Sun in 8th House: How It Shapes Your Destiny and Personality

This placement of the Sun encourages people to want to make changes in their lives, to become better with every day that passes.

Sun in 8th house

Creativity and an ability to see the bigger picture are things that really characterize people born with the Sun in the eighth house in their birth chart.

The Sun’s only purpose here is to make natives having this placement more sensitive to anything of value, so they won’t hesitate to take responsibility when it comes to doing something truly impressive and long-lasting, be it crafts or other matters that relate to the soul.

Sun in 8th House summary:

  • Strengths: Intense, introverted and observant;
  • Challenges: Distant, cold and aloof;
  • Advice: They need to pay less attention to what others are saying;
  • Celebrities: Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, Kylie Jenner, Demi Moore.

These people really know how to appreciate any social value. They will focus on what others possess and how these administer their resources because they like to invest their energy in collective efforts.

Permanent transformation

Sun in 8th house natives have deep feelings that need to all the time be in tune with their inner world.

It’s normal for them to often believe that fate sends them all kind of hidden messages in order for self-awareness, this being the reason why they may study the occult and the paranormal.

The more knowledgeable they become on these issues, the more they start to develop from a spiritual point of view. The material existence is something they need to adapt to because their approach to life is rather esoteric.

As a matter of fact, they’d be ready to give all of their possessions up just to experience rebirth and to start living in a higher plane of existence. Natives having Sun in 8th house are all the time interested in experimenting with themselves.

The Sun represents the ego, so its position in the birth chart reveals the traits through which people want to shine the most in life.

Therefore, Sun in 8th house people will always want to make changes about themselves, to become better with every day that passes.

It’s possible for them to often make changes in their appearance, but as they’re not in any way superficial, they’ll most of the time decide to go through emotional and spiritual transformations.

They’re the type who looks for books on illumination and self-improvement, being very curious about taboo subjects and looking to discover great truths relating to the metaphysical.

When their Sun in the 8th house would be in negative aspects, they would have a lot of chances to suffer a sudden and violent death, at a young age.

Many astrologers are saying the Sun here makes people deep, especially after they have struggled a lot to make it in life. The natives of this placement would be very interested in profound matters, even if this would bring them a lot of adversity.

The positives

Intensity makes individuals with Sun in 8th house thrive, having their entire activity centered on their Sun and being all the time open to transformation.

These people may only be interested in what’s censored and kept hidden, or has a cultural depth that isn’t accessible to many. They’re attracted by stories about superpowers and think psychic abilities can be achieved through worship in the shadows.

Sex is for them an opportunity to explore the other and to connect at a deeper level with the partner. They don’t want in any way to ever live superficially and believe in extreme change, whether physical or spiritual.

The position of the Sun in the 8th house indicates they love being intimate and value privacy more than anything else, these being two of the most important things in their life.

They’re introverted creatures who don’t feel the need to express themselves publicly and don’t really want to expose their true self to others. Many will find them too withdrawn and won’t want to intrude in their life.

Natives with the Sun in the 8th house are very interested in investigating all sort of mysteries and may even engage in dangerous activities.

For them, death is not an end, but more of a transformation process. They’ll be aware that adolescence means the end of childhood and that adulthood is all about leaving their parents’ house and building a life for themselves.

This is how death in the 8th house is being interpreted, both in Tarot and astrology. However, if they decide to exaggerate being morbid, this can indicate there may be something in their destiny that is related to the end of their life, so they should study their 8th house a little bit more because this is the ruler of endings.

The 8th house is all about all the life’s mysteries, and the Sun here can make them focused mainly on what can be find here. They will want to discover mysteries and study taboo subjects, magic and creative visualization.

The same position of the Sun suggests they would look to grow and develop with the help of their life partner. That’s why they’re not only looking to interact with their other half, they want to completely merge with this person and to no longer care about anything else.

If having a trustworthy partner, they would get their energy from their relationship, believing in the individual they’re with and not even thinking of someone else for as long as together.

Their ideal lover will want to “unite” into wholeness with them, believing that only through the relationship they’re having, things about themselves can become clearer.

It can be challenging for people with the Sun in the eighth house to not become dependent on the one they love and to trust this person completely. It’s difficult to define this house when it so much influences natives to expand with the help of their romantic relationships.

Sex symbolizes a spiritual union for them, so expect their lovemaking to be passionate and intense. Individuals with the Sun in 8th house want to help others and can deal with difficult situations, whether theirs or others’, as effectively as possible.

The negatives

The Sun in eighth house offers a great transcendental potential to its natives, at the same time making them eager to experience intimacy and to explore their own soul through relationships.

These people will begin the entire process of knowing themselves by analyzing their subconscious and working with all king of mystical approaches.

But this means they’ll isolate themselves emotionally and even have problems with their ego, especially when losing someone dear, being restricted or socially rejected.

It’s very likely many of them will end up institutionalized at least once and when young. They would rather fantasize, force their ideas upon others, become religious fanatics and plan to become masters of the occult than give up their ego, which pushes them to be all this and to search for power in different realms than the one where all the humans interact.

These people usually seem at peace with themselves, calm, confident and capable, but they will always have some vulnerabilities because they want affection and for people to be committed to them, being all the time terrified they won’t find what they need.

When isolated, it can be difficult for them to see others have weaknesses too, not to mention they can become very cold and even cruel.

They may rely on only one person to offer them the emotional security they so much need and to be devoted to them. This means they have problems letting go of people and are pretty neurotic thinking they may lose their other half.

The man with a Sun in eighth house position will want a woman to make him feel emotionally stable, someone who’s rich and has a successful career.

It can be difficult for them to find such relationships, but at least they’ll try. He will invest all of his time and efforts to conquer his ideal lady’s heart and after getting her, expect him to be terrified of losing her financial and emotional support.

When the Sun in 8th house happens to be afflicted, people with this position may be the type who’d do anything for money, fighting in courts of law for inheritances, not paying alimony and refusing to leave anything to their ex after a divorce. They would also be very judgmental not only with others, but also with themselves.

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