Taurus Pig: The Gregarious Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Pig year

Taurus Pig
  • Taurus people are born between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people often tackle everything with rational thoughts.
  • The Taurus Pig woman has a very strong-willed and heroic personality.
  • The stubborn Taurus Pig man finds it hard to open up to others.

It’s said that those who are born under the auspices of the Chinese Pig zodiac animal have a tremendous destiny and potential, both of which will represent a very good starting point for them.

As for the Western influence, the Taurus, or the Bull, are the typical hard-working and resolute individuals who have a very grounded approach on most things.

The result? The Taurus Pig, the native who has it all, both the potential and hand of fate resting on their shoulder, as well as the abilities, talent and aptitudes to make it all a reality. Fame? Fortune? Success? Meagre things which are just steps on their path towards the peak.

The Cheerful Taurus Pig Personality

Emotionally speaking, the Taurus Pig natives are, as one might have already guessed, quite temperate and balanced individuals.

With the pragmatism and rational mindset of the Taurus, as well as the enthusiastic, joyful and carefree Pig, these natives are yet again seemingly able to be flawless and perfect.

Empathically over-advanced and with a generous and kind attitude, they make friends easily and with a natural charm.

Of course, they are also people who enjoy giving themselves the best treatment and satisfying their every whim, just because life is worth living at the maximum.

The Taurus Pig is great at tasks requiring organizational and systematic skills, where one has to carefully calculate and logically apply a set of principles in order to complete the mission.

Naturally rational and mathematical in scope, they thrive and manage to successfully terminate the task with spare time to add a few personal ideas with potential for development.

Top Characteristics: Devoted, Responsible, Adaptable and Intellectual.

It’s evident why people will quickly learn to trust this native and give them time and space to work.

And this success, they share it with their close ones and family, because there aren’t any joys in living a high life by yourself, you have to share it with someone else to truly be happy.

They enjoy talking to people the most, and this can be seen from the enthusiasm and jolly approach that they always have when seeing a few close friends.

Endowed with great conversational and persuasive drive, they always get what they want, either by way of words, convincing and manipulation, or by going a step further with the body language, but only if necessary.

Their friends will likely not notice it, or won’t get upset anyway, because they are such an appreciative and compassionate individual, that you can put aside these small flaws.

There is, however, a case when the Taurus Pig will not give in to their good-natured personality and instead act with indifference or even have a bad attitude in some circumstances.

Therefore, when they are forced to do something they doesn’t want to, or when others threaten, coax or otherwise manipulate them, they will react resolutely and with great determination, and they will immediately cut off all ties with the perpetrator.

Their principles and strong moral character don’t allow for these situations to happen, and they are deeply connected to what they feel is right and wrong, sometimes too deeply attached.

Due to their multifaceted personality and great overall skills, they can cover up almost any subject in a discussion, as well as do any type of work, more or less.

At the very least, their curiosity and quick wits allow them to rapidly learn and adapt on the way, gaining knowledge and using it to reach a good-enough level of expertise.

As you can see, this native is only interested in the many ways they can self-develop and further increase their skills and knowledge pool, becoming superior to the man they previously were.

Perfect careers for Taurus Pig: Entrepreneurship, Politics, PR.

As such, money is secondary to them, only a reward for the effort and time put in, certainly not a goal in and of itself.

Moreover, when they take up a project, they will clearly finish it or die trying, because abandoning it mid-way is inconsistent with their principles.

Through their own efforts, sweat and blood, they succeed in paving a way towards the higher levels in their career.

Everyone sees them as a true professional and trustworthy individual, for all the efficiency, flexibility and resourcefulness that they constantly demonstrate in all their endeavors.

Besides the obvious ability and skill, they are also ones who excel at teamwork, being able to quickly figure out the pros and cons of each individual member, repair those flaws and redirect their efforts with increased efficiency.

Nevertheless, when the goal seems impossible to achieve, they don’t waste their time on futile efforts and quickly abandon it all. Over-exertion doesn’t bode well with this native’s character, and they seek to avoid any of that if possible.

Love – Exposed

The Taurus Pig individuals are very affectionate and devoted to their close ones, which hold a very important place on their priority list.

When they have feelings for someone, it won’t be a step-by-step and confusing love, but one filled with confidence, passion and intense emotions waiting to be unfurled and reciprocated.

Most compatible with: Capricorn Rabbit, Cancer Dragon, Virgo Ram, Pisces Ram, Capricorn Dragon.

They are very kind, compassionate and tender with their partners and their feelings, never letting anything to pose a threat or hurt them.

Also, even if it may not be as easy for them to freely express their feelings and thoughts, they totally make up for it with warm-heart and tender gestures of love.

Hence, they can be called one of the most thoughtful and attentive lovers of the zodiac, and while they could be annoyingly stubborn and pig-headed at times, it’s just one of their quirks that can be easily tolerated.

All that matters is to be patient and calm, and everything will naturally improve. Relationships at a distance are not this native’s cup of tea though, because of their constant need for affection and closeness with the loved one.

Taurus Pig Woman Characteristics

Helpful and supportive for the struggles of others, sometimes even more so than for their own problems, the Taurus Pig women are capable of actions which would befuddle even the weirdest and most eccentric one of us.

If world peace was easily attainable and wouldn’t involve so many unknown factors, they would strive for it more than anyone else, but they are also very practical individuals who would rather concentrate on doable goals.

The Taurus Pig women have a very strong-willed and heroic personality, having almost no hesitation if the situation calls for it.

Danger and great peril are almost always filled with rewards and potentially world-changing experiences, and so it would be abnormal and foolish not to take advantage of them.

This is due to their impetuous and spirited nature, but also because the prospect of great treasures and riches is too much for their mind.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Pig: James Dyson, Gigi Hadid, Iggy Pop, Sheena Easton, Leslie Stefanson.

Taurus Pig Man Characteristics

Mystery describes this native the best. And not the evident type, that enigmatic allure that makes one look cool and quite attractive, no. There’s just more than meets the eye to him, that’s all.

While everyone may think him to be an airheaded and breezy fool who has no idea of how the world works, in reality, he is a pretty knowledgeable and resolute person.

But this part of his character remains hidden, and only those close to him can hope to ever reach that far.

During their life, they might come across many weird and peculiar situations and witness similarly odd events, and these will have a great influence on their future development.

These experiences are somewhat unique and usable only by them, not that they would share them anyway, given their unwillingness to strip naked in front of people, figuratively speaking.

Nonetheless, it’s a slight inconvenience which doesn’t cover up the advantages of all that potential knowledge that sits at their fingertips.

Everything is considerably easier to do, as they further expand and strengthen the abilities and skills that led them this far.

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