Taurus Monkey: The Innovation Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Taurus born in Monkey year

Taurus Monkey
  • The Taurus dates are between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • There is an entertaining mischievousness about these people.
  • Acting on their ideas straightaway has never been a problem for the Taurus Monkey woman.
  • The Taurus Monkey man will not leave any stone unturned on their road to success.

Taurus Monkey natives are usually the most grounded and reliable individuals out there. Their attitude and approach to life and its challenges stems from a high sense of pragmatism and realism, coupled with a firm confidence and patience.

Plans and future prospects are, evidently, created based on the same perspectives and mentalities.

Knowing fully well that being up to date with the latest information and fully immersed into the actual world is a must if one is to strive for greatness, they are deeply concerned with gathering as much knowledge as possible.

The Convivial Taurus Monkey Personality

The Taurus Monkey was born with the soul and heart of an ingenious and determinate artist. Creativity is one of the things that make this native a truly resplendent one, a blazing beacon of light amidst all the darkness and inaction of other people.

They find joy in undertaking arduous, yet joyful tasks of redecoration or artistic design, be it when working, or in their own home. Speaking of home, they are as comfortable with being alone and reading a book, as they are welcoming and happy if close friends were to ever come by and visit them.

And they treat them all with care and generosity, even if sometimes the more devilish and mischievous part of them may come out on the surface and play some jokes. It’s all part of who they are and everyone comes to accept that.

Top Characteristics: Creative, Joyful, Diligent and Supportive.

Almost every goal and every long-term purpose requires a certain skillset to achieve, and that skillset come as a result of experience and things you learn from failures. This is something the Taurus Monkey individual appears to discern from an early age.

That is one aspect of knowledge. Another one consists of the tiny bits of trivia that you come across from time to time, which serve as an additional support when trying to solve something.

They enjoy life to its fullest and act accordingly. If they want to make a trip to another country and visit some landmarks, or eat at a fancy restaurant in the other part of town, they won’t hesitate for too long.

Desires are meant to be fulfilled as best as possible, and as long as it doesn’t come into conflict with another’s wellbeing.

For all these wishes and cravings, money is an integral part. After all, almost everything requires money in order to work. And if you can’t use money to live however your see fit and in a comfortable lifestyle, what use does it even have?

In their career, the Taurus Monkey will usually seek out whatever suits their interests and passions. If they had been taught correctly and correctly shown the way, then that is what they will naturally do.

After they settle with a satisfying job, they take it upon themselves to being a process of self-development, only to become better and better and perform better professionally.

Also, even if it may take some time for them to completely analyse and figure out if an idea should be pursued, once they comes to a decision, there are few things that could pursue them to think of something else again.

Perfect careers for Taurus Monkey: Law, Journalism, Education and Medicine.

A weakness of this native might not be as surprising as everyone thinks, because their nature and character would point out to it eventually.

Out of all that thirst for knowledge and keenness on finding out the freshest and newest pieces of information available, they will obviously feel the need to share it with everyone.

And this tendency degenerates into thoughtlessness and an incontrollable impulse to say exactly what they think and how they view things.

And this is sometimes not the best approach to a situation. People might get hurt or irritated by that explosion of honesty and frankness. Fortunately or not, these failures teach them diplomacy and empathy, more so than any other experience they’ve encountered so far in their life.

Love – Revealed

There is little to say about how these natives turn out to be as lovers, except that they combine all the best characteristics and all the suitable skillsets that you could ever wish for from a partner.

Devoted, appreciate and affectionate to people they love, Taurus Monkeys seemingly lack nothing, or so their partners believe.

From early on, they are quite open-minded and seek for pleasure and the thrill of peak satisfaction, which means that they won’t just settle for one singular relationship.

Adventures and temporary hook-ups will paint the canvas of their youth, small events that would later on prove to be the material and experience used to create a stable and long-standing bond with someone truly special.

Once they mature and find that person, they will start becoming incredibly attentive and interested on their lover’s development and potential realization. This keeps them totally immersed and focused most of the times.

Most compatible with: Libra Rat, Leo Rat, Libra Dragon, Aries Dragon, Aquarius Dragon.

They are especially affectionate and fully express their feeling to others, in order to readily create a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. Couple life requires communication, that is its very core, and this is something that the Taurus Monkey deeply acknowledges.

Getting them to confess and openly state any problems or dislikes isn’t a problem, the only reason they could refrain from speaking having to do with the possibility of hurting or offending the partner. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time.

Moreover, they prefer to speak, rather than act, and so don’t be surprised that they would rather compliment and eulogize your beauty, but doesn’t buy you roses or chocolates. It’s just the way they do things.

If someone truly catches their attention and fascinates them, the Taurus Monkey won’t hesitate to commit and being a thorough transformation.

Loyalty, devotion, affection and compassion are what this metamorphosis is all about. However, we all know that love is just an idealistic concept and does not last forever, instead being gradually replaced by routine and habitual attraction.

As such, after some time, they will regain their cravings and impulses, so they will try to satisfy them now and then. Nothing serious though.

Taurus Monkey Woman Characteristics

What these women excel at is focus, determination, in that they are well equipped for all of life’s challenges, rendering any problem as just another day at the work.

With a strong will and a constructive mentality, they yearn to find opportunities to self-develop and overcome all their limitations. As such, for them, there are no impossible tasks, only things they can’t yet accomplish.

Quite a bit arrogant, at least as much as their goals go, they will do everything possible to fulfil their dreams and wishes.

Filled with determination and acting with the belief that inaction and indifference can only lead to stagnation, they proceed on acting on their ideas and leave no stone unturned on their road to success.

In the meantime, what others say is unimportant and thus ignored, even if sometimes it may be helpful to listen to advice.

In relationships, diversity is the keyword, in their attitudes and personality traits that is, not necessarily in the openness to having as many activity as possible.

Being serious about bonds and love matters in general, they will strive to take control of everything. And this is not such a good thing, especially when the partner is a freedom seeker and wants for nothing else than the freewill to exercise his thoughts and desires.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Monkey: George Lucas, Joe Cooker, Bob Saget, Lars von Trier, Greg Davies, Channing Tatum, Travis Scott.

Taurus Monkey Man Characteristics

A social butterfly, the Taurus Monkey man will find it exceptionally easy to communicate and express himself in his relationships with other people.

Persuasion, seduction, even manipulation come very easily to this native, and he uses all these techniques to achieve all his goals and plans. Of course, he is a very resolute and determinate individual as well, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to succeed as easily.

One thing that may cause problems is the innate impulsivity and emotional instability of these natives. They just can’t control their emotions accordingly and this more often than not gets them into troubles and conflicts.

Learning to overcome and reach a consensus from this point of view will prove to be extremely beneficiary and a good thing overall.

Fortunately, they are also prone to learn from experience and failures alike, seeing them as just opportunities to get better and strive for a better self every day.

In relationships, he is not a picky and critical guy, instead going for quantity, rather than quality. This attitude will obviously net him quite a few victories as far as love goes, and his seduction skills can only get better and better.

Moreover, he is quite a loving and sentimental lover, having both the insight and sensitivity to notice what his partner feels and wants.

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