Taurus Horse: The Eccentric Spender Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Taurus born in Horse year

Taurus Horse
  • Taurus people are born between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • Hard work and dedication is what these people are recognized for.
  • The Taurus Horse woman is charming and naturally attractive to many.
  • A family man at heart, the Taurus Horse man can also be very stubborn.

Taurus Horses are meant to rule. They are interested in playing the most important roles at any relevant occasions just like the Horse Chinese animal. Since a young age, these people will exhibit great talents in arts and sports.

They are usually wealthy people who will work hard for their career. All this is combined with the fact that they know how to make it in life.

The Modest Taurus Horse Personality

Balanced, Taurus Horses are aware of how to express themselves, and they are good at judging people and situations. Active and ambitious, these individuals are also creative and they often solve their problems imaginatively.

They are the type of people who wouldn’t see life without passion or love. Because they are smart and creative, they don’t miss good opportunities in life.

Taurus Horses like interacting with other people, and the fact that they are so balanced makes them good friends. As far as work goes, they don’t mind taking on new responsibilities, and they face challenges without any fear.

They would be good as supervisors as they aren’t authoritative or overbearing. Their main purpose in life is to live in a stable environment, not having to worry about tomorrow or the daily needs.

Top Characteristics: Bossy, Conflicted, Passionate and Bright.

The Taurus gives them robustness and power, while the Horse makes them happy and enthusiastic. This is why people in Taurus the year of the Horse are so charismatic and able to accomplish anything they want in life.

Not that crazy about money, individuals born in these signs are ambitious and determined. They will not be interested that much in opportunities that are meant to bring them fortunes for they think there are more important things in life than being rich.

They are more interested in having a happy family that is stable and always there to offer them comfort and security.

They will make enough money for them to afford everything they need and a little bit for some eccentric spending.

Taurus Horses aspire to travel and discover new places and people. They don’t need to be instructed on how to prioritize things in life.

They know hard work and dedication are the most important when it comes to success. While they are strongly attached to their home, they also like to go new places and see something different than what they have been used to.

Family and comfort are among the most important things to them, and they will fight for to obtain these things in life. If they are forced to study or work far away from the family, they will always come back home.

Perfect careers for Taurus Horse: Artist, Music, Politics, Advertising, Law.

You will never see them in cheap clothes. They have a fashion sense and a reputation to defend. These people base their judgments on instinct rather than on intelligence. Because they are so determined and courageous, they will succeed in the business field.

When they need to compete with someone, they become ruthless and merciless. One of their weaknesses is that they are undemonstrative. Another weak point in their character is that they also are stubborn.

This happens especially when they’re upset, angry, insecure, stressed, or tired. Both the animals that represent these people in the zodiacs are determined and strong in their beliefs.

Fortunately, the stubbornness doesn’t last too long in Taurus Horses. They are not that consistent with this negative trait.

Love – Revealed

The only moments when Taurus Horses are being modest is when they’re in love. When they fall for someone, these people become vulnerable and ready to give up anything for the affection of the person they like.

They are constantly wondering what others think of them and they take many cautions in love. Not only stubborn, Taurus Horses are also possessive. They are born to dominate and they don’t accept to be opposed, especially in the relationship and at home.

Because they put such a high price on family, it may take them a while before they decide to settle down with someone. They take time to decide if the person they like is going to offer them everything they need in order to be happy.

They need partners who are able to understand them and their communication skills are not so easygoing. Their biggest fear is to not be able to help when people they love need them the most.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rooster, Pisces Ram, Cancer Tiger, Virgo Rooster, Capricorn Ram, Pisces Tiger.

When someone in their life goes through a crisis or doesn’t know what to do in a situation, Taurus Horses become depressed and angry, and it’s hard for them to contain all these feelings they’re having.

They will only open to the people they know and trust. They don’t like telling strangers or acquaintances what they are feeling.

As soon as they have revealed a part of their soul to someone, they turn into passionate, loving creatures. The more they age, the more relaxed and easygoing they become.

Taurus Horse Woman Characteristics

Tempered and eloquent, the Taurus Horse woman will build an ideal world inside her mind, and she will try to make it possible. She needs to be responsible at all times, as a more relaxed attitude can lead her to failure.

This lady is charming and easygoing in a relationship. Men will be attracted to her naturally. If she wants to keep someone next to her for longer periods of time, she needs to be wiser and more considerate.

This woman is hungry for power, so a leading position would not be that good for her. With a good sense of humor, she can entertain many people.

But it is not recommended that she attracts too much attention as she can become lightheaded in such situations.

It’s important that the Taurus Horse woman treats everything in her life seriously. This is the only way for her to not be superficial and vain.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Horse: Barbra Streisand, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Moore, Janet Jackson, Kim Zolciak.

Taurus Horse Man Characteristics

The man born in Taurus the year of the Horse seldom gets lost in his own dreams. He is rational and he analyzes people and situations objectively.

Open and honest, this guy will occupy senior positions at his job. He likes to have a home where he can feel comfortable. Many Taurus Horse men will work towards building themselves a cozy home.

The Taurus Horse wants a wife and children, and he will be protective with the ones who are lucky enough to be in his family. If he wants to be more successful, he needs to think more of self-development.

He is a complex person, who can be easily affected by difficulties and bad situations. He needs to be part of a family and a social environment as this is what brings him happiness. It’s advised that he seeks fulfillment in everyday activities, not in big dreams and goals.

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