Taurus Dragon: The Realistic Helper Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Taurus born in Dragon year

Taurus Dragon
  • Taurus people are born between April 20 and May 20.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • Some admire them, others simply cannot stand their ways.
  • The Taurus Dragon woman is very picky about who she dates.
  • The cautious Taurus Dragon man puts value on the simple things in life.

The Taurus Dragons are the eccentric charismatics of the zodiac, people who never speak before thinking but appear to be ingenious and impulsive.

They are friendly and because of this, they will always be appreciated by others. Optimistic and open to what life may have in store for them, the Taurus Dragons treat almost everything seriously. But this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to be fun because they do.

The Meditative Taurus Dragon Personality

Taurus Dragon people know how to channel their energies and efforts in order to obtain what they want and also adapt to the circumstances.

People who are born in both these astrological signs will take advantage of any opportunity that they’ll have in life.

They can sometimes find it hard to accept what other people think, but they in the end adapt and deal with others’ opinions.

This is something the Taurus Dragons can use to establish a rhythm of their own and avoid stress. They like to do more than one thing at a time, so they would be perfect at jobs that require them to be multi-tasking.

Their colleagues will like them because they are practical, patient, and inspiring. It would be hard to work with a Taurus Dragon and not appreciate his or her endurance.

Top Characteristics: Deep-thinker, Energetic, Opportunistic and Practical.

Full of energy, intelligent and strong, the Taurus Dragon people are pretty happy with the way they are. However, other people’s opinions about them may vary.

Some admire them, others simply cannot stand their ways. They are pragmatic and they often play silly just to make those around them laugh.

Their creative and unconventional side may emerge from time to time, especially when they need to prove their talents and abilities. They can take their imagination out to play through art or by being spontaneous.

Only when they’re in the comfort of their own home, these people reveal all their peculiarities. The Taurus Dragons love to express their taste by decorating their home beautifully and uniquely.

They are very careful with their time and they like everything to be in order. In conclusion, when you’ll enter a Taurus Dragon’s home, you’ll notice how everything is in its place and how creatively the place is decorated.

They’re not too pretentious with people who live with them, but they expect common sense and the house to be clean and tidy.

Perfect careers for Taurus Dragon: Education, Programming, Engineering, Dentistry, Beauty.

Because they are stubborn, people in Taurus the year of the Dragon can exasperate their friends and family. But they compensate with their charm and the fact that they really get involved when they are asked to do something.

If they want to, these guys are able to achieve success from nothing at all. They will courageously engage in activities they’ve never heard about before as they don’t mind taking risks.

While they love to travel different places, they also need financial support for this. Most of the people born in these signs talk loudly, and you may think they are quarreling when you first hear them saying something.

One of their main weaknesses is indecisiveness. This can sometimes stop them from achieving their goals. It’s not that they don’t understand what they need to do, they simply take too much time thinking if they are certain of what they’re about to decide.

Taurus Dragons are always calm and they have a broad-shouldered constitution. They are in love with art and creative people themselves.

They don’t accept criticism and they are straightforward with others. If they manage to make decisions faster, they are sure to not miss the opportunities that lay in front of them.

Love – Revealed

In love matters, the Taurus Dragons are sensitive and delicate. It doesn’t matter how aggressive they seem on the outside, in relationship matters they are fragile. It’s because they take love and romance very seriously.

With their partner, they will be affectionate and responsive. Any emotion the partner may feel, the Taurus Dragon will explore and understand.

They have a dreamy side and they use their imagination to make the relationship more interesting. This is useful for when things become dull and boring.

Not at all thinking of themselves, the Taurus Dragons will always be interested in fulfilling the partner’s dreams and wishes.

But keep in mind they are also jealous and possessive. They will ask everything about where you’ve been, with whom, and in between which hours.

They have a sensuality few other signs have, and they understand they need to invest efforts in their relationships. When they commit, they are doing it for long-term.

As soon as they have found someone, these people will work hard to keep things going. Faithful and demanding, the Dragon Taurians will not accept being cheated on.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rat, Capricorn Monkey, Virgo Snake, Virgo Rat.

Taurus Dragon Woman Characteristics

If you want to grab the attention of a Taurus Dragon woman, you need to know how to approach her.

She likes being praised and having nice conversations. She can be stubborn, so you may need to bring strong arguments when debating something with her. She is a natural born leader who likes things to be under control.

If you let her believe the discussion is being handled by her, she will be responsive and open. If she falls in love, the Taurus Dragon lady becomes very vulnerable. She takes her relationship seriously and she’ll trust the partner.

Betrayal is something she could not stand, and she expects loving in exchange for what she offers. The charisma a Taurus Dragon woman has cannot be equaled by that of another sign.

She will impress everyone with her presence and she will talk about anything. This lady enjoys every moment of her life and is very optimistic.

It’s easy to get along with her as long as she doesn’t show her rude side. Her weaknesses are being too proud, rude and angry. She doesn’t stay mad for too long, but when she’s angry, you’d better stay out of her way.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Dragon: Al Pacino, Alan Kay, Stephen Colbert, Kevin Garnett, Anushka Sharma, Adele, Blac Chyna.

Taurus Dragon Man Characteristics

Sweet and nice, the man in Taurus the Chinese year of the Dragon is determined and charming. He calculates every move he has to make, and he’s flexible.

You can talk about anything with him, this being the reason why he has so many friends. Talented, strong and energetic, this guy will accomplish many things in life, especially if he has someone to push him.

If he knows how to use his creative side, he may get from life more than he expects. Stubborn, he can sometimes turn depressive. And when this happens, he becomes the laziest, most passive and boring man on Earth.

Attractive, charming and impulsive, the Taurus Dragon man will get women to roam around him. But when he falls in love, he becomes the most devoted and romantic partner. He values love and serious relationships.

You will never see him using flattery or his connections to achieve something. He is demanding with other people and he expects his partner to be loyal.

Some weaknesses he has are the fact that he starts many projects at the same time and also that he doesn’t value his own strength. These negative traits can lead to stress in his life.

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