Taurus Rising: The Influence of Taurus Ascendant on Personality

These natives can almost become obsessive about bringing some form of beauty in their lives.

Taurus Rising

Stubborn and willful, Taurus rising can endure many things and have a lot of patience if they know success is going to be theirs. Because they’re affectionate and likable, many people will want to spend time with them.

They are usually relaxed and calm, but when pushed too far, they can become extremely violent. They tend to eat too much and to indulge themselves in all the life’s pleasures.

Taurus Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Farsighted, cheerful and perceptive;
  • Weaknesses: Ruthless, inconsiderate and deceitful;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who understands when it’s time to compromise;
  • Life Lesson for Taurus Ascendant: To accept certain truths and live more in the moment.

Rising signs reveal how a person is on the outside, being the most obvious when it comes to the astrological buildup. They have an influence over how people perceive others, “coloring” every Sun sign in the zodiac. Ascendants also affect the way individuals look, their attitude and rapidity in movement, being very important for how they perceive new information and other people, or how fast they react.

Taurus Rising personality

Very ambitious and liking the finest things in life, Taurus rising are very focused on the materialistic side.

They are worried about their money, want to own properties and are not that interested in what’s not beautiful. But they will buy works of art because they’re a good investment, not because they like what they are seeing.

When it comes to their love life, they’re passionate and very intense. Yet they will have many demands from their lover, while their partner will still be aware they give a lot of meaning to the relationship and are sincere.

Their ability to enjoy all the good things and life itself will help them bring a lot of joy to their romantic connections. However, they will surely be possessive and jealous at some point because they can get like this without even having a good reason.

It’s essential for them to work on these issues as not all the partners they’ll have will be able to understand this is one of their main weaknesses.

The opposite sign Scorpio will have a certain influence on their personality, but only when it comes to attitude.

Taurus rising are hard workers who will most likely make a lot money. They are famous for being slow and relentless, for planning and approaching a methodical strategy when wanting to get their goals.

But it’s possible for them to become lazy or to never want to change, which means they can end up doing things that are no longer of actuality or don’t have any meaning anymore.

When influenced by a Scorpio Descendant, they become much more intense in terms of their emotions. But their jealous feelings and possessiveness will present themselves no matter what, in this case twice as much.

Taurus ascendant people are seen as passionate and enigmatic by their lover, who will often think that these natives only want to manipulate. That’s why it becomes very important for them to allow others to get closer while they are still keeping their strong influence.

Very devoted, it’s possible for them to become obsessed with their lover. It sometimes may seem difficult for these people to find someone not because they think of themselves as unattractive, but because they doubt their own values.

It’s a good thing they don’t care about any rumor about themselves, just laughing when hearing someone has said they’ve done something nasty.

This type of attitude can drive many people crazy, so they have an advantage against their opponents. Just like the animal that represents them, they don’t mind working hard and are very stubborn.

You’ll never see them doing what they don’t want or like. Venus rules over Libra and the Aries rising, but the difference between these gives Taurus rising power.

Rarely unhappy and very expressive, Taurus ascendant natives have beautiful round faces and are very cheerful. The fact that they’re calm makes people want to be around them all the time. It’s great they enjoy the little things and wish for everyone to be happy.

They need peace, so they accept people with their faults and weaknesses. However, expect them to turn into raging bulls when crossed because their opposite sign, Scorpio, also influences them to be ruthless.

The fact that they keep anger in and release it all at once means they will last for a while being upset. It can be said that they could make earthquakes happen, so it’s suggested to keep away from them when they’re angry.

They like to hear people apologizing and can forgive, yet they wouldn’t accept the same error to be done twice, no matter how patient. They have great talent with business and could even make great artists if they would practice their Venusian side by appreciating art more.

Taurus rising like to be free when working, without anyone to interfere or supervise them. Able to charm anyone with their strength and calmness, they will attract people without needing to make a great effort.

The physique of Taurus Rising

Taurus rising have strong bodies with big torsos. They will probably gain weight because they simply love food.

With a short neck and wide, square shoulders, they are easy to spot when angry because their nostrils begin to flare.

Ruled by Venus through their ascendant, these natives are simply in love with beauty, so it’s very likely this will be reflected in the way they look.

Wanting to see harmony in the mirror and the people surrounding them, they will care about their self-image and how their close ones look.

These natives will fight for their own independence their entire lives, and the pleasure of enjoyment will never be taken away from them.

They will get along with everyone, making sure their relationships are balanced because the company of others is very important to them.

You’ll never see them reacting rapidly because it’s in their nature to stall and to give a response after what they have processed and filtered everything through their own mind. It would be easy for them to win at poker because they would have the face for it.

Having a fertile and strong buildup, it’s not very likely for them to be skinny. Most of them are solid and well-built, the Taurus rising woman resembling the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. She can have big breasts and wide hips.

No matter if men or women, they will always have a fixated posture that reminds others of the actual bull. Their skin is thick and their eyes big, having a voice that will surely impress everyone with its deepness and gentleness.

Taurus Ascendant man

All that Taurus rising man can think of is sex, food, good wines and everything that’s material, including cars and expensive watches.

He wants to have a lot of money, so he’ll work hard and look for a partner who’s the same.

Stubborn and having strong opinions, he’s also a loyal partner who wishes for a lifetime’s romantic relationship.

However, he can expect too much from women, so he’ll have short and fast-paced affairs. He possesses a high libido and makes a romantic husband who will always bring home beautiful gifts for his wife.

Taurus Ascendant Man: The Stubborn Gentleman

Taurus Ascendant woman

The Taurus rising woman holds back on her emotions. When she’s upset with her partner, she simply holds all of her anger in, so he may never find out that she even has a problem if he doesn’t pay attention to how she acts when not talking.

This lady is the type who doesn’t abandon ship when winds are strong, but she surely hates being pressured. If not happy with the way her relationship is going, you can be sure she will look for someone else.

This lady is a lot like the Taurus rising man as she wants to have as many possessions as possible and demands a lot from her partner.

However, she’s still more open to compromise and to give up on some of her materialistic desires. She doesn’t mind discovering a man little by little and enjoys sex, cooking and living a comfortable life.

Taurus Ascendant Woman: The Conscientious Lady


Those with their ascendant in Taurus possess strength, persistence, determination and loyalty.

They are fixated in their own beliefs and usually take a long time to react. They don’t mind being followers, but they hate being pressured or pushed around.

Money and possessions are very big to them. These natives want to contribute to the greater good if allowed to do things slowly and gradually.

Loving to see the results of their hard work, they don’t mind when others dump their unfinished projects on them. Their determination and persistence will always have Taurus rising successful.

But they should try and be less rigid, possessive and jealous. It’s important they acknowledge fear and suffering because out of repulsion for them, they can’t see these feelings in others.

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