Taurus Goat: The Decisive Intellectual Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Taurus born in Goat year

Taurus Goat
  • Anyone born between April 20 and May 20 is a Taurus.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • Patient and tolerant, these people will help others flourish.
  • The romantic Taurus Goat woman has some daring goals in life.
  • Rational and calculated, the Taurus Goat man is rarely swept off his feet.

Those born in Taurus the year of the Goat are not that talkative. However, they are intelligent and fast thinkers. As a matter of fact, many of them could be geniuses if they would explore their minds more.

Their intelligence can really make a difference, if they would use it properly. Thoughtful and peaceful, these people are also open minded and tolerant. They would be ready to compromise if the situation benefits someone they love.

The Moderate Taurus Goat Personality

From an early age, the Taurus Goat natives know what path to follow in life, understanding at what they are the most talented.

When the Goat is combined with the Western astrological sign Taurus, the person born in these signs is someone who doesn’t hesitate and is capable of making decisions fast. This is why Taurus Goats choose their career so early in their life.

Appreciating beauty and having refined taste, they could be famous designers or artists. They have an eloquent speech and they can convince their audience no matter what they may be speaking of.

These are calm people who don’t get angry too often. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, or who they are talking to, when they interact they keep a collected attitude.

Top Characteristics: Talkative, Humanitarian, Comfortable, Talented.

Optimistic and always happy, they always enjoy living and are prepared for what life has in line for them. They manage to keep a balance in whatever they may be doing, and they are at peace with themselves for they know what they are doing is right and correct.

Taurus Goats never take sides when judging people, and when faced with a difficult situation, they always analyze things from more than one point of view.

They are able to see the bigger picture and they never lose their grip of a situation by getting into too many details. This will help them have a perfect personal and professional life.

When Taurus Goats have no opportunities to develop their talents and abilities, they start to live with no purpose and they become depressed.

Known for their patience and determination, these people are cautious when they have to engage in new activities. They need their comfort in order to flourish and be successful.

They also need someone besides them as they hate loneliness and have to be reassured they are doing the right thing from time to time.

They don’t like change and they are very scared of uncertainty, especially regarding their own future. As far as their career goes, Taurus Goats are not that crazy about physical activities, preferring to do office work, or something that requires them to sit down.

They are never unfair and they help others with an open heart, not expecting anything in return. These aren’t the people to be motivated by money.

They love spending money, but they don’t make a passion out of making money. You will often find them shopping for beautiful clothes and nice jewelry, not caring how much they spend on a product that they really like.

You will never see a Taurus Goat dressed sloppy, with his or her hair undone. These individuals love to take care of themselves, and they will usually spend a lot of time in the mirror, preparing to go out.

Taurus Goats love family life. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of the ones they love. Affectionate, they will always support their families, as long as they are not criticized. They can become very snappy if others criticize them for the way they are doing things.

As far as reaching their goals goes, these people will always deny the existence of obstacles and they will manage to overcome anything that’s in their way.

The Goat influences them to have one of their main weaknesses, which is anxiety. Also, they can get really lazy sometimes.

Perfect careers for Taurus Goat: Education, Medicine, Politics, Music.

These negative traits in the Taurus Goats’ character are different for each person born in these signs. Some of them will be anxious, others lazy, some will be none of these things, while others both. But such traits can be brought to a minimum, if they even exist.

Anxious Taurus Goats can reduce their stress levels, while the lazier ones can encourage themselves to do more things, more efficiently.

If they manage to stick to these recommendations, they will be able to eliminate all the weaknesses in their character. More than this, Taurus Goats need to learn how to deal with their failures in life.

These people can learn a lot from their mistakes, if they only would pay more attention. Deciding on a specific career for themselves is also something they need to think about. As long as they are advised properly and they are surrounded by people to keep them company, these individuals can be really happy and successful.

But the biggest challenge for them remains learning from their own mistakes. Doing this, they will be able to efficiently avoid repeating what caused them to fail in the first place.

Love – Revealed

Taurus Goats like it when people they share their life with take good care of them. But they are not open to offer the same thing in return.

They get along well with their partners, but they are a little bit clumsy and forget important anniversaries or other events in their relationships. They don’t mind expressing what they may be feeling to their partners.

When single, these people will flirt a lot, hooking up as many people as possible. But if they invest feelings in a relationship, they don’t forget how they’re feeling for that special someone, and they’ll carry the sentimental baggage with them for all their lives.

Most compatible with: Pisces Pig, Virgo Rabbit, Pisces Horse, Capricorn Monkey.

They don’t waste their time with trivial things and they are not interested in changing for anyone.

Independent, they will not allow themselves to be lost without a person, but they will get very close to the individual they’re in love with, especially if the relationship has lasted for a long time.

Passionate and attentive, Taurus Goats are sometimes too shy and scared to commit to someone.

They are patient and they hate to rush into relationships, so don’t expect them to engage in something romantic until they are completely sure of the other person’s feelings and thoughts.

Their kind side is revealed as soon as they’re involved in something serious and beautiful. While they are self-sufficient, they will learn how to be dependent and more sensitive with time.

Taurus Goat Woman Characteristics

The Taurus Goat woman is generous, lucky and talented. She could be a great leader as she is good at controlling people with her talking.

Always in motion, this lady could also have a job that requires her to travel or change her activity a lot. If she does something that involves routine, she becomes unhappy.

Rational and down-to-earth, the Taurus Goat woman is categoric. She will rarely change her views, so often she will be a lonely leader because she refuses to accept what others think.

Her main goal in life is to improve the organization or company where she is working. Romantic relationships with her depend on what she prioritizes in life.

If she wants a family, they will develop nicely. If she wants a career, it will take her longer to find someone to stay next to her.

She should rest more, and ask for help when she needs it. Recognizing when she has done something wrong is also a good idea.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Goat: Donatella Versace, Bill Paxton, Tim McGraw, James McAvoy.

Taurus Goat Man Characteristics

Optimistic and happy, the Taurus Rm man will have many friends. He can adapt to any situation except for the one where he has to deal with things alone.

He needs people around him more than anything in the world. Emotional and thoughtful, this guy loves helping others. Often having negative thoughts, he is prone to suffer from depression.

He approaches life rationally and he’s very careful when he makes a decision. But he needs to learn how to control his emotions more.

His energy should be invested in self-development and he will be happier. Attractive to the opposite gender, he will have many admirers.

The Taurus Goat man needs a female presence who will not hinder his independence. It’s advised that he analyzes his feelings more, and that he takes all his negative thoughts out.

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