Taurus Man in Marriage: What Kind of Husband Is He?

The Taurus man becomes an excellent husband and provider, someone who loves to take care of his wife and live an indulgent life.

Taurus woman in marriage

Taurus men are looking for comfort, stability and to have a secure future. However, because they’re strong men, it’s very unlikely for them to not work hard at obtaining all these things and to just accept what others are offering.

They’re too proud for this attitude of theirs and are usually getting married only after feeling financially secure and able to support a family without struggling.

Taurus man as a husband, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Observant, charming and generous;
  • Challenges: Materialistic and self-centred;
  • He will love: Being with someone who is just as romantic as him;
  • He needs to learn: To not remain fixated in his ways.

Because Venus, the planet of beauty and love is ruling them, they’re feeling less practical when it comes to romance and are dreaming of a woman who doesn’t have any major expectations from them and with whom they can spend a lifetime.

Is a Taurus man good husband material?

When it comes to being a good husband, the Taurus man seems to have the highest points on the board. As soon as he has decided you’re the love of his life, there will be no one and nothing to stop him from keeping you close.

He’s very reliable and loyal as a partner, but he expects the same things in return, so you need to be all this if it’s for him to love you.

When married, the Taurus man can be very possessive. He tends to think of his partner as of a possession, so when the security of his relationship is being threatened, he becomes extremely jealous.

If terrified of losing the woman in his life, he turns into this cranky person who doesn’t agree with anything and is never satisfied.

As a husband, the Taurus man is an excellent provider because he can very much obsess over being financially secure, which means all of his investments are meant to offer his family a stable future.

He’s very materialistic and loves spoiling himself or the ones he loves the most. While in love with luxurious items, he still won’t spend everything he has on such objects. He’s not at all known for being spontaneous or exciting, but these aren’t in any way qualities a husband should have.

Fortunately, what he lacks in this sector gets compensated by his dependability, relaxed attitude and an ability to handle anything, no matter how depressing and difficult.

Since he gives a lot of importance to his domestic life, he’ll always focus on the routine of his relationships and have a very calm existence.

You must keep in mind he doesn’t like change or getting interrupted. He likes doing the same things every day and when opposed, he can be the most stubborn person you’ve ever got the chance to meet.

The Taurus man would never change his ways or mind because he’s fixed and willful. Incapable of feeling happy without his comfort, he’ll most likely decorate his home so that it looks comfortable and welcoming, buy the best foods on the market and keep his bank account filled.

It’s true that with this native, love goes through the stomach first. He needs to be spoiled with fine dining and the most expensive wines. He’s sweet and affectionate, so he’ll most likely bring you many flowers and gifts meant to help you both enjoy the pleasures of life.

These things won’t change after the wedding because he’s very romantic and sensitive when it comes to love, so you can rest assured he’ll continue being sweet.

The Taurus husband will always remember about birthdays and anniversaries, even about the day when you two had first had sex.

He’ll be more generous and romantic during these special occasions because he wants his lady to feel admired, loved and cherished. It can be said he’s a little bit of a showoff when it comes to romance.

If you want to make him happy, keep in mind that he simply loves receiving gifts. Saying “I love you” to him is nice, but he’s a total sucker for presents.

The affectionate husband

In the role of the husband, the Taurus man can feature all of the best traits in the zodiac. He’s very physical, so many may think of him as immoral as he’s only looking to indulge in pleasure and to be physical.

He’s kind, affectionate and very loyal, so he’d never even think of neglecting his home or loved ones, no matter how passionate he may be about his career.

Disciplined and loving order, he’ll make sure his children and wife are living in comfort and benefit from everything life has to offer.

When married, the Taurus man is very responsible and courageous, which means he could calmly and gracefully take on any challenge related to his family life.

He’ll want to marry a lady with a better social and material position than him as he’s always looking to achieve success, no matter in what manner.

The planet Venus makes him sensitive when it comes to beauty, so he’ll decide to settle down with a beautiful and elegant woman. Loyal and a good provider, the Taurus man will always want to spend some quality time with his family.

He isn’t the type to divorce that easily, but he really needs a partner who can satisfy him from a sexual point of view because he’s a creature of pleasure and has a high libido.

The Taurus man is the most affectionate, romantic, generous, hardworking, devoted and patient husband. Furthermore, he’s sensual and reliable.

In his wife’s presence, he’s down-to-earth and the best listener, but he can also drive her crazy with his materialistic side and fear of change. He wants success and to climb the social ladder, so he’ll always worry about how his house looks like.

This means he’ll own the most refined furniture, a yard that’s always looking incredible, the most attractive car and go out to expensive dinners with his wife.

He doesn’t mind being with a woman who works and can even be the one who cooks an takes care of the children. In fact, he may even encourage his lady to be a career woman and to make more money than he does as he really loves it when his bank account is getting bigger.

Financial security makes this man feel secure, so if his wife is doing something for a living as well, he can afford to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer.

However, while kind and dependable, if you’ve married him, you’ll have to accept his negative traits as well. For example, he can exaggerate with his materialistic nature, not to mention how stubborn, self-absorbed and possessive he can become when feeling insecure.

Besides all these things, he also has a tendency to just lay around all day and do nothing, his quick-temper getting to be revealed if criticized for his laziness. He’s more focused on peace and harmony because he’s looking for pleasure and happy surroundings.

His purpose is to stimulate all of his senses and to enjoy everything that’s beautiful in abundance. Therefore, he may indulge himself in luxury, food and sex.

His most negative and ugly traits are his stubbornness, quick-temper and fixed ways. His wife should never push him to change his mind about something because he can become even more angry and resistant in such situations.

As a matter of fact, when all of his buttons are being pushed, he can turn into the raging bull that he is and refuse to ever listen. Keep in mind no one can change him, especially if not knowing what approach to adopt in his presence.

It would be a great idea to just keep calm and to deal with the most important things when around him. Don’t be furious and peacefully talk about what’s bothering you.

He needs to be listened to and most importantly, he needs to be given time to think. Obviously, a man is much more than his sign, not to mention astrology can get really complicated when it comes to marriage.

However, the birth chart of a Taurus man can say a lot about this person, including how compatible he is with his wife and if the marriage between them two is meant to last.

Therefore, if you’re planning to marry a man in Taurus and are curious how your life with him is going to be, just talk with an astrologer and ask him or her everything you’d like to know.

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