and passionate. Her opinions and principles will be expressed without restrictions.

Because she’s attractive and has a powerful magnetism, she will immediately attract people. And everyone will be captivated by her enchanting and charismatic personality.

Being tactful, this lady can make things work in her advantage without struggling too much. Loving the company of others and being considerate, she will form connections with people that can help her achieve success more easily.

She will only have problems forming emotional connections. Because she trusts strangers very easily, it’s possible she’ll end up taken advantage of.

Considerate, the Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon lady may be disappointed to see others aren’t the same as her. She understands what’s going on in her life, but she’s too thoughtful sometimes.

Not that she’s emotionally weak, because she can handle stress very easily. It’s just that she gives too much importance to people. An intellectual with great imagination, this lady is serious and witty.

She doesn’t care too much about money, her efforts being more oriented towards making the world a better place.

It’s important she doesn’t procrastinate and continues to be confident and aware of her talents. All this combined with her friendliness will definitely help her succeed in life.

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