Sun in 3rd House: How It Shapes Your Destiny and Personality

This placement of the Sun encourages people to always look for new experience and to feel in different ways, remaining open to other people too.

Sun in 3rd house

People born with the Sun in the third house in their birth chart are driven to get the power and love to analyze or use their mind as much as possible. They study everything, gaining a lot of knowledge and they don’t mind to share what they’ve learned.

It’s very likely these people will continue with their education until later in life, taking different classes and getting their PhD. Trips to faraway places and the study of different cultures makes them to continuously want more from life.

Sun in 3rd House summary:

  • Strengths: Creative, pragmatic and bold;
  • Challenges: Agitated, pessimistic and unpredictable;
  • Advice: They should pay more attention to the needs of their loved ones;
  • Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger, Ben Affleck, Bob Marley.

These natives are a little bit impatient around people who don’t have the same enthusiasm towards gaining knowledge as them. As the most effective teachers, creative writers and successful journalists, they really know how to communicate and always say the right things.

A spontaneous personality

Agitated and always on the go, Sun in 3rd house people need variety in their life or they can become really bored.

Very proud of their mental abilities and the friends they’ve made, these natives easily adapt, no matter the circumstances and people who enter their life. There’s no one more eager to express knowledge and to learn than them.

Curious about everything, they feel good when discussing on intellectual subjects and the latest news.

These natives don’t mind speaking in public and are very happy when someone appreciates the way they communicate or write because they really have a witty style that makes people want to know more.

Sun in 3rd house people have big dreams and use their communication skills whenever around influential individuals, in the hope they’ll get their hands on an opportunity and obtain a chance at climbing the social ladder or scoring with some of their business ideas.

As children, they probably started talking earlier than others, in a very elevated manner. Knowing more than one foreign language, they probably used this against their siblings when trying to get the attention of their parents.

They’re spontaneous and can’t stay in one place for too long. It’s suggested they respect their own ideas and thoughts more because they have the tendency to only appreciate what others are saying.

Very enthusiastic about learning something new, expect them to enroll to anthropology classes and to attend night school.

The 3rd house rules over the immediate surroundings, which makes natives having the Sun in 3rd house wanting to be appreciated by their close friends and family.

The positives

People with Sun in 3rd house are experts at transmitting information and making stories come to life. The position of the Sun indicates they love being intellectually stimulated and are always curious about what’s new in every domain.

They’d make great translators, journalists and bloggers, but also efficient teachers because they’re childish and eager to communicate what they know.

The Sun represents a person’s self and awareness, brightly shinning when it comes to the way natives experience with every little detail of life.

Therefore, all people with Sun in 3rd house want is to get to know the world by first-hand experiences as only this way they’re feeling that they have control over their own life.

Concerned only about the present, these natives really know how to live in the moment and are eager to discover more about people or their own surroundings.

Their ambitions are usually related to their intellectuality and mental development as they strongly believe knowledge is the only thing that brings power to people.

That’s why they have great talent at science, literature and academics in general. Their ego is expressed through communication and the exchange of valuable knowledge.

It wouldn’t matter how intelligent and open for talks they’d be, the feeling there’s room for more will always exist in their heart and mind.

The presence of the Sun in the 3rd house makes people with this placement interested in interacting and being stimulated by others. They prefer quality over quantity and intelligence rather than beauty.

For them, all the life’s energy is about exchanging meaningful information and they can’t stand small talk, even if they’re very good at it.

It’s important for them to have something to do and to study all the time or else they get to feel life is getting sucked right out of their soul.

It can be challenging for these natives to discover variety beyond their own curiosity because they may think their knowledge is wide enough to cover a little bit of everything.

When discovering something completely new, they get to be surprised and still curious. Because they’re such good friends, many will want to spend their time with them.

If they won’t have a sibling to whom to dedicate a lot of their time, they will develop at least one relationship of brother or sisterhood with one of their friends, which will most likely be a male.

Even their neighbors will love them because they’re always nice and knowledgeable of all the news. When it comes to politics, they will discuss it in groups and get to be the center of attention, which is very much to their liking.

All natives with Sun in 3rd house love school and having colleagues with the same interests as them, so they’ll continue their studies until very old. They’re not necessarily interested in grades and degrees if their Sun sign isn’t Capricorn, as they’re more eager to gain knowledge.

They will however, want to have at least the basic diplomas considering a certain level of education is required for the good jobs.

If their first few years as students will be enjoyable, they’ll get to be more ambitious and compete in school. But if their experience will be bad, they’ll focus on learning how to read and write, only to study what they like on their own, at home.

Since they’re obsessed with knowledge and communication, their upbringing will always have a consistent form of education, whether self-taught or accumulated in school.

The negatives

Because they’re highly adaptable, natives having Sun in 3rd house tend to identify themselves with their environment, whether in an active or passive way.

Without realizing, they get defined by friends, family and the places where they’re living. When circumstances and environments are changing, they’re doing the exact same thing, so their identity is never stable and always depending on other factors.

They should invest all of their intellectual abilities into something constructive, even if some of them find this difficult because they’re only curious and forget to also do anything else besides learning.

The fact that they need to communicate so much can have them talkative to the extreme, so many won’t stand having them around. If the position of their Sun would be afflicted, they’d have problems during their first years of school, fight with their siblings and be so intellectually arrogant that they’d push their own ideas onto others.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to change all this considering their Sun’s position and the intelligence it brings. Since the 3rd house rules also over siblings, it’s very likely they won’t accept living in the shadow of their brothers and sisters.

But many of these issues depend on their Sun sign and the aspects in their chart. Mercury makes them easily adaptable and open towards communication of any kind.

Sun in 3rd house people should make an effort to not become rigid because they’d no longer efficiently communicate when not open to also listen.

Their opinion will usually be valuable as they know many things on subjects others wouldn’t even think of addressing. For the same reason, they’d have many perspectives from which they’re looking at life, so constant change in their way of thinking would be something others should get used to.

They can understand other people’s points of view, even if they think their own opinions are the only ones that matter. Talking about their dreams and objectives will motivate them to also do something about these things.

They don’t mind working hard, but problems may appear when trying to convince their superiors of new ideas they may have.

However, they will still advance in their career, even if they may need to sometimes compromise and to do things the way they wouldn’t on their own.

Helping others would have the favors returned to them, so they should definitely make an effort for those who may need them to.

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