Taurus Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Taurus kisses are more than just locking lips, are an experience in itself and seem to make the time stop around.

Taurus kissing

Seen as headstrong and being the Bulls of the zodiac, Taurus natives are just like chameleons as far as kissing goes. This is because they’re concentrating to go in deeply and to mesmerize their kissing partner.

These natives want to make compliments to their partner because they know that when giving people what they want, they have all the chances of having them coming for more.

Taurus kissing in a nutshell:

  • Taurians kiss softly and gently, enjoying every touch and look;
  • Their kisses can make you see beyond the fights and any difficult times;
  • The Taurus man is making each and every second of the kiss worth it;
  • The Taurus woman loves to be courted and to feel desired.

People born under Taurus are good at coming up with the most original ideas. When they are kissing somebody, they’re all about extra-sensorial passion. They’re looking at people’s faces, smelling their scents and touching their body.

Taurus kissing style

It can be said Taurus people have several kissing styles, so it can never be known what they can offer when it comes to touching lips.

They simply love to surprise their lover, even to the point of which they’re going mad. It’s very likely they’re keeping the lips closed one minute and after are going straight into a passionate session of kissing.

In other words, they’re expressing their gratitude and love through kissing. These people are graceful and elegant, making their love feel appreciated.

If having the rare occasion to date a Taurus, don’t ever let them go because their kisses can make you see beyond the fights and any difficult time.

They can block people mentally with a single kiss. What more can be asked of them. They’re kissing sincerely, above anything else.

Taurus people want to give away everything when they’re kissing, and they’re never caring about the others.

They’re belonging to the Earth element and can last for long when joining lips with another person.

It’s very likely they’re sitting comfortable on the sofa and relaxing, while imagining they’re sipping something warm and tasty.

Taurus lovers are doing their best to act slowly and in a sensual manner because they want to intrigue, meaning they’re unconsciously licking their lips, whereas others can consider them too arrogant.

In other words, they’re playing a lot with their lips, no matter what they may be doing. These natives love to play sometimes and are demanding, meaning they’re looking to please their partner.

They’re turned off by having to struggle too much for their love, meaning they need to kiss people who aren’t shy and know what they’re doing.

In some ways, they’re just like Virgos. They love to communicate and to be the ones at who everyone is looking. These natives can have the open highway when it comes to offering as much pleasure as possible.

Belonging to the Earth element, they’re looking to establish emotional connections no matter what they may be doing, no matter if it’s about kissing or not.

These people don’t believe much in talking over the phone or on the Internet. They want to feel the passion of lovemaking and lips moving together.

As soon as their trust has been earned, they’re leaving nothing to be discovered, just to offer the best kiss.

They’re only kissing if feeling a strong connection and trust, not to mention they want something sensual, as well as to leave the other person wanting more.

Taurians kiss softly and gently

Taking their time and passionate, as well focused to make people feel them, Tauruses are good kissers. They are keeping a distance between them and their partner, until they can identify the perfect moment for doing something, from far away.

When looking with passion at someone, they’re profound and trying to hook him or her up. They need to be wanted and for others to get close to them.

In a moment, they can start to be unhesitating, not to mention they love each and every minute of the so-called ESP, which is translated as Extra Sensory Passion.

These people are enjoying every touch and look, as well when someone is breathing close to their neck.

They’re most of the time trying a lot with their fingertips, inhaling how their partner is smelling, as well kissing deeply while tasting every moment of what’s happening.

These natives don’t usually talk much during private moment because they focus on feeling everything. Whereas they may not all the time look to do things the traditional way, they’re still neck peckers.

Their soft kisses can be incredible because Taurus is ruled by the chakra of the neck, so any kind of gentleness in that area is making them run wildly.

No matter if they want to advance or not in life, these natives can’t forget whom they’re kissing and the chest area of the person they love.

However, their sensual lips can’t be on anyone. If they’re deciding to trust and that their next lover is worthy, they can start to kiss in an indulgent manner.

Kiss a Taurus man

When it comes to relationships, Taurus men are reliable, devoted and often headstrong. As far as luxury is going, the Taurus man loves to indulge himself.

He can watch something for hours and eat the same snacks for months. He loves to drink the most expensive wines all alone.

There are cases in which he’s simply too much. This is good news for his partner because he can never stop kissing. When doing so, he’s making each and every second of it last, meaning they’re consuming themselves with this love approach.

He loves each and every discrete moment and doesn’t want to approach anything in a direct manner. When touched, he’s like silk and considers himself to be a gift to the one he loves.

This man is always looking good, meaning he attracts attention, no matter where he may be going. The ladies see him as powerful and quiet, as well adorable. He’s not the impulsive type to take a woman from her nest and to go with her in the wilderness because he’s composed, sensitive and preferring to adopt practicality when it comes to romanticism.

He loves being seduced because he doesn’t have to invest too many efforts, not to mention he’s the first to expect others to see him as an idol. More than this, the Taurus man is looking for a long-term relationship. In the back of his reserved personality, there’s a passionate person who’s hiding a lot of physicality.

The Taurus is known for his high energy, but as well for being a little bit boring. If all alone with a lady, he wants to be hugged and reassured of her love.

He’s a person who needs to be sensually stimulated and offered affection. He’s a little bit slow when having to take action, especially with kissing.

The girl who wants to make him fall in love with her should be patient enough to wait for him, not to mention that she has to ask him out herself.

He doesn’t easily trust people, so if asked on a date out of a sudden, he may think he’s being played. It’s important to let him know that someone is interested in him and to be given many compliments as far as appearance is going.

Kiss a Taurus woman

The lady born under Taurus wants to go out to the most expensive places, to drive a strong car and to wear beautiful jewelry. She has refined tastes like no other woman and wants a man who knows how to make money.

Besides, she’s crazy about traditions and wants to deal with old-fashion customs when it comes to relationships.

This lady loves to have her man courting her. She doesn’t want something too loud because she’s too sensual and intimate for such things.

While wanting to offer pleasure, she’s more the passive type. When surrendering herself, she can reach ecstasy.

Having the most feminine characteristics in the zodiac, she’s the submissive type with her man, also because Venus is ruling her.

Many men are seeing her as perfect because she has many domestic talents. For example, she’s loyal and wants to protect her husband or boyfriend, not to mention how sweet her talk can be.

She wants something long-term and when it comes to the bed, she has a lot of lust, relying more on her instincts than on other things.

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