Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is balanced and harmonious just like the latter desires but the former is often trying to spice things a bit.

Taurus and Libra Friendship

It’s possible the friendship between the Taurus and the Libra will start very slowly as in the beginning, they may seem to have only a few things in common.

However, after they’ve learned how to respect one another and seen there are many things they can share, these two will realize their friendship is very valuable.

CriteriaTaurus and Libra Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

They give a lot of importance to emotions and pleasures

While the Taurus and the Libra are both ruled by the planet Venus, the first belongs to the Earth element, while the second to the Air one. They both want harmony and luxury, which means they can be great friends.

The Taurus is more materialistic and enjoys good food, physical interaction and in general, all the pleasures of life, while the Libra is more abstract and attracted to any form of art.

While the Taurus can despair when the Libra spends too much money, the latter always thinks the former is exaggeratedly stubborn. They can have a peaceful friendship because neither of them wants to insult the other. On the contrary, their partnership is like a union of two halves that form a whole.

Both of them want security and love refined things such as expensive food and poetry or theater plays. Therefore, they can get along very well because they’re both striving for the same things.

Because both the Taurus and the Libra are materialistic, they’ll collect many valuable things together and even host all sort of cultural events.

They give a lot of importance to emotions and pleasures, which means they have the same interests and can work toward the same goals.

The Taurus will always appreciate the fact that the Libra is charming and diplomatic, regardless if he or she gets only his or her way.

Furthermore, the Libra likes the fact that the Taurus is a lover of beauty and that he or she truly enjoys luxury. The Libra can always help the Taurus analyze all the pros and cons of any situation, so the Bull can make wiser decisions when having the Libra friend close to him or her.

The Taurus doesn’t promise things he or she can’t do, so the Libra will appreciate this very much because the latter needs someone reliable in their life.

Those who are appreciated by Taurians can consider themselves lucky as these natives are great friends. It’s easy to tell a Taurus any secret seeing he or she would never break someone’s trust.

These natives are highly reliable and want only stability from their friendships. They’re down-to-earth and all the time interested in establishing smooth relationships with others.

Their friends will always be helped and given honest advises because they’re sincere and truly supportive. The Taurus and the Libra as friends can be a little bit indecisive, but the fact that they’re both ruled by Venus means they’re sharing the same love of luxury.

Libras are obsessed with balance and want harmony above anything else. These two are charming personalities, so when together, they can go to many cultural events and enjoy luxury more than any other two signs who happen to be friends.

The Venus’ influence can make them both a little bit lazy and snobbish, with the Taurus focused only on material possessions and the Libra only on knowledge.

When things are getting difficult

It’s rare for these two to not enjoy a social situation because neither of them minds working with his or her charm and being knowledgeable for others.

Because both of them are diplomatic, they’re not hurrying to make harsh remarks, which means some people can see them as mercurial.

However, they’re only weighing in all the pros and cons before making a decision. When others will think of them as pretentious, they would in fact be thinking of what decision to make about something happening in their life.

The Taurus is never comfortable with the second place, so he or she will always work hard to become better and to defeat his or her opponents. The Libra is the same, so they can both enjoy their competitiveness and common desire to be the best.

The chemistry that takes place between them wouldn’t weigh that much because the Taurus is always interested in the Libra’s intellect.

The latter is very sociable and loves going out with his or her best friends. The Taurus can be a little bit reserved when it comes to meeting others outside, but he or she can change his or her ways very rapidly when with the Libra.

It can be difficult for the Libra and the Taurus to stay friends for a very long time because the Libra usually can’t refrain him or herself from being flirtatious, which can be bothering for the Taurus, who can’t resist any romantic advance.

The Libra loves going out and spending as much time as possible with friends. As a matter of fact, these natives are all about communicating and interacting with others.

Furthermore, they’re loyal to their friends and never mind giving a helping hand. Many will turn to them for advice because they’re impartial and their suggestions are always honest, even if they’re doing their best to be diplomatic and to never hurt anyone.

The Libra is a master of communication who loves to debate and who doesn’t mind bringing the peace in any argument or situation. People in this sign usually need to have their own space because they can become angry and nasty when cornered.

In their worst times, they’re self-centered, lazy and manipulative. The Taurus loves to be in control and doesn’t like surprises. It wouldn’t matter where the life is taking him or her, the Bull will always try and make the best out of that situation.

Natives of this sign are great when things are getting difficult because they’re kind and really care for those who don’t know what to do anymore, especially in case of desperation.

Taurians always give good advice and can keep people down-to-earth. They’re very motivated to do their job well and to succeed in their career, even if it takes them a little longer to get things done.

However, they’re always doing the extra work and perform as perfectly as possible. When their friends happen to be stuck with a project, they’re usually calling them because these natives really know what to do in difficult situations and want to give a hand without expecting anything in return.

Furthermore, they’re known to easily forgive and to never hold grudges. However, don’t expect them to tolerate bad things being done to them forever because they have their own limits and at some point, they can just put an end to a repetitive situation in a very nasty way.

What to remember about the Taurus & Libra friendship

The Taurus belongs to the Earth element, the Libra to the Air one, which means the first is practical and the second more intellectual. The Taurus will always think of the benefits a situation can bring him or her, whereas the Libra wants only to have his or her mind stimulated.

When friends, these two may encounter many conflicts because the Taurus is possessive and the Libra likes to flirt. Both of them need to see the world through the eyes of each other.

The Taurus is fixed and the Libra cardinal, which means the Bull is very stubborn and the Libra needs to understand it. It’s possible the Taurus will get irritated when seeing how indecisive the Libra is.

However, the Libra is able to analyze a situation from every point of view, so the Taurus must admit the fact that his or her friend is a good problem-solver.

If the Libra will initiate things, the Taurus won’t mind keeping them going. What makes the friendship between them so valuable is the fact that they both appreciate art and beauty, in the same manner.

These two are very attracted to the finest things in life, so their good tastes really bring them together. Of course, the planet Venus, which rules both of them, has a lot to say in any situation involving them, even if their tastes are sometimes different.

For example, while the Taurus loves classical art and traditional expressions, the Libra doesn’t mind for things to be progressive. Furthermore, they’re different because the Taurus is organized, whereas the Libra can’t seem to find his or her mind all the time.

The Taurus wants only a few of his or her friends to be around, the Libra loves being surrounded by as many people as possible.

When the Taurus can’t change his or her mind about anything, the Libra finds it difficult to decide on something because he or she considers everything.

If the Taurus can appreciate how the Libra stimulates him or her and the later welcomes all the stability the Bull can offer, these two can have a truly great friendship together.

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