Sun in 7th House: How It Shapes Your Destiny and Personality

This placement of the Sun makes people function better when they’re in a relationship because they mirror the other and their existence seems more real and meaningful.

Sun in 7th house

People born with the Sun in the seventh house in their birth chart want a public life and are strongly influenced by others’ opinions on them, be it their partner or someone from work.

Their relationships can make them either happy or very sad because they have the tendency to only react to people than to do things on their own.

Sun in 7th House summary:

  • Strengths: Charming, sociable and open-minded;
  • Challenges: Cautious, cold and distracted;
  • Advice: They need to learn that their value is not set by what others think;
  • Celebrities: Prince William, Kylie Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, Carl Jung.

The position of the Sun in the 7th house means these people will always be involved in a relationship as this makes them function better and eager to give a hand to anyone, anytime. They want balance and peace, so they’re very good at mediating and analyzing a situation from two different points of view.

Real charmers

Individuals having their Sun in the 7th house are very proud of their negotiating skills and ability to bring the peace everywhere.

These natives feel empty without a partner and want everybody to like them because rejection terrifies them. It’s important for these people to understand that harmony is not all the time possible and that others’ opinion on them is not that important.

Their sociability is usually aimed at bringing peace, but they only identify themselves based on what others think of them. Their need for a partner reveals how much they crave affection and how sensitive they actually are when it comes to romance.

The fact that they base their own identity on what others think of them means they can’t define whom they actually are until they interact with as many people as possible. All the natives having the Sun in the 7th house would do anything to please others and to build a positive self-image.

As an exaggeration, if someone would tell them to go and jump of a bridge, they would do it just to please that person.

They’re charming and get married only to be with their other half for a lifetime. Some may not succeed to find the perfect partner from the first and even second try, but most of them will manage to be together forever with their loved one because luck is on their side when it comes to romance and also legal matters.

The seventh house rules over partnerships as well, so people having their Sun here are great when it comes to public matters.

Also the house of enemies, the same natives may have some problems when dealing one-on-one with their opponents.

Matters of their Descendant are all gathered in this house, so from a psychological point of view, this is the place where all the traits that get projected through others get revealed.

Everything relating to the public and sociability gets placed in the 7th house. The sign ruling here is Libra, which is strongly dependent on peace and harmony and has Venus, the planet of pleasure and love, as a governor.

It shouldn’t be any surprise to discover individuals with the Sun in the 7th house pay a lot of attention to their relationships and that the way others see them is one of the most important things in their life.

They should be careful not to become dependent on their partner or too needy of having someone in their life all the time.

If they were to have a more independent lover, things may become conflicting between them and that person when a little bit of coldness would be involved.

The positives

Natives having their Sun in the 7th house function better when they’re in a relationship. The other mirrors them, making their existence real and meaningful.

They like a give-and-take connection and to listen, life on their own being for them real Hell because they can’t be themselves when not having a public.

For these natives, togetherness is everything as they always want to give their advice and to show off.

The natives having this aspect in their birth chart are very aware of themselves in relation with others, physically strong and determined to succeed.

The fact that they need a partner can be one of their weaknesses because it makes them almost impossible to function without someone in their life.

Until finding the right person for them, they’ll continue to just live their life without having a purpose. It goes the same with business as they need to associate themselves with others before starting to make the real money.

Sun in 7th house individuals who are also in a fixed sign and don’t have any other planets or afflictions here will not hesitate to wait for their perfect partner and to be with that person their entire life.

They can depend emotionally on their other half, and if the latter would happen to leave, they’d be completely destroyed.

When their sign is mutable or cardinal and other planets are present in their 7th house, they’re less like this and may change partners very often because they’d be lustful to the point of having more lovers at a time.

They won’t mind building their career up and also having a spouse because this would be part of their philosophy of life. However, many of them would advocate an open marriage and wish for their partner to let them be as free as possible.

Because they’re always ready to give a hand, many people will love and admire them, which means they’ll be in the center of attention in many groups, having admirers who see them as parental figures.

They can be great leaders, but don’t expect them to ever want to do things the wrong way because they have a strong sense of justice and avoid taking the wrong direction by any means.

The placement of the Sun in the 7th house indicates that the natives of this placement may be dual and often contradicting themselves because the Sun is not at all at home here.

They couldn’t express themselves unless involved with someone and can be confused when it comes to truly knowing who they are. This means they wouldn’t know their own value and identity when separated from others. It’s a challenge for them to develop a sense of self when not around people.

The negatives

Individuals with the Sun in the 7th house usually attract people capable of loyal and long-lasting friendships, because both the Sun and their Descendant work for their relationships to be strong.

While having an advantage when it comes to interpersonal connections, there are astrologers who think this position is unfortunate because its natives wouldn’t be able to survive without interacting.

As said before, they have this tendency to identify themselves according to how others see them.

It’s a challenge for them to see their own life differently from how their loved ones do. When having no one next to them, they feel useless and lost.

And this becomes very dangerous the more they start to see themselves as an appendage in the relationship, as the reflection of their other half.

Don’t think they have to be with their spouse all the time and can’t stay apart from their lover because they’re quite the opposite and get their energy from the connection with the other and go ahead to pursue what they want, on their own.

But they still can grow to be dependent on their significant other, diminishing their entire sense of being themselves. It would be amazing if they could just rely on the support offered by their partner and continue with their life independently.

When facing confrontation and dealing with people who wouldn’t compromise if you’d pay them millions, they start to lose their sense of purpose.

Their philosophy of life relies on having your own opinion and being able to accept what others have to say. As soon as seeing individuals who can’t make compromises, they withdraw and don’t want to deal with those people ever again.

They’re not eager to win or depressed when losing because their approach is all about negotiating, good intentions and everyone being a winner.

That’s why they need to look for someone open and flexible, not a competitive person who couldn’t stand losing. When their motives are being questioned, they become intimidated as these natives really hate explaining themselves.

While they try to understand others, they can discover the reasons for why they are doing some things the way they do. Good with words, these natives usually win debates and can convince anyone of anything.

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