Taurus Anger: The Dark Side of The Bull Sign

Taurians are totally angered by being judged for their actions, especially for their more indulgent characters.

Taurus anger

No one is as patient as Taurus people, so it can only be imagined how difficult it is for them to become angry. These natives are reliable and grounded, but when annoyed for too long, they can become fierce.

Those who wish to anger them need to only make them feel insecure and destroy what they’ve worked very hard for. Being stubborn, they’re rarely backing down from keeping what’s theirs.

Taurus anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Having their limits pushed about;
  • Can’t stand: Hypocritical and self-righteous people;
  • Style of revenge: Methodical and inspired;
  • Make up by: Showering them with gifts.

A passive-aggressive attitude

Individuals born under Taurus can confuse others and aren’t bothered by anything. They like arguments and to be involved in them, just to have fun.

In other circumstances, they don’t like fighting because they see it as a waste of their time and comfort.

There shouldn’t be made any mistake about them because they aren’t the Bulls of the zodiac for no reason. When annoyed to the extreme, they can act like this animal.

Having the personality traits and the calm of murderers, they’re seen as the most dangerous sign, but only when they’re ready to have a reaction.

Otherwise, they can wait and tolerate, can be slow and headstrong to do anything.

These people love living in comfort too much and are loyal. If they can no longer tolerate a situation or a person, they’re starting to plan their vengeance and to wait for the right moment to make it work.

Whereas not being able to get angry very easily because they possess a very rich sense of humor, it would be better to stay out of their way when they’re mad.

Having a passive-aggressive attitude, they can hurt the people who have done them wrong, in a bad manner. They don’t want to admit they’ve ever been hurt, so they can find it difficult to express their feelings.

However, when Tauruses are giving the silent treatment, it should be known something upsetting has happened to them. These natives are especially becoming angry if cheated or lied to.

At least they don’t allow too much to bother them because they’re keeping things even. If they’re getting angry either way, they should spend some time alone and clear their head.

There’s no one more stubborn than individuals born in Taurus, not to mention they’re as well very independent, so they should be left alone to mind their own business when the situation has taken a wrong turn.

Angering a Taurus

It shouldn’t be forgotten Tauruses are like bulls. It can take some time to make them angry as they’re down-to-earth and patient.

Wanting to own either things or people, not having can make them very upset. When these people are being asked to change their mind, they shouldn’t say very much.

They don’t like having their space, regardless if it’s about people or locations, invaded. For example, Taurus natives don’t like others messing with their gadgets and placement of the furniture, not to mention how much they can’t tolerate their loved ones interacting with their valuable things.

More than this, they don’t like when their routine is being somehow bothered.

Those who are flirting with their partner can see them angry very rapidly, but not on the moment because people in this sign are keeping their anger in line and expressing it when raging.

This is a moment when no one can do anything about it anymore. They can start to use very harsh words, while their fury can no longer be kept under control.

Testing the Taurus patience

The small things that irritate Tauruses to the point of no longer standing what’s going on are many. For example, they can’t stand people with nervous habits, like the ones who are biting their nails and wiggling their foot.

More than this, these natives are strong and can get well from sickness very fast. When having a fever or suffering from a disease, they’re starting to act nervously and to ask others if they’re alright.

They don’t like others touching their things and being given indication about how they can decorate. These people can also be annoyed by others telling them for sure they can’t remember some things, when they are sure to have those details in mind.

More than this, they can be told the directions they’re taking are not the right ones, when going somewhere, and after end up lost.

They’ll ask again and again for the directions, thinking the other can figure it out. When watching TV, take over and use the remote, without asking anything.

Change the channels continuously, until they no longer know what to do. Most of the time, Tauruses are the ones who are getting angry when their basic traits are being threatened. For example, they can be nagged, made promises, have their schedules changed and be hurried.

Becoming highly irritable

People born in the Taurus sign have the Bull that’s representing them, so there’s no reason to guess the anger of these people.

When these natives are angry, it can be easy for them to become aggressive and to obsess over little things. Tauruses don’t actually listen to other people and are headstrong, as well very irritable.

However, this behavior of theirs is being explained in ways in which they’re getting upset when injustice is happening. If angry, these people can’t be calmed down very easily.

Natives in Taurus don’t have enough patience with those who are annoying them. It can take a while to have them angry, but their Bull can’t be stopped, not to mention they can remember things forever.

When pushed far, they can get their revenge and deal with the way they’ve been offended in the past. While trying to keep their interest for everyone, they’re sure to explode in a slow, but sure manner, meaning people should stay away from them.

While not easily trusting, they’re tolerant, devoted and warm, as well dependable. These natives are giving, understanding and caring with the ones they care about, so they can tolerate a lot.

However, if they’re annoyed to the point of no longer forgiving, revenge is sure to arrive. They can hit with their plans, where it’s really hurting others, this being why they’re waiting for a lot of time to act against those who have done them wrong.

Their plans are always executed to the last minute, this being what’s making them sure they don’t have to face some other disputes, later.

These natives are the quiet killers who can deal with any “mystery case” and in the same time withdraw into comfort, without anyone pointing the finger at them.

Taurus individuals can hold a grudge for quite a while, this being something good, because they’re afterwards taking some time to be forgiven. However, it can be difficult for them to let go of some bad feelings they’re having.

These people are as well emotional. If hurt, there’s still time for those who offended them to ask for forgiveness until the actions of the offenders are becoming justified.

Making peace with them

Tauruses like nothing more than to be cared for, from an emotional point of view. More than this, they want to be treated nicely, with good food and some delights.

These people are simply living for treats. They can relax with homemade foods, not to mention how much they’d appreciate being taken to the bedroom after a meal.

Because these natives don’t have any patience for being irritated, it would be good for them to let the stormy weathers pass. People whom they’ve angered should just walk away from them.

It’s good Taurus individuals know when they’re exaggerating and even if not apologizing, they’re making sure the situation in which they’re involved is turning back to normal.

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