Taurus Ox: The Comfort Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Ox year

Taurus Ox
  • If you are born between April 20 and May 20 then you are a Taurus.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • When you become friends with a Taurus Ox, you can be sure you gain a lifetime companion.
  • The Taurus Ox woman is adamant she can have both a fulfilled personal life and a career.
  • Loyal and devoted, the Taurus Ox man will sacrifice himself for those dear to him.

The Chinese sign of the Ox should give more life to the calm and robust Western sign of the Taurus but what happens here is that the Taurus strengths will model the Ox personality.

We are still talking about energy and resilience, but there is also this sense of comfort seeking in life. However, the pragmatism of these natives often pushes them to exceed some boundaries set by society.

The Wilful Taurus Ox Personality

Take the Western Taurus and calculate the fact that he or she is born in the year of the Ox, and you get someone who is determined, enduring, patient and stubborn. However, these people are also relaxed and unhesitating when it comes to making a decision.

According to the Western astrology, people born in Taurus are supposed to be quiet and reserved. But the ones born in Taurus the Ox year aren’t.

They are only a little bit more slow-paced when they’re talking, but people who know them well are aware of this.

Their main purpose is to live a life that is carefree and calm. They strive to keep relaxed and at peace with themselves.

All the characteristics of a Taurus combine themselves with the determination of the Ox. This makes the Taurus Oxen balanced emotionally, getting along with people without any problems.

Many of them will be art lovers as the entire Taurus natives love high-quality things, and spending good money on what they like. Nothing will convince the Taurus Oxen to renounce their hobbies.

Top Characteristics: Determined, Balanced, Hard-working and Intuitive.

Nice to be around, caring and kindhearted, the Taurus Oxen will usually have a positive outlook on life and they will struggle to help others.

They can be very stubborn at times, especially when they are looking to express their ways with manners and their views on life, but this doesn’t mean they will impose what they think on others.

It doesn’t matter what people think or how much of a fool of themselves they’re making, the Taurus Oxen will not have their mind changed about something they truly believe in.

Calm and reserved, these people can easily understand others and they are known to have a high empathy level.

While they like having their way, they would never come across other people’s feelings to get it.

They have ambitions and they love money. However, they will only be honest in making a living.

Perfect careers for Taurus Ox: Athletics, Music, Research, Sales and Journalism.

They are hard workers and they are not prone to becoming workaholics. They know there are more important things in life than their job they are working, they are calm and prudent. They rarely discuss their work-related problems with other people and they make decisions on their own.

Being so honest, direct and helpful, the Taurus Oxen are always appreciated by their colleagues at work. They would enjoy any job, but they won’t stay for too long if the workplace doesn’t offer them the possibility to advance in a management position.

They don’t mind if they are being given more responsibilities and they are eager to deal with new challenges. This makes them not only good workers, but also good parents.

Hating lying, the honest Taurus Ox is good at holding speeches. These people love their friends and they usually show their appreciation through loyalty.

When you become friends with a Taurus Ox, you can be sure you’ll have a reliable companion for a lifetime. The weakest points of Taurus Oxen are their stubbornness and their rigidity.

This can make them not see all the sides of a problem. When they are involved in a conflict, they forget all about their calmness and they develop a hot temper.

These are also weak points that can impede the Taurus Oxen from being 100% successful in what they may be doing.

Love – Revealed

When they want to commit for life, the Taurus Oxen are looking for someone charming and who knows their way around them.

They will want a partner who can overcome their cool exterior and discover their underlying loving and caring nature.

They can be ruthless and nonchalant too. If the partner goes against them, they immediately renounce the relationship and the other half altogether.

Devoted and loyal, the people born in Taurus the year of the Ox will get very angry if deceived or treated with disrespect.

And they won’t give up their anger till the partner doesn’t do something to repair the mistake. They are very good at planning for a painful revenge, and they will ultimately get to avenge their disappointment.

Most compatible with: Capricorn Rooster, Pisces and Cancer Rat, Capricorn and Virgo Snake.

They simply adore people who have a good sense of humor. Also those who can make them relax a little bit. Understanding, the Taurus Ox will be a sensuous and loving partner.

These people often think their relationship is a reflection of their success in life, so they struggle a lot to have something perfect with their partner. They expect the same response and they can be very sensitive about their love for the other half.

Taurus Ox Woman Characteristics

Dual in character, the Taurus Ox woman will use all of her strength and intelligence to get what she wants in life.

For her, happiness is nothing else than financial stability and she’ll pursue this happiness all of her life. She won’t get involved with someone until she knows her career is in a stable point.

If she manages to have both career and love, she will be very successful. She needs to be less direct and sharp with the person she loves if she wants something serious and durable. It is essential that the Taurus Ox woman learns a little bit of diplomacy.

It will help her not only in relationships, but also in her career. She is a strong lady who needs to somehow overcome her stubbornness. If she manages to do this, she will be at peace with herself.

The fact that she can’t be more diplomatic may lead to her being lonely most of the time. And she needs to communicate in order to be happy as she approaches life unusually and she needs to talk about it.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Ox: Billy Joel, Gal Gadot, Tori Spelling, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson.

Taurus Ox Man Characteristics

Interesting character, the Taurus Ox man manages to be soft and in the same strong. Independent and focused, he always pays attention to the ones around him. This is why he’s an excellent friend.

Loyal and devoted, the Taurus Ox man will make self-sacrifices for the sake of the ones he cares about. If he realizes his most positive traits, he can achieve many things in life. And his most prominent traits are decency and honesty.

Materialistic, the man born in Taurus the Ox year will see the results of something he’s doing before finishing the task. He can do any job and he’ll be successful.

Financial independence is definitely something this guy will always have. He can amaze people with his hard work and he seeks stability in a relationship.

He wants to rely on his partner and it is unlikely he will have short relationships as he aims for long-term. He likes having a social life and he always knows to behave in public.

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