Taurus Snake: The Intelligent Pragmatist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Taurus born in Snake year

Taurus Snake
  • Taurus people celebrate their birthdays between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • Their strong intuition sometimes plays up with them.
  • The Taurus Snake woman can be a little slow to react to opportunities.
  • Although approachable, it is hard to gain the Taurus Snake man’s trust.

The Taurus Snake is one of most calm and patient signs of the zodiac, and they will express their emotions very easy, in a naturally kind and compassionate way.

Borrowing from the resourcefulness of the Snake Chinese animal, they will work hard and will usually finish their task in time in a perfect manner, because they are a perfectionist through and through.

The Open-minded Taurus Snake Personality

These people love nature and animals so if you’re interested in a Taurus Snake, you should know that you will be forced to go out for long walks and pet beautiful puppies like they were your own.

They also like everything that is related to art, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you find your Taurus at an art gallery or a theatre play.

Moreover, they will not make a lot of friends because of their powerful intuition about people and their motives.

They could read you and your intentions before you may realize that, and for that very reason they would rather have less, but worthier friends, than many cheap ones.

One of their main interests is money, and that’s why they will always work to achieve a luxurious and expensive lifestyle.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Trustworthy, Responsive and Materialistic.

That character makes it so that they can adapt very quickly in every situation and accommodate themselves efficiently in any social gathering. Of course, just like other zodiac signs, they are also an open mind one and loves interesting and enigmatic conversations.

Because they are very intelligent and pragmatic, they will surprise you with a firm attitude which will make you respect them and their decisions from the bottom of your heart.

Being very charming, they like to go out for casual discussions with a few good friends, instead of going to impressive parties where there are a lot of people.

The Taurus Snake enjoys their work, and that’s why they will always achieve what they want in their professional life no matter how many problems show up. They can be a very good teacher because they share everything that they know in an energetic and intriguing manner.

At home, they use their flair for the artistic to be the interior designer that they always wanted to be, because they will insist to decorate the place in their own way.

This zodiac sign has to deal with the constant lack of interest and unwillingness to do what must be done. If there is a project or task that has to be done in a certain deadline, you can be sure that they will either delay it, or hand it over “a little” late than they should have.

It’s really what best defines this native, and there’s not much you can do about it, but accept them for who they are. Who knows, maybe they could even change for the better?

Despite their unnatural greed for money, they still don’t degrade themselves in wasting it all away on bets, gambling, drinking or other common interest of people nowadays. A pragmatic from this point of view, they view money as just a method to achieve comfort and a good situation.

Moreover, given their interest in the artistic fields, a job that requires this skill-tree would be just perfect, combining both their passion and being a way to make money.

Perfect careers for Taurus Snake: Writing, Politics, Librarianship, Administration and Programming.

When the stubborn Taurus Snake takes it upon them to lighten up the mood and make everyone smile, there’s no stopping that impetus, not in a million years.

When they start cracking up jokes and making fun of even them, do you think you can hold it in you for more than 5 seconds? Didn’t think so!

However, imagine that this native has insecurities and feels anxious from time to time. Yeah, totally shocking, obviously! The cure is simple: pure love and unadulterated affection from their partner.

Those insecurities and irrational fears are probably caused by their powerful intuition and insight into other people.

Because they tend to over-analyse and observe these things, it’s not a surprise that it turns against them. Noticing all the defects and vulnerabilities that lay dormant and can’t wait to attack them in their most weakened state, they can’t help but feel morose and depressed.

Love – Uncovered

Based on their capacity for love and excessive loyalty, it’s no big surprise that their partners are more often than not very enamoured and attached to them, almost blindingly so.

In fact, it’s gone so far up to Love Town, that they even unconditionally support and help the Taurus Snake in their professional life and in general, as a matter of fact. However, when things start to get cold and distant, and you will quickly notice it, everything starts to take a turn for the worse.

Usually, everything that he needs to know is contained within your every action and especially your body language, the way you act and react to certain events.

So, be careful of this ability of his, it’s a real tough nut to crack. Basically, just act natural and with certainty, and everything will probably be fine.

Most compatible with: Cancer Ox, Virgo Dragon, Pisces Rooster, Capricorn Dragon.

Taurus Snake Woman Characteristics

The best description for a Taurus Snake woman would be a game character, one who cheats and has infinite skill points. That’s because this native has tremendous potential and can practically do anything, if only she would strive to put those talents to good use.

And one other thing is that sometimes people take away her chances and opportunities, just because she acts too late or doesn’t act at all, either out of hesitation or insecurity. This should an area where some development would be necessary.

As for social relationships, she wants to have it all during her life time, friends, best friends, lovers, partners and collaborators. And because of her non-conflicting and pacifistic ways, it’s actually fairly easy for people to gather around her.

Moreover, that special someone should make his appearance eventually, and what she has to learn in order to make the best of it would be to master her own emotions. This cannot be overstated.

No one likes emotional instability and cranky attitudes that come out of the blue. If she manages to take a hold of her psyche and act with more grace and stability, then there are really no more obstacles in front of her happiness.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Snake: Behati Prinsloo, John Cena, Pierce Brosnan, Nora Ephron, Audrey Hepburn, Adrienne Rich.

Taurus Snake Man Characteristics

The Taurus Snake man is a very kind and generous individual most of the time, but don’t mistake this attitude for what it’s not. It won’t be a walk in the park to get close to him, especially if you just met him.

It’s not that he doesn’t like you or anything, but rather he is careful not to make a mistake when trusting people. He must have had some bad experiences in the past, most likely.

Something which might make you think again before lying to him, this native has a knack for psychology and is a keen observer of the human behavior and thinking patterns.

Of course, besides acting as an additional safety net against deceivers and fake people, this is also of tremendous importance in an intimate relationship.

Being able to deduce and intuitively predict what the lover desires and craves for can count for a lot.

Despite their cold and indifferent appearance, once you get to know them, you’ll be awed and transfixed by their warmth, kindness and loving personality. With his partner especially, this native acts with the greatest care and affection that he is capable of.

Even though conflicts may appear, he easily takes care of them in a straightforward and direct manner. But, because he is a natural pacifist and peace-keeping individual, this is prone to not happen very often.

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