Taurus Dog: The Cheerful Dreamer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Taurus born in Dog year

Taurus Dog
  • If you are born between April 20 and May 20 then you are a Taurus.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people are capable of a lot more than they show.
  • The Taurus Dog woman is an adventurer at heart.
  • Others may doubt the intentions of the versatile Taurus Dog man.

In the Chinese zodiac, Dogs are known for being honest, friendly and dedicated. They are lovely people who easily make friends and are able to keep relationships lasting for a very long time.

More than this, people born in the year of the Dog are also loyal and focused on their goals. Kind, generous and affectionate, Taurus Dogs are a little bit materialistic. This is from the Taurus’s side.

They appreciate everything of value and high-quality. They need to be around people who are honest and righteous.

The Soft Taurus Dog Personality

Optimistic and always happy, these guys are ready to make others feel happy and satisfied. They listen and they can guess what others are feeling, acting according to what their friends and loved ones demand of them.

Besides all this, Taurians born in the year of the Dog are good at handling any kind of situation successfully. They won’t be restricted to a single job because they are daring and interested in pursuing their dreams.

Good judges of characters and circumstances, Taurus Dogs will take on many golden opportunities in life. Calm and organized, they are born to lead and make others more efficient at what they are doing.

They have the calmness, the self-sufficiency and the receptiveness from the Taurus, and the dedication and loyalty from the Dog.

Besides, the coolness and stubbornness of the Taurus are softened easily by the Dog’s kindness and thoughtfulness. You will rarely see a Taurus Dog sad or lost.

Top Characteristics: Dedicated, Loving, Direct, Considerate, Calm and Trustworthy.

They are cheerful and they view life in a positive light. Also, they are among the most down-to-earth people, so they won’t lose themselves in daydreaming and useless aspirations.

They like to have friends and they are reliable companions who will always be there to give a hand. Cautious with their actions, you won’t see them doing something reckless.

They are definitely not the kind to create conflicts or show their importance and strength. Sincere people, these Tauruses expect others to be honest with them, and want peace and harmony even when the situation is somehow agitated.

When they need to defend the ones they love and care about, Taurus Dogs don’t hesitate to put themselves on the second place and sacrifice their own interests. They can’t stand manipulative, deceiving people and they have their own ways of interpreting others’ actions.

Observant, Taurus Dogs will not miss a thing and they can sometimes be considered too nosy. Active and responsible, they would be good at any job that requires them to concentrate and make accurate suppositions.

Patient, these Dogs are known for having endurance from both signs they are born in. When they face opposition, these guys firstly calm down and even compromise if the situation requires them to.

But if they are being pushed to their limits, they can become very dangerous and temperamental. Thankfully, they don’t keep being resentful for too long and they easily forget when someone has crossed them.

Hard workers, Taurus Dogs enjoy their relaxation time. They are people with many interests, so they will try and unwind while at home or somewhere in the country side. Not picky, you can take a Taurus Dog out for a game or a cozy dinner.

As far as their profession goes, they are appreciated for being loyal and they usually come up with solutions nobody else was able to think of. But they need to be careful with colleagues who are not so well intended as they can steal their ideas.

People born in Taurus the year of the Dog will always make long-term plans after which they will live their lives. They are organized and for this too, bosses will always admire and appreciate them.

Their partners will enjoy their attention and love as they like to spend time with their lovers. Connoisseurs of refined foods, you can spend some quality time with Taurus Dogs in the kitchen, experimenting new recipes and exotic tastes.

The fact that they are so loyal and faithful can be both a weakness and a positive trait in their character. They can attract those with not so good intentions to scam and disappoint them.

Perfect careers for Taurus Dog: Education, Writing, Publishing, Photography.

Perfectionists in all aspects of life, they have some ideals that they will always try to reach. While they have certain abilities and they are able to rule themselves very well, these Taurus people often lack confidence.

If you happen to be the partner or the friend of a person in these signs, make sure you always encourage him or her to do what they want to do.

The lack of confidence can be considered a weakness, but it doesn’t cause them too much trouble. It is mostly present when they are young, and if they have intelligent parents, they can overcome it.

Love – Exposed

Most of the Taurus Dogs are cautious when it comes to their love life. But they are loyal and reliable partners who are attentive and caring. They are able to give it all up just to find someone whom they can trust and love.

They are ready to compromise when the situation is difficult and they put themselves on the second place if their lover has difficulties.

They seem to be more comfortable with matters of love more than with anything. They will love their other half with sincerity and no doubt, and they will always know how to separate the personal life from the work one.

These guys are quite possessive and jealous when they feel like someone else is trying to get their partner.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rabbit, Capricorn Horse, Virgo Tiger, Pisces Tiger, Pisces Horse.

They have trouble expressing what they are feeling because they are not the most communicative people. Tenderness and affection are important to them, and they are very sentimental.

An easy relationship in which both partners contribute with the same amount of love and care is something that they dream of ever since they are young. Their lovers will enjoy enough freedom and feel secure.

The ideal partner for a Taurus Dog is someone who is humorous, kind and gentle. These Dogs crave affection and like feeling appreciated and loved. Romantic and passionate, they will share everything with their other half.

The fact that they are flexible and caring helps them form deep connections with the ones they love. It would be impossible for Taurus Dogs to resist a disappointment in love.

They are usually devastated when they are being cheated on, or when their partner is not supporting and caring.

They would blame themselves and spend years regretting things that they didn’t even do if they break up with someone.

Taurus Dog Woman Characteristics

The Taurus Dog woman is complex and sometimes moody. She can become angry very fast, and that’s why it is possible for her to end up alone.

She is quite absent and passive when it comes to what life has planned for her. Fortunately, she is lucky so she will manage to deal with strange situations.

She will be active her entire life. She likes to wander and she’s not scared of adventure. This is a girl who enjoys traveling and dealing with new people.

It is recommended that she is more attentive and reserved. She also should invest more in her natural talents and fulfill her dreams.

Celebrities under the sign of Taurus Dog: Shirley MacLaine, John Waters, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell, Uma Thurman, Tina Fey, Will Arnett, Jamie Dornan.

Taurus Dog Man Characteristics

Sociable and friendly, it’s easy for the Taurus Dog man to make friends. He is loyal and he would split the last money that he has with a friend who needs it more.

Down-to-earth, this guy will never get lost in fantasies and dreams. He knows how to express his opinions and ideas, and he could do a great job doing something creative.

If this guy manages to identify what he likes most in life, he would be able to achieve great things.

Strong and focused, he will never be auto-destructive. His weakness could be the fact that he can’t express emotions very well, but he is nice enough to convince others his intentions are good.

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