Taurus Rooster: The Tenacious Worker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Rooster year

Taurus Rooster
  • Taurus people are born between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • These people use straightforwardness as a mechanism of defense.
  • The Taurus Rooster woman needs her alone time although it doesn’t look like it.
  • Highly perceptive, the Taurus Rooster man is not easy to impress.

The Chinese and Western zodiacs say that people born in Taurus the year of the Rooster are cautious and authoritative.

Down-to-earth, these guys would never panic, even if the situation is dangerous and they need to take action immediately. In chaos and disorder, Taurus Roosters can keep a cool head and identify the most viable solutions very fast.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Roosters are intelligent creatures with many qualities that help them throughout life. They are confident, energetic and a little bit flamboyant. And all these traits are present in the Roosters who are born in Taurus in the Western zodiac.

This is why Taurus Roosters are so lively, friendly and practical. Not too flamboyant tough, they keep the other qualities from their Chinese astral projection.

The Resolute Taurus Rooster Personality

All the enthusiasm of the Rooster completes the calmness and passivity of the Taurus perfectly. While they don’t look conservative and warm, Taurus Roosters are a lot like this. They are strong and they like to help others without expecting anything in return.

They rule their lives after certain moral rules and they act upon these regulations to achieve things in life.

A little bit austere, these guys will be direct and upright when they approach the problems that arise in their life. They have strong leadership abilities that can be noticed ever since they are very young.

Top Characteristics: Decisive, Uncompromising, Controlling, Friendly, Loyal.

Determined, they won’t change their mind once they have made a choice. Because they don’t give in to emotions it doesn’t mean they don’t care or that they are insensitive. It’s just their calmness that comes to surface.

Self-assured and confident in their own forces, these people will never be pushy or try to impose their own opinions. They are popular among others because they are friendly and practical.

They will help without being controlling, and they will be appreciated for it. The Rooster makes them inclined towards diversity, thing that also makes them interesting and attractive.

Dependable, adaptable and persevering, Taurus Roosters would do a perfect job no matter where they may be working.

The fact that they have immense sources of energy means they are capable of doing things others wouldn’t be able to do. They can sometimes be tiring, but this can be overlooked.

When Taurus Roosters feel depressed, they can become grumpy and they can hurt others’ feelings. It is because they don’t like being questioned about how they are feeling. Their most efficient and most used weapon is their ability to express things harshly.

They are straightforward and they are using this as a defense mechanism. They would never criticize or be sharp tongued if they wouldn’t be cornered.

These guys are usually open and friendly, not at all rude. Traditional, it can’t be said Taurus Roosters are too stubborn. They accept new things in their life easily.

Because they are talkative, they will make friends easily, and they will maintain the relations for a long period of time. If you want to surprise them, just take them to the countryside.

They love spending some quality time with their friends, in nature. If they are not being admired and praised, they begin to distance themselves from the person who doesn’t offer them this. They hate hypocrisy and lies, and they are very honest people themselves.

They take some time before they get used to an environment and new people. Organized and neat, they will first have to arrange things to their liking if they want to feel comfortable somewhere new.

Perfect careers for Taurus Rooster: Politics, Education, PR, Athletics.

They are great at prioritizing things in life and this way they will be able to easily fulfill their dreams. These people find family and home to be very important. They will strive very hard to have a happy life.

They don’t like being alone and they will manage to keep a balance between their work and their personal life. If they want to relax, they will either cuddle in bed with a good book or go out and socialize.

Meticulous and hardworking, Taurus Roosters will always be good at what they are doing as a job. They can’t tolerate when others are being late and they are very punctual. Bosses will love them because they have perseverance and they are serious.

One thing’s for sure, these guys deserve all the professional success that they are having. There aren’t too many weaknesses they have.

Maybe the fact that they are so energetic and eager to get things done. This can cause them to be over demanding and loud. People who know them will understand it’s not always this way with them.

Love – Uncovered

When they are involved with someone, Taurus Roosters are looking for one thing and one thing only, and that is love.

They are serious and attentive about their relationship and they can be funny, romantic partners that will always surprise their lover with amazing gifts. It is best that you let them rule the relationship.

They are natural born leaders anyway, and they would also deserve it. Sentimentally, these guys give importance to naturalness and kindness. Their partner should be charming and elegant. They appreciate simplicity and soberness.

While they are willing to give their love life all of their attention and care, they also like to keep the ones they love happy and satisfied. Taurus Roosters would never let their relationship get out of control.

Their ideal partner would be someone who doesn’t get tired of their incredible energy and eagerness. As said before, they can be quite tiring for the wrong people. Always on the go, they need someone who can keep up with them.

They also want someone who is warm and loving. Emotionally, they need to be on the same level as their partner if the relationship is meant to last.

Most compatible with: Cancer Dragon, Virgo Ox, Capricorn Snake, Virgo Snake, Pisces Ox.

Wanting to get married and have a something long-lasting with someone they love and care about, Taurus Roosters would never cheat. They would do anything to keep their relationship safe.

They want the partner to be faithful and devoted, and they are terrified of being deceived. When they fight and they have arguments with the partner, it’s best that they are treated tenderly and with care.

Only this way they will be able to forget everything and start all over again. These people will make their point about fidelity very clear even before they enter the relationship.

Their partner will be aware of their wishes from the beginning. As soon as they get attached to someone, Taurus Roosters become considerate and devoted.

Taurus Rooster Woman Characteristics

Secretive and mysterious, the Taurus Rooster woman rarely reveals her plan. She tries to do everything in order, and she can’t be easily read by others.

She plays her roles in life very well. Often people won’t understand her because she tries to be someone she actually isn’t.

Strong and hardworking, this lady has her own opinions and she likes to participate at all kind of social gatherings.

She sometimes needs her alone time too, but the company of others makes her happy. At work, she will do everything on her own. This means bosses and managers really appreciate her.

It is advised that she is less demanding with herself and those around her. This girl needs to understand that perfection doesn’t exist. If she is herself more, she will be happier.

Not trying to impose her opinion on others is also a good idea for her. As far as her relationships go, she should offer her partners more freedom.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Rooster: Pete Townshend, Bob Seger, Daniel Day-Lewis, Bill Ford, Cate Blanchett, Wes Anderson, Jessica Alba.

Taurus Rooster Man Characteristics

Independent and confident, the Taurus Rooster man will always be capable and strong. He is elegant and noble, and he does a great work at his job. All this can make him arrogant at times.

He enjoys communicating with others, but he is not willing to compromise. Lucky, this guy will manage to achieve many of his goals in life. He needs to calculate and analyze situations if he wants to be successful.

He’s a fighter for whom justice is very important. He doesn’t mind taking risks and he can realize things in life by himself.

Perceptive, the Taurus Rooster man is capable of learning from his own mistakes. It is advised that he enjoys life more, and that he is calmer.

He needs to be more honest and balanced and he will get to do great things. Also, he should enjoy his work more. With those he loves, this man should be gentler.

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