Taurus And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Taurus and Scorpio is fiery and passionate as this is a sensual combination.

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Both sensual and sexual, the Taurus and Scorpio together will be erotic and interesting to watch. As far as their common points go, these two are both in need of emotional and material security. This is what will make them attractive to one another. More than this, they each want to fall in love with someone who’s in for the long-term and wants devotion.

CriteriaTaurus Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesDoubtful
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Opposite signs in the zodiac, the Scorpio and the Taurus have many common traits. But this doesn’t mean they won’t feel the opposition between them. If they want to be together and have a deep connection, they need to completely trust each other and have common goals.

These signs are known as possessive and sometimes jealous. The first time you’ll meet them, you’ll think they are self-contained and composed. Of course they would give out this impression as they are fixed signs.

The Taurus is governed by Venus, which means the person born in this sign is capable of offering security and making the world a more beautiful place. The Scorpio lover is very deep and intense, helping the Taurus partner to better understand themselves. When with a Scorpio, the Taurus becomes more mysterious and emotional, not to mention more sexual.

When Taurus and Scorpio fall in love …

The Scorpio has a way of being deep and an enigma for others and these natives flirting is the most interesting thing to watch. The Taurus will be attracted by a Scorpio, but not in a noticeable way because they tend to remain reserved.

Their discussions will mainly be intellectual and provocative. They will talk about religion or politics, and they will do it with passion.

Because they have different communication styles, it will be difficult for the Scorpio and the Taurus to understand one another. That’s why there will be some frictions in between them. The Scorpio never exhausts their reserve of emotions, while the Taurus lets them out gradually. This will lead to some insecurity when it comes to trusting one another.

They will both be doubtful and unsure about what the other is feeling. Insecurity is normal in the Taurus-Scorpio relationship. The rule that opposites attract applies in their case, with an erotic charge of high proportions.

They will be private about their relationship, and will express the love they have for each other in the most unusual places. Each of these signs cherishes home more than anything else, so they will be great at living together. Because they work and play intensely, they need a place where to retreat and rest.

Behind closed doors, the Taurus and the Scorpio have a spicy life, but they need to be careful not to isolate themselves too much from the world.

Sensual and down-to-earth, the Taurus will convince the Scorpio to no longer play mind games. The Scorpio knows how to offer security when in a relationship, teaching the Taurus how to trust more. They both like good food and good music, so they won’t get bored when they will spend their time indoors.

Full of emotions and good at hiding their feelings, the Scorpio will seem cold-hearted and mean at first. If they will deny the fact that they are jealous, they won’t be able to reach love at its maximum intensity.

But with Taurus, they can trust that they won’t be cheated on or disappointed. Refined and emotional, the Scorpio is one of the greatest lovers of the zodiac. The person born in this sign can make love all night long, and start again in the morning.

They want a family and they are dangerous creatures who reveal their hidden bestiality at some point. It’s difficult to guess their feelings and have them honest.

The Taurus and Scorpio relationship

When the classy Scorpio meets the Taurus, the latter becomes the prey. If they both are reserved with each other, and laugh carefully when one makes a joke, be sure something romantic will happen between them.

An Earth sign, the Taurus is dependable and trustworthy. These natives know how the world works, and they will have patience to help things work in their natural order. A Water sign, the Scorpio is unpredictable and mysterious.

They complement each other, with the Taurus taking care of family issues and home building, and the Scorpio coming up with all kind of entertaining ideas that will help them have fun and be out of the ordinary. They would need to have separate friends and interests or they will suffocate one another.

Also, the Scorpio needs his alone time to get in touch with their dark side, while the Taurus needs to sometimes just procrastinate and be a couch potato. The latter wants to be important in the society whilst their partner is always looking for diversity.

Their common group of friends will be colorful, not too large, but interesting. Scorpio and Taurus are both devoted and will work to make their relationship perfect. Their bond will be almost indestructible, and they will love one another completely. If they will only be friends or colleagues, these two will be responsible and will help each other all the time.

While the Scorpio may get a little bit competitive, the Taurus won’t mind this, and will give up the first place just so that everyone is happy. They are fully aware of the value of money and they are both intelligent.

So as business partners, they would achieve many things together. Their romantic connection may be a little bit slow in the beginning, but as soon as they have learned to trust one another, they will become strongly attached and compassionate.

Taurus and Scorpio marriage compatibility

The marriage between a Taurus and Scorpio is one of the most interesting types. They both want to climb the social ladder and have influence. But they need to be careful not to hold grudges towards those who oppose them.

The Taurus-Scorpio couple can be very vengeful and dangerous if you dare to cross them. They should become parents soon in their marriage as this will make them less self-centered and more altruistic. In this situation, the Taurus will make sure the kids have everything they need, and the Scorpio will develop them emotionally. Loving to have a home and a family, their place will look cozy and welcoming.

The ideal relationship between them would be with the woman in Taurus and the man in Scorpio. As parents, they will love to teach their children new things, and they will be responsible.

If they will decide to go into business together, they will flourish and even end up having a financial empire, they both are ambitious and they need stability when it comes to money. Both powerful, they will each crave to reign the relationship at all times.

Sexual compatibility

Insightful and intense, the Scorpio needs to be in control all the time. Mysterious and yearning to be intimate, they are a passionate lover who will allow their emotional side to take over. The relationship between a Scorpio and a Taurus can either be one of love and marriage, or one of only sex.

They are very attracted to one another, and they will make love slowly and intensely. The sensual Taurus will channel the best in the passionate and emotional Scorpio. Because they both like challenges, sexual fantasies will rule their bedroom.

The Scorpio can come up with ideas some people wouldn’t even talk about. The Scorpio-Taurus sexual connection will be dominated by passion and all kind of bedroom games.

Scorpios think sex is meant to fulfill them both spiritually and physically, and the Taurus will have to take some time to understand all this. This is why the latter needs to search more into their soul and romantic side to match the Scorpio in bed.

The downsides of this union

When the Scorpio and the Taurus are a couple, there is a chance they will both stagnate, become jealous, and control and manipulate each other.

Luckily, the Taurus is somehow passive, so things won’t become too fiery. If none of them is willing to give up, they will fight a lot. Having common goals will help their relationship a lot.

Once the trust between them has been broken, there will be no way of getting it back. They both value romantic relationships too much. The betrayed Taurus will take back all the love they put in, while the betrayed Scorpio will end up things abruptly.

Nasty with words, they can hurt each other easily when fighting. The Taurus can become very critical and grumpy, and the Scorpio vengeful and secretive. If they want their relationship to last, they should not get heated each time the situation is tense.

What to remember about Taurus and Scorpio

If the Taurus and the Scorpio are opposite signs, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a match. On the contrary, the attraction between these two is strong, and they have the means to start something for the long-term.

Both of them like the comfort of a home and are loyal, ambitious and careful with money. But more important, when they’ll meet, something magic will surely happen. These two have a magnetism that can’t be seen in other signs.

When they will be in love with one another, everyone else will be left behind. The mysterious Scorpio will allow the Taurus to know him or her under the mask they sometimes put to the world. More than anything, the Scorpio doesn’t want to be betrayed, so the Taurus is perfect for him or her as this sign is very faithful.

Both jealous, they will understand one another easily. They may have fights when the Scorpio will try to control everything. Not to mention this sign is known for holding grudges.

The Taurus may get annoyed when the Scorpion will want things to be his or her way, but the Bull is famous for the patience and flexibility shown just to keep things harmonious. The more their relationship will evolve, the less they will be suspicious and possessive.

As long as they will both let their egos go, the relationship will be perfect. The compatibility between a Taurus and a Scorpio is dramatic and intense.

Opposite in the zodiac wheel, they are great as a couple in theory but in the real life, they are strong personalities. Despite being attracted to one another, they are not that great when it comes to long-term commitment.

It’s difficult for these two to cope with one another. Under the strong exterior, the Scorpio hides fragility. When the Taurus will discover it, he or she will completely fall in love as these people are attracted to everything that’s beautiful.

Calm and realistic, the Taurus is perfect for the Scorpio, who needs someone that is down-to-earth and composed. This is a combination between Earth and Water, which means they are good for one another, but not when they are spending too much time together.

The earthy Taurus will help the emotional Scorpio be calmer, while the latter will teach the logic Taurus how to be more in tune with his or her emotions.

They dynamic is beneficial for both of them, but they can sometimes get lost in too much drama, intensity and passion. A relationship meant to leave marks on both of them, it’s possible the two will start hating each other as easy as they have fallen in love. The fatal attraction between them can in time turn into resentment.

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