Taurus Rat: The Irresistible Companion Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Taurus born in Rat year

Taurus Rat
  • Taurus people are born between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Rat years are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.
  • With an incredible attention to detail, these people don’t miss anything, unless they want to.
  • The Taurus Rat man is perhaps too kind for his own good.
  • Wanting a better life for herself, the Taurus Rat woman is ready to tackle any challenges.

People born in the year of the Rat are clever and friendly, they quickly react to changes and possess a natural curiosity. When this is combined with the calm and composed nature of the Taurus, it results in an individual who is witty and charismatic, with an entrepreneurial view of life.

The Taurus Rat is persistent, persevering and has an unexpected strength of character – his ambitions will always be for the long term.

Top Characteristics: Witty, persistent, challenging, spontaneous and attractive. 

The Determined Taurus Rat Personality

These people can be blamed for anything but not for not having their feet firmly on the ground. They know what they want in life early on. They persevere even in situations where others have long given up.

It can be said that there is this superiority about them, one that attracts the like, higher positions in any career they follow.

There is something peculiar about this though, as they desire power and will naturally try to amass it but at the same time, they are not attracted to ruling over others.

With their positive outlook, they make great companions and can communicate exquisitely. They are able to argument any view, perhaps sometimes being a little bit too focused on the disadvantages. The influence of the Earth element in their life is definitely seen here.

Because the Taurus Rat has such good judgement, they don’t often get in trouble and are even inclined to solve problems for others too.

At work, they are great with activities that require analysis and evaluation and have a great eye for detail. They are the most composed in the office, even when things become stressful and are not afraid of making decisions.

Coming back to their entrepreneurial view of life, the Taurus Rat is likely to succeed in business endeavours but they also need to prepare for this. Education and learning occasions are often a priority for them as they are naturally inquisitive.

Their great memory does wonders coupled with their attention to detail. Calm and composed, they are adverse to any type of confrontation and may willingly compromise just to keep things under control.

Sometimes overwhelmed by caution and suspicion, they are rather controlling with their material possessions.

They are also not the most punctual person in the world.

Their only excuse with this is the fact that they don’t do it on purpose and that they just lose track of time easily.

Perfect careers for Taurus Rat: Police, Medicine, Administration, Catering.

Love –Exposed

With an unalterable attitude towards love, the Taurus Rat is methodical and objective even when it comes to deciding whether a partner is right for them.

They may appear unemotional and cold but this is not the case, they are simply protecting themselves. It takes them a while to show their emotions but when they do, real romance can be expected.

They may be deemed as shy, because they are not the ones to push for a place in the spotlight but there is certainly something attractive about their personalities so they are likely to be involved in quite a few courtships.

During their young years they may enjoy a little adventure but with time, they will move away from any games – they appreciate loyalty beyond anything else and should their trust be broken, they will never forget.

Most compatible with: Pisces Ox, Capricorn Tiger, Cancer and Virgo Pig.

Taurus Rat Woman Characteristics

A portrait of braveness and independence, these women are focused on achieving success, although this may also come at a price, as they are very conscientious and self-critical.

Valuing comfort from financial wellbeing, their goal in life is to be successful. Once this is achieved, they are happy to create favourable conditions for those around too.

The Taurus Rat woman is gentle and understanding and will support their partner no matter what, once their confidence is won. Complex in romance, she can be individualistic as well and follow personal goals, whilst being immerged in her inner world and even at the expense of other’s feelings.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Rat: William Shakespeare, Roger Taylor, Michelle Ryan, Jesse Lee Soffer.

Taurus Rat Man Characteristics

This sociable man thinks with both his brain and his heart, although this is not often noticed by those around. Sometimes in their own world of reveries, he will bring new ideas and will be persistent in achieving goals, once set out.

He is however, rather susceptible, thus may be taken advantage of, at some point in his life. Very attractive, there is something irresistible about the Taurus Rat man, doubled by his love of luxury and a life of pleasure.

He is also a humorous individual and an entertaining partner, who could sometimes appear as shy, waiting for their partner to take action. On the other hand, their love making is rather traditional and his family life: quiet and responsible.

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