Taurus Rabbit: The Harmony Lover Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Rabbit year

Taurus Rabbit
  • The Taurus dates are between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • These people are adept at hiding their flaws and weaknesses.
  • Spirited and adventurous, you can’t keep the Taurus Rabbit woman in one place.
  • The carefree attitude of the Taurus Rabbit man is simply addictive.

The individual born in the sign of the Taurus during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit takes from the calm and reasonableness of the Rabbit and the steadiness of the Taurus.

These people will agree with you in order not to generate any conflict and as long as you are fair to them, you can always find a middle ground.

The Understanding Taurus Rabbit Personality

Taurus Rabbits pride themselves on being carefree and generally happy, even at the worst of times, when you think it can’t get any worse.

They are also quite patient and unwilling to rush things in order to reach a certain goal, but this makes it even more likely for them to attain great things.

Certainly not an egocentric or overly arrogant individual, all that this native wants is to appear as natural as possible to the world, when everything’s going well for him.

Furthermore, since he seeks for relaxation and a worriless lifestyle, city environments are not something to his liking, instead preferring rural areas and natural places.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Dependable, Stable and Mysterious.

They are usually seen as righteous and fair people, probably due to how they deal with others, in as thoughtful way as possible, with generosity and understanding.

Most of the times, everyone thinks these natives don’t act their age, but that’s something self-evident from the beginning, from the way they treat people.

The fact that Taurus Rabbits are as compassionate as they are, living with a humanistic and generous approach in mind, is not so surprising, considering their Western and Eastern astrological upbringing.

Naturally more inclined to reach a better understanding with the fellow man, this native is also prone to deceit and manipulation. Although this tends to happen, it’s not so problematic as it seems, and it will all eventually pass rather quickly.

To better understand how kind and benevolent these guys are, all you have to do is observe the kind of occupations they have, or what jobs they prefer doing. The ones that are most probable to have a big impact on the lives of others, those ones.

Things like volunteering, working at an embassy or security enforcement, where they can directly ensure the people’s safety and wellbeing.

But a Taurus Rabbit has an even more important target in mind, and that is his family and close ones. Nothing even remotely comes close to this in significance.

Perfect careers for Taurus Rabbit: Publishing, Public Sector, Education, Sales.

In a working environment, as well as in day-to-day life, this native is incredibly systematic and attentive to details, taking every step necessary to ensure that peace and order prevails.

Organization is a must in this day and age, seeing as though everything just keeps on getting more stressing and more exhausting.

You have to somehow ease the pressure and find a way to do things more efficiently, right? Well, that is exactly what this Taurus Rabbit is committed on doing, being as comfortable as possible, and that is achieved by making sure that everything is in its place and working accordingly.

With age, comes wisdom, and this time it does seem to ring true for these individuals. Once they grow up and mature, obtaining experiences and knowledge, any situation or problem they encounter is easily solvable, in an almost natural manner.

However, these guys definitely do have their cons, a weakness that, although doesn’t put everything in a bad light, definitely has a negative impact overall.

They tend to become very unreasonable and stubborn if angered or upset, and the usual friendly attitude turns into one of hostility and revolt.

It’s not an act of clairvoyance or complex calculus to notice this change in them, it’s just like the difference between day and night, the earth and the sky.

While this only happens in moments of extreme duress, it’s still something real and worth keeping in mind when dealing with individuals such as these.

Love – Uncovered

A Taurus Rabbit won’t be looking for idealistic or fairy-tale relationships, instead settling in for someone that truly attracts their attention and entangles their heart.

And everything will work out perfectly, as a result of the approach towards dealing with people, in a straightforward and fair manner.

He is quite adept at reading what others think and feel, or even deduce possible changes in mood and attitude, which directly affects their persuasion and seduction skills.

Knowing how one will react upon acting basically ensures their success in flirting and romance.

Despite the thoughtfulness and caring attitude, they show towards partners and loved ones, when dealing with personal problems and issues, there may be slight hiccups and the occasional failure.

But that’s because their potential blazes the shiniest when helping others, it’s a very altruistic approach and mental attitude, but it is what it is.

Therefore, the partner should in turn offer comfort and support if and when the time comes. It’s all they need to thrive and prosper, that and nothing else.

They know how to behave in a love relationship where they get what they expect.

Most compatible with: Cancer Dog, Pisces Ram, Cancer Pig, Scorpio Dog, Virgo Dog.

Taurus Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Taurus Rabbit women are prone to emotional outbursts and shocking changes in behavior, for no apparent reason.

It just happens that they suddenly become sad, enraged and angry at you for just eating your breakfast silently. Those moments are truly weird and odd, but thankfully, they aren’t a constant event.

In general though, these women are very spirited and adventurous types, keen on touring the world and finding out new and exciting things about it.

When in a relationship, their attitude can differ, but normally they are highly communicative and self-aware individuals, with kind and knowing approaches and attitudes.

However, they can also be very direct, acid and tyrannical when things don’t follow the prescribed path, their path in other words.

Despising fakery and deceit in general, these natives will always reveal things they don’t like with a sharp and cutting tone, making things crystal clear that some things are better left untouched or kept underground.

By being so compassionate and helping in scope and action, people are naturally attracted to their person like bees to a pretty flower.

One thing missing is self-confidence and trust in one’s abilities and talent. Incapable of truly bringing out the best in them, Taurus Rabbit women are potentially impaired if nothing happens to make them realize this cold truth.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Rabbit: David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Ace Frehley, Tony Danza, Candice King.

Taurus Rabbit Man Characteristics

A Taurus Rabbit man will prefer to walk through life unabated, in a carefree and unrestrained manner, seeking pleasure and peace.

As a result, he tends not to involve himself into conflicts and arguments whenever possible. It’s another thing though when his sense of righteousness and fairness is touched by a situation, because that’s the moment every fibre of his being riles up in revolt and proceeds to act. This often attracts people and leads to many enduring friendships.

In relationships, he acts with great care and kindness, being very affectionate and loving towards his partner, offering support and help in perilous times.

However, be that as it may, but considering that he puts in all that effort and time into nurturing someone, the expectations are obviously the same when talking about the treatment received.

Their greatest perk, being very tolerant and taking patience with every person, can also become their greatest bane and curse.

That’s because, when dealing with personal issues, they can be indecisive and lacking in enough drive to do what must be done, or inhibitions and worries may start to surface.

Furthermore, when it comes to intuition and its use in everyday life, things couldn’t get any worse than this.

It’s really bad that they can’t properly foresee certain situations, and as such, failure becomes yet more probable.

As such, in order to achieve great things and reach fame and fortune, Taurus Rabbits should learn to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, as well as realize their potential.

All those perks and qualities, abilities and determinations, should just be channelled towards one singular goal, and focus is paramount here, focus and conviction.

Ambition is also one of the reasons why this native will probably reach great heights, because he doesn’t settle with just about anything that comes knocking on the door.

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